Visiting Cabo San Lucas’ El Arco With Autistic Kids

 Cabo San Lucas is one of the best destinations when cruising the Mexican Rivera., made famous back in the 1980’s by the popular  Love Boat TV series. For first time families traveling with kids that aren’t strong swimmers and can’t snorkel, a glass bottom boat tour to the iconic El Arco’s (Land’s End ) where the Sea of… Read More

First Five Things To Do After You Enter Your Cruise Cabin

  After you board the cruise ship, your first instinct is to walk around and explore the different activities and ‘welcome aboard ‘giveaways. Not so fast! Before you relax and start having fun, you really should go to your assigned cabin and check five essential things that may help you enjoy your vacation better. The Five things… Read More

20 Travel Tips my Kids Learned the Hard Way

One of our favorite pastimes, when we return from our vacations, is to get together and compile updated family lists of what we call our top twenty travel tips our kids learned the hard way. This year’s winner details those “defining” moments in travel that taught them valuable lessons. A word of caution before you… Read More

Q&A with Jackie Longino founder of Aspietravel

First and foremost, Jackie Longino is the mother of a 10-year-old son with Asperger’s Syndrome and a neurotypical 5-year-old daughter. She has been a tireless advocate for people on the autism spectrum, particularly Aspies like her son, since his diagnosis five years ago. She has worked in publishing for over ten years, from business-to-business publications… Read More

Aluteva -Israel’s Hotel for Families with Autism

Many families with autism I’ve spoken to in the last year have expressed the wish to stay in autism-friendly hotels on their vacations. Although the main chains have made incredible strides in the last decade to accommodate the special needs community, some families still feel the need for hotels specializing specifically in autism. I had the… Read More

Q&A with Gisela Sedlmayer author of ‘Talon’

      What made you choose a special needs person as the main character in your story? I love birds, so I wanted to write a story about a girl who flies with birds. However, the girl had to be small enough to fly, so she had to be a special needs girl.We adopted… Read More

Scary Cab Drivers You Don’t Want To Meet

One of my biggest fears while traveling is being involved in a car accident and landing with my kid with autism in a foreign country hospital setting. However, both my husband and I don’t want to drive around much during our vacations, especially internationally where many times they drive on the “wrong” side of the street…. Read More

Hotel with the heart of Gold-David Intercontinental Tel Aviv

During Jeffrey’s and my stay at the Intercontinental David in Tel-Aviv last month, I was enthralled by the heightened autism awareness the staff practiced towards us and gave my glowing review to the front door manager. He smiled, telling me that the hotel management staff is involved in community service efforts, spearheading efforts to help… Read More

Q&A with Leslie Peterson of Trips Inc.

Who founded Trips Inc.? In 1982, Jim Peterson, the founder of Trips Inc., was caring for a young man, Trent, who had cerebral palsy.  Although there were some local “camps” to attend, Jim realized there was a lack of camps for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. More important, there was no inspiration to travel! This discovery… Read More

Four Fun concepts on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas

In an effort to retain a loyal fan base and gain some new followers, cruise lines often try to innovate and renovate continuously. During our cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas two months ago, we noticed four notable changes that grabbed our attention. Interactive  Artwork While every ship boasts millions of dollars of artwork,… Read More

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