Tips for Successful Family Reunions with Autism

The summer vacation is here and with it, invitations to family gatherings and reunions. For many of us, family gatherings mean happy celebrations and the creation of beautiful memories but for families with autism, they can spell meltdowns and stress. Since several parents have asked me for tips to help their kids with autism attend… Read More

How Visualizing Your Trip is Key to Successful Travel

  One of the best ways to plan a successful vacation especially when traveling with kids on the autism spectrum is by visualizing your trip in advance. Scrutinizing your travel itinerary details carefully along with creating an alternative plan for unexpected scenarios is not only useful but can ultimately make the difference between a stressful even… Read More

Preparing Your Child With Autism for Travel

A little bit of advance preparation can go a long way for preventing problems when it comes to traveling with autism, both domestically and overseas. For that reason, many parents have sought my help with tips on how to prepare their kids for upcoming vacations. The suggestions below are easy to follow and can be… Read More

Autism Travel Safety Checklist

For the past decade, we have traveled as a family, but since our son has become a  young adult, I realized it would be only a matter of time before he will need or want to travel with friends or on his own. Trying to plan ahead and start teaching my son with autism valuable… Read More

Cheap and Easy Passport Pictures

If you are the parent of a child on the autism spectrum like me, you might relate to the fact that your child finds it difficult to stay still with no facial expression for more than a second, hence, making it almost impossible to take a decent ‘official’ picture. Enter the topic of passport and… Read More

Hotel Fire Safety Tips for Travelers with Autism

That shrill unmistakable fire alarm sound you cannot ignore accompanied by the front desk calling to ask you to evacuate your room. Do YOU know what to do? We experienced this terrifying scenario on our first overseas trip on a cold February night with two young special needs. kids . Luckily, it was a false… Read More

How to Get Positive Resolution to Travel Complaints

As the title suggests this is not a post to help you become a serial complainer but a more efficient one. Every week, I read comments on social media forums, and frankly; some of the stories baffle me. When it comes to traveling, people nowadays rant and rave about anything and from making it often… Read More

Top Ten Unforgettable Animal Encounters

When we first started traveling, we discovered one of the best ways to make any travel destination more memorable for our kids was to partake in its local wildlife or sea life excursions. Ten years later, appreciating the sensory and educational value of such tours, we’re still on the lookout for new experiences. So, we… Read More

Eight Steps to Help Bounce Back from Vacation

Ever wondered how you reduce the stress and chaos that ensues your family’s return from vacation? The trick lies in assessing what you and your family will need and preparing ahead of time. Combating fatigue Plan nothing for the first day after you return and keep your appointment schedule light for the following week to… Read More

Preventing Skin Allergies On Vacation

Travel is usually associated with good times, and beautiful memories can also trigger unexpected skin reactions in many autistic and other special needs vacationers. In theory almost anything can trigger a response; anywhere from your hotel soap, using the public laundromat to excessive sweating and walking in hot temperatures. That, in turn, can lead to complaining, whining, refusal… Read More

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