Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort pin
In the early sixteenth century, a Spanish explorer came to the American South West looking for rumored cities of gold.  He might not have found the aforementioned treasure, but as part of the yearly Traveling Mom conference in Walt Disney World, we had an excellent stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort named for that explorer, Francisco Coronado.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort entrance

What Makes it Family Worthy?

This family-friendly, budget-friendly 1,915-roomed hotel was lovely and quiet with a rustic feel away from the heavy traffic and noise. The breathtaking view of the beautiful human-made lake that surrounded the hotel buildings contributed to the feeling of being on holiday!

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort casita

Our Welcome

When we arrived, we liked the fact there were many check-in counters all staffed to check in families, so there was no waiting in lines. The hotel provided a separate little area for children to watch cartoons while their parents saw to the paperwork. There was free wifi available in the public areas which also came in handy when traveling with antsy kids.
Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort fountain

Hotel Decor

The décor was an American Southwest theme and touches throughout the resort included impressive wooden carvings, furnishings, and doorways. Disney’s Mickey, in little icon form, was there to be found in all sorts of fun and quirky places like the carpeting, in the furniture and even on the handles of the room doors.
Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort check in

Our Room

Though we traveled as a small party, if we had come with a larger group, we could have done so comfortably. The room we stayed in had a doorway to an adjoining room making it readily available for larger families.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort palm tree

Upon entering the room, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful carvings in the wooden headboards. The dominant Southwestern theme was apparent with features such as lamp fixtures, motifs on the brown and turquoise bedding, the brown flooring, and the turquoise wallpaper. The two comfortable queen-sized beds also featured upholstery in the typical terracotta coloring.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort room

Additional features of the room included a deep-shelved chest of drawers, a ceiling fan in addition to the air conditioning, and a coffee maker with pods and a two cup dispenser. Unusually, the closet was not in the actual room. It was instead next to the sink in the bathroom. This placement was rather handy because it meant we didn’t have to go looking for our clothing outside of the bathroom when getting dressed. The room ‘s closet was not a traditional one featuring doors. It was instead open and doorless with a shelf on top and still had plenty of room on the floor for all our luggage as well as plenty of hangers for all of our clothing.
Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort lake

We liked the pocket doors closing off the bath area for privacy when needed as well as the adequate supply of power outlets. We found one behind the nightstand which had a splitter for six devices. This fact was exceptionally handy after coming back from a long day at the park when guests have cameras and other devices per person that need recharging.
Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort sink

Our son with autism spent hours searching for the hidden Mickey’s throughout the room. There were some on the throw pillow, on the duvet cover and in the wallpaper, just to name a few.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort amenity

Our Bathroom

The bathroom was very compact but functional. We would have liked to have seen a shower glass enclosure for the shower or a handheld shower head attachment. However, we appreciated the grab bar in the shower as well as a retractable washing line for hanging up swimming suits. The resort provided an adequate amount of towels, and there was a standard set of toiletries on the bathroom sink counter top.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort tub


The décor of the Pepper Market continued the resort’s SW theme with a fun giant bird pillar statue in the middle of the area. The locale was perfect for parents traveling with children or picky eaters as it was self-serve and fast. In addition to having a wide variety of options including Mexican, barbecue, Chef’s specials, macaroni, and dessert bar choices, take away meals could be brought back to the room.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort bird

However, the Coronado Springs Resort had two other places worth mentioning for dining and liquid refreshments. Adult guests wanting to get a drink while spending a day in the Parks could relax at the Rex Lounge. Meanwhile, those interested in sit-down meals could enjoy one at the Maya Restaurant.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort bar

During our stay, we did check out the Maya Grill for dinner. We tried some of their appetizers along with their great delicious margarita flight sampler while listening to their mariachi band.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort drinks


Like all other Disney properties in Walt Disney World, this one too had various amenities to help guests the most of their stay. For example, there was the La ViClub that combined a workout gym with a spa.
There were also four pools at the resort; one for the younger kids and the others for older kids and adults.The largest of the four pools was located at The Dig Site and boasted a pyramid-like structure that housed a 128-foot tall waterslide.In addition to the pool activities the Dig area also had an arcade for teens to enjoy and a playground for kids to run around in.

Family Fun at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort gym


Autism Travel Tips:

  • Disney accommodates travelers with allergies. Be to ask during the reservation for any accommodations you or your family need.
  • We stayed in Casita Number Four which was quite a walk from the lobby and restaurants. Parents with kids who have trouble walking around or tire quickly should book a room close to the lobby.
  • Parents should know the resort has two lakes surrounding it and that the casitas have long open corridors. These can both be unsafe for kids that wander off.
  • Parents need to pack an anti-slip bath mat, as the hotel does not offer one.
  • Be sure to pack a night light since the room might become hard to navigate at night in complete darkness.




Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel

pin embassy suites anaheim south

Disneyland is possibly one of the most recognized and popular destinations for traveling families worldwide.It is, therefore, no surprise that there are over 160 hotels in the immediate area from which to choose. When our family visited the park this year, we chose to stay at the Embassy Suites Anaheim – South by Hilton in Garden Grove, a nearby town to Anaheim. The hotel, approximately one mile away from Disney’s California Adventure park, provides a good option for families that wish to visit the four area parks without paying an exorbitant price for lodging.

Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel sofa

What Makes it Family Worthy?

As mentioned before, the hotel location is convenient. It is just a short drive from Disneyland, the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Stadium, Knotts Berry Farm and Medieval Times. The property’s large suites with a two room layout can comfortably accommodate larger families. Furthermore, as a participant in Disneyland’s ‘Good Neighbor’ program, it offers a complimentary hot breakfast and a Happy Hour reception as well as free parking.

Fellow Travelers

Though Families visiting the local theme parks make up the vast majority of guests at this establishment, we also met several business people attending conferences at the local convention center.

Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel bar

Hotel Decor

The fourteen story modern looking orange building featured a central atrium with its rooms radiating outwards from it. The atrium housed the restaurant and bar as well as a small decorative pond, complete with a  fountain and swimming fish. The lobby and corridors were somewhat old fashioned; decorated in a  neutral color palette of  tans, browns, and blacks.

Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel beds

Our Room

Our suite was a generous size. We had two queen-sized beds in the main bedroom. The living room boasted an opening sofa so space could comfortably accommodate a family of six.

The living area had wall to wall carpeting in hues of tan and brown with medium and dark wood furniture consisting of a leather sofa and armchairs along with a coffee table. Though somewhat necessary it was functional with ample light, a phone, and a 40 inch TV. Across from the sofa the room had a dining table for families to dine at if they wanted to bring takeaway food back to the room. Furthermore, There was a kitchenette area with a sink, microwave and small cooler in the hallway between the living and bedroom.
Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel bathroom


The main bedroom featured the two queen beds as well as a small desk and a chest of drawers. There was ample closet space in the form of a standing wardrobe equipped with the standard iron and ironing board.
We were delighted to discover multiple power outlets in both rooms. The room had enough outlets for the whole family to charge their devices at the same time.

Our Bathroom

The moderately sized bathroom was well lit. The vanity countertop, with its speckled orange and gray granite, had plenty of space for cosmetics on either side. The bathroom featured a shower/tub combination along with an additional shelf area for toiletries. We were slightly surprised to see there was no place to hang damp swim suits and that there was no handheld shower head attachment.

Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel amenity


We had breakfast at the hotel’s dining room, the Serengeti Restaurant.  The typical  American breakfast buffet was delicious and hearty with plenty of pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bacon. Also, the buffet had an omelet station for guests wishing to customize their egg dish.

The Happy Hour or Manager’s Reception was available every evening during the week days. They served a few snacks and drinks, including cocktails and other alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.
Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel restaurant


Families will be pleased to know that this site offers a daily shuttle directly to the Disneyland Resort for a nominal fee. We chose to enjoy the property’s convenient free parking and ‘uber’ to the park for under five dollars a ride.

The hotel had an indoor pool and whirlpool jacuzzi,  perfect for swimming all year round. There was also a gym for guests who wish to stay fit.

Family Stay at Embassy Suites Anaheim South Hotel snacks

Autism Travel Tips:

  • Parents should be advised that the hallways overlooking the central atrium are open and give the impression of not being very safe and secure. We would recommend that parents of special needs children request a room on the ground or first floor as any higher up can be potentially dangerous.
  • Do pack a non-slip mat for the bathroom since the hotel does not provide one.
  • For light sensitive children, parents will be glad to know that there are both thick and thin curtains in the room that block the light effectively.
  •  Temperature sensitive kids will like the a/c panel in the room that allows guests to adjust the room temperature to their personal needs.
  • Parents of noise sensitive children should ask for a room furthest from the central atrium where it is most noisy.


Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto


Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto (1) pinOne of the highlights for families when visiting Japan is exploring the ancient city of Kyoto. Famous for its iconic Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and royal palaces, the city is a must-see for those interested in history and architecture. Furthermore, the city is well known for its traditional houses on stilts, specialized dining, and the geisha female entertainers. For families wishing to explore the city, the  Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel is an excellent option.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto red

What Makes it Family Worthy?

This five-star hotel with its luxurious 499 rooms is located at 1 Higashiyama-Ku Awada Chika-cho. Perched up a small hill its somewhat secluded location provides a peaceful refuge for travelers while still relatively close to the city’s subway system.The property runs a complimentary shuttle service to the downtown section of Kyoto for visitors who need it.
Also, the hotel is only a ten-minute walk from the Nanzen-Ji Buddist temple dating all the way back to the 13th century.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto light

Fellow Travelers

Though the venue primarily caters to business travelers, it does an excellent job catering to couples and families as well.

Hotel Decor

The hotel’s public areas were decorated in neutral hues with light wooden furnishing giving its lobby and dining halls a classic ‘Old World’ vibe. Plush and ample seating, as well as various spots to work on laptops, helped create a welcoming feel for all travelers.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto bus

Our Suite

We received a complimentary upgrade to a two bedroom suite, which was greatly appreciated.
The views overlooked the nearby gardens, decorated in the Zen style an iconic Japanese tradition. The spacious quarters decorated in muted greens and grays had a full living room area with a velvet plush sofa, two armchairs, two tables along with a flat-screen television. Furthermore, it boasted a separate station with tea and coffee supplies and clean glasses provided.
We thought that the video doorbell at the entrance to the suite was a great safety feature.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto dining

Our bedroom, the parents’ room, boasted a large king sized bed with two nightstands on each side and a modest sitting area with a desk and chair for furnishings. Furthermore, it had a dresser with large drawers with a TV set on top and a separate closet.

Our sons’ room featured two single beds with accompanying nightstands bolted to the wall. This feature was apparently because of all the earthquakes in Japan. Just like in our room, they had a velour lounge chair, a work desk, and a flat-screen TV sitting atop a large chest of drawers.
The only difference between the two rooms was that our sitting area had two live plants as is typical of most Japanese hotel rooms.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto TV

Complimentary kimonos, pajamas, slippers, and bathrobes were provided in each room.

Another important feature of the suite was that each of the room had a separate thermostat prominently displayed on the wall. This feature allowed us to adjust the temperature to suit our tastes and needs.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto bed

Our Bathroom

The suite featured two separate marble tiled bathrooms, one for our sons and one for us parents.

Our bathroom was slightly bigger than our kids’. It included a tan speckled granite countertop vanity, a full tub, and a separate enclosed shower with a handheld showerhead. The room also had a Japanese-style plug-in commode separated by a glass door.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto tub

Our kids’ bathroom had a similar set up with the granite countertop, tub, and separate Japanese-style toilet, as well as a similar shower enclosure.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto plant

Both bathrooms offered top of the line Bulgari amenity kits that included soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Besides the main amenity kit, the also hotel provided a box that contained some much-needed travel essentials, from toothbrushes and combs to shaving razors. We appreciated the metal baskets in each of the bathrooms where we could place wet towels instead of leaving them lying on the floor.

Executive Lounge

We found the executive lounge in this hotel somewhat lacking.
The actual room was on the small side and had little seating available, which made it quite unpleasant to relax after a day of touring. Moreover, it seemed that the staff only allowed a strict number of appetizers to be sampled each visit, a restriction we had never experienced before.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto sauce


Our Breakfast

While disappointed by the executive lounge, we did find comfort in the lavish daily breakfast buffet, which we considered an excellent value.

A wide variety of fruits, juices, cereals, yogurt, and meats were available. Travelers could help themselves to scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, or even fish stew from the buffet. Numerous condiments were provided for buffet goers to enhance the various entrees.

We saw separate stations set up for rice, soup, homemade tofu, and dim sum. A basic salad bar was likewise available, and guests could choose from several different dressings. There also was a superb selection of meats, bread, some cheeses,  cakes and various types of jams to accompany them.

Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto food

The only thing that we found uncomfortable was the fact that the breakfast buffet was hugely popular and often too crowded the days we were visiting.


The hotel had a full spa and skin care salon available as well as an indoor and outdoor pool. For the active travelers, there was an outdoor tennis court to practice their swings.
Guests seeking a quieter past time could walk the picturesque 40-minute walking the trail and explore its wild bird sanctuary or find tranquility in the hotel’s three Japanese style gardens.Experience Japanese Hospitality at the Westin Miyako Kyoto tree

Families with little kids will be excited to discover that the hotel provided a small separate room close to the lobby with a play area for the younger kids to enjoy.

The free WiFi available throughout the entire facility was reliable and fast.

Autism Travel Tips:

  • We found the Japanese gardens, as well as the walking trail,  perfect to help kids with autism relax during their stay.
  • Both rooms had tubs with safety bars so that disabled persons will have no trouble entering or exiting the bath.
  • Due to the large size of the suite with multiple doors, parents to kids with autism that wander off should bring stick on alarms to alert them if the main door to the suite is opened.
  • Parents of children with autism that suffer from pica should inform the front desk and request the live plants be taken out for the duration of the stay.
  • Parents should pack night lights to help everybody navigate the room in the dark.
  • It is advisable to bring bath mats for the shower area to prevent kids from slipping.
  • Parents should explain to their children the plug-in Japanese toilets, so they won’t unnecessarily press buttons and break them.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families pin


Any family looking for unique locations around the United States should stop by the Mall of America in Minneapolis. For those looking for a place to stay while touring this famous Mall, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a great option featuring innovative design. Travelers will find this hotel, boasting 500 rooms, on 2100 Killebrew Drive in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Mall of America Radisson Blu's Welcome to Families lobby


What Makes it Family Worthy?

The hotel was not only a short drive away from the nearby airport, but close to the light rail station. Families will enjoy its proximity to the world-famous Mall of America with all its attractions including the Nickelodeon theme park.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families street

Fellow Travelers

Families and business people make up the largest percentage of those staying here, but there are also plenty of couples that select this hotel as their accommodation of choice.


This particular Radisson Blu had a sleek, modern appearance that we found attractive. We noted various shades of blues, reds, and blacks commonly used as accent colors throughout the hotel. These hues provided a refreshing contrast to the more traditional neutral colors that one would expect to find in a top hotel.

Mall of America Radisson Blu's Welcome to Families


Something our family, particularly our son with autism, loved and wanted to take home were the hanging cocoon-like seats in the lobby. These comfortable wicker style seats “suspended” from the ceiling were very inviting and kids often lined up to get to sit in them.

Mall of America Radisson Blu's Welcome to Families seat

Our Room

We stayed in room 1234, a number we found easy to remember. Our suite had bright orange and red accent pieces as well as framed artwork and a white carpet that was patterned with dark squares. The room’s other furnishings included black metal and lightly colored wood. Meanwhile, our personal bathroom area was decorated primarily in white with silver gleaming fixtures along dark wooden accents.

We noted the two sizable closets located near the entry door, the perfect place to store our various belongings. These spaces contained an ironing board, iron, robes, slippers, and wooden hangers for travelers to use. There were also plenty of pull-out shelving units in the closet, which proved to be quite beneficial in helping us keep everything organized. We likewise saw a full sized mirror included near the entryway that helped us quickly check our outfits before departing the room.

Mall of America Radisson Blu's Welcome to Families bed

Upon entering the main area of the room, there was a small area that contained a safe, coffee percolator and a mini fridge. It made for a good stopping point to sip hot drinks before departing for the day’s events.

Our incredibly comfortable beds faced a 40-inch flat screen TV. There were also four nightlights provided, one for each side of the double occupancy beds. Meanwhile, the desk and sitting areas contained the usual accouterments such as a chair, and a lamp. The room had several outlets so that travelers would have no trouble charging their electronic devices. A comfortable chair and an accompanying small table rounded out the furnishings of the room.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families room

A feature that we would have loved to have copied for our own home was the luggage rack tucked under the TV that guests could pull out when necessary. This rack was yet another example of the intelligent design the hotel designers had thought of!

Our Bathroom

The bathroom contained relatively standard features that included a commode and combination bath/shower with a rain shower head. The standard bath products were provided along with extras such as mouthwash, lotion, and a vanity kit. We also saw two racks, both filled with fluffy towels.

Mall of America Radisson Blu's Welcome to Families kit


Guests seeking fine dining later in the day could head over to Firelake Grill House where they could dine on farm-to-table Midwestern meals created by Chef Jim Kyndberg.  We had a delectable dinner and enjoyed watching the cooks prepare the dinner in the open kitchen area.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families chicken

Executive Lounge

The hotel graciously upgraded us to the Executive Lounge which we found a calming space to relax after a day of touring. The lounge offered a filling breakfast with the typical American fare. This breakfast included eggs, sausages, and pancakes, along with cut up fruit and oatmeal. For the Happy Hour, the lounge offered a choice of local wines and sodas along with a selection of cheeses and dips. Two hot appetizers completed the evening selection.


Guests could only access the floor that their room was on, as they had to swipe their room key in the elevator slot. We saw this as an excellent security feature.
Active travelers would be delighted to know that the hotel featured an Olympic sized indoor pool along with a well-stocked gym open all day every day.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families pool

Complimentary parking was available at this hotel. However, the property also offered a free airport shuttle service for those who needed it.
Of course, all the rooms at the Radisson Blu featured complimentary Wi-Fi, a much-appreciated amenity.
Families with picky eaters could venture via a connecting corridor to the nearby mall and dine in the plethora of restaurants and food venues available.

Mall of America Radisson Blu Welcomes Families dining


Autism Travel Tips:

  • There is a safety handle in the tub area. This handle makes it easy for those with mobility issues to enter and exit the bath.
  • No bath mat was provided in the bathrooms, so travelers will need to bring their own along with them.
  • Kids interested in culinary arts would most likely have a keen interest in watching their dinner being cooked in Firelake Grill House.
  • We thought that the option to order food from the Firelake Grill House via room service for guests that didn’t want to deal with the noises or crowds was an excellent idea.


Disclosure: We were accommodated by the Radisson Blu Mall of America for the purpose of providing this review. However, our views are and always will be our own and cannot be influenced in any way.

Weekend Stay at the Marriott Manhattan Beach

Weekend Stay at the Marriott Manhattan Beach pin

Just southwest of the  Los Angeles lies the coastal town of Manhattan Beach. The posh city bordering the Pacific Ocean is famous as one of the three cities that make up LA’s South Bay. With its famous beach volleyball courts and surfing, it is the perfect place to take the family for a weekend in the sun. As we discovered during our latest visit the  Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel is the ideal location for family friendly service and outdoor fun.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott sky

What Makes it Family Worthy?

The Marriott Manhattan Beach Hotel at 1400 Parkview Avenue in Manhattan Beach, California is a good choice for families looking for a reasonably priced hotel in the LA area. The property offers connecting rooms and is close to many famous beaches as well as the Manhattan Beach Golf course, Pier and the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. Moreover, the immediate area around the property offers guests numerous dining and entertainment options which makes it a good choice for most families.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott lamp


Our Welcome

The check-in was fast and efficient with excellent service. We had requested a king-sized bed and informed them of our feather allergies and the need for a quiet room due to our son’s autism. Though they had initially forgotten to accommodate these needs, upon our arrival housekeeping was prompt in replacing the bedding and pillows with hypoallergenic ones. The staff also brought the rollaway bed we had requested for our son.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott lobby

Hotel Decor

The hotel decor like many others in the chain was modern yet stylish. The public areas featured marble flooring and prominent sienna colored pillars. The lobby seating area boasted fresh colors of brown, yellow, orange and terracotta, drawn together by fairy lights in ornamental branches. As we walked in, we passed by the outdoor fountain which was pretty when it was lit up at night.


Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott chair

Our Room

The room reserved for us on the fifth floor, 522, was a classic, standard, no frills comfortable room. The room had dark green carpeting and light beige walls accompanied by medium brown furnishings. There was a big 42” flat-screen TV positioned so it could be viewed from both the king sized bed and the orange velour chair/ottoman combo in the sitting area. The two small nightstands along with the standing lamps, alarm clock, and phone completed the space making quite functional.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott bed

Across from the beds stood a large desk with a pull out shelf for extra working space. As we soon discovered, there were plenty of outlets in the room for guests to power up their electronic devices including an outlet splitter that was located on the desk itself. The closet had an ample hanging area for clothing along with shelves and ultra-deep drawers, so storage was not an issue. There was also an ironing board  and iron for guest convenience.

Our Bathroom

We had a clean, well laid out bathroom with marble flooring and a glass-enclosed shower, commode, and large counter top vanity. The hotel provided a small amenity kit with Thann products that we liked.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott kit

The shower had a standard, not handheld, shower head with decent water pressure. We liked that the bathroom had a place to hang towels and that housekeeping came to replenish towels once a day or more frequently if guests requested it.


The hotel offered several breakfast choices that varied in price with The Continental being the cheapest and most affordable at $15, a slightly more expensive Full American breakfast, and The Hot Breakfast and Buffet option which was the priciest at $25 per person. Families wishing to explore alternate options could check out the restaurants that were within walking distance, including Jackson’s, Brickworks, P.F Chang’s and Houston’s.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott sink


The hotel featured a whirlpool and sauna as well as a heated outdoor pool which in a place like Southern California could be used year around.
The locale had a small fitness center with equipment like weights, elliptical machines, and cardiovascular equipment for guests who wished to exercise during their stay.
However, the venue’s highlight is its own nine-hole golf course. Managed by Marriott Golf it boasts the Executive par 3 course that is fun for all skill levels as well as a specialized program for juniors.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott tv

Autism Travel Tips:

  • For anyone who is temperature sensitive, there is guest-operated A/C control in the room.
  • Our room on the fifth floor had a sliding door to the balcony which could be a safety hazard for kids with autism who wander off.
  • We brought a non-slip mat with us for the shower as the hotel does not provide one.
  • The bathroom door has a lock so make sure your child does not get stuck in there on their own.
  • The hotel offers free bike rentals so make sure you pack your kids’ helmet.


Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina pin

Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s southeastern coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and wide canals that attract travelers who love outdoor activities. With its sprawling beachfront promenade lined with food and entertainment venues along with its international cruising port, it makes for a family -friendly destination. When staying in Fort Lauderdale, parents should consider the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina for comfort in a hotel worthy of the Hilton name.
Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina cloud

What Makes it Family Worthy?

This four-star hotel contains approximately 589 rooms and suites. Travelers will appreciate the location, near the Everglades cruising port, the Convention Center, and the Las Olas shopping area, at 1881 South East 17th Street. A large percentage of the hotel guests are traveling families and couples spending the night before or after the cruise. Moreover, due to the proximity to the Convention Center, this hotel also hosts business people and those attending conferences.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina ocean

Hotel Decor

The lobby featured lots of subdued yellows, oranges, and whites, with curved sofas and a large circular overhead lighting fixture that gave the area a modern, futuristic look. The lobby area, divided into several sections, was large, so guests could sit quietly or work as they waited to check in.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina white

Our Room

We stayed in room 1116 on the 11th floor, a floor reserved for the Hilton Loyalty Program guests. As usual, all the pertinent safety information was on the back of the door. The door also had two locks to help secure the room.

Our room, decorated in neutral colors of white and grays, had been newly renovated. The room featured carpetings with lines of brown, taupe, and turquoise along with dark brown furniture. Aside from some artwork on the walls, the décor was minimalistic.
Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina lobby

Since this property did not offer two queen sized beds, we settled for a room with two double beds. Each bed had a small power outlet next to it, so guests could recharge their phones while they slept. Between the beds was a nightstand with a phone, alarm clock, lamp, and shelves where guests could store more belongings.

Across from the beds, there was a desk with a swivel chair, lamp, phone, and full-length mirror. We were happy to discover several electrical outlets next to the desk, which made it the perfect place for working on projects or recharging devices. Near the desk was a glass topped table with two matching chairs, and a floor lamp, which perfectly illuminated the space.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina sofa


Like many hotel rooms, ours boasted a large, flat screen TV positioned atop a cabinet directly across from the beds. The dark wood cabinet was topped with glass and had several drawers capable of holding more odds and ins. The room’s mini fridge was behind the cabinet’s only tan paneled door.

A small walk-in closet provided storage in the room with wooden hangers, a small luggage rack, an ironing board, and a medium sized room safe. The frosted glass paneling on the closet doors and motion sensor light inside were nice touches. We particularly liked the fact the whole space was well lit, so finding stored away things was easy.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina lamp

The room had a small balcony  from which we could enjoy spectacular views of the harbor. The balcony furniture consisted of two chairs and a table to allow guests to enjoy sitting outside sipping their morning coffee.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina seating

Our Bathroom

Frosted glass pocket doors led into the room’s bathroom area. We could lock these doors for more privacy, a feature every family would appreciate. The bathroom, decorated predominantly in white, boasted a Corian-like black countertop with big bold tan flooring tiles.

The vanity featured a smallish, round shaped sink with high sides that kept items from falling into the basin. Instead of the traditional cabinet with doors, it consisted of an open one that held extra towels and washcloths. An exceptionally large mirror lined with fluorescent lights hung over the vanity providing ample light. We found two plugs near the light switch so that people could use items like hairdryers without leaving the bathroom. On the countertop was a complimentary amenity kit of bath products.
Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina chair

The shower area, tiled in white porcelain tiles boasted a glass enclosure. The shower featured dark chrome grab bars, and a  hand-held shower head, useful for parents  and caregivers to bath kids. There was a standard toilet, which functioned fine but the handle on it was worn and stood out in the rest of the well furnished, recently renovated bathroom
Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina food


Travelers looking for a quick meal could go to Antea, the lobby bistro bar, for coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches. At night, Antea turned into a social spot where guests could get to know each other. Nanking, featuring Asian style cuisine and fusion dishes, was by far our favorite. The venue featured bright, Chinese-themed decor and excellent service. We also liked The G by the pool. The area seemed to be a very ‘happening’ spot and attracted many of the younger travelers staying in the hotel.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina drink

The newly opened Waterway Room, serving American breakfast with views of the Intracoastal Waterway, was the perfect place to start our day. Our son with autism particularly liked the fact that he could make his own breakfast smoothie in his personal Nutribullet. Furthermore, the hotel offered room service for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to leave their rooms for dining.

Staying with Family at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina red


The hotel featured a beautiful outdoor pool as well as an up-to-date gym.
Travelers staying at the hotel could take the Water Taxi from Fort Lauderdale to sightsee the main attractions without even exiting the boat.
This Hilton allowed both service dogs and pets to stay in the rooms.
We got free WiFi in the room since we are Hilton Gold Members, but otherwise, there is free wifi in the public areas.


Autism Travel Tips:

  • This hotel is built next to a waterway. Therefore, it is pertinent for parents that have kids with autism who wander off to ask for a room as far away from elevators as possible.
  • For noise sensitive travelers, ask for a top level floor room away from the pool area and the highway.
  • There is a safety bar in the shower so that travelers with mobility issues can easily access the shower.
  • Our room had a bath mat to provide traction for those that need it.
  • There are double locks on the balcony, which is great. However, the structure might pose a safety hazard for those traveling with kids or other individuals that tend to wander. Therefore, parents should bring their own alarm for the door.


Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong


Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong pin

When visiting China, families might want to explore Hong Kong, since it is such a unique destination. When we visited the island, we opted to stay at the luxurious JW Marriott Hong Kong because of its quiet location and proximity to public transportation.


What Makes it Family Worthy?

The JW Marriott in Hong Kong is located in an upscale high-rise building at  One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway. This hotel has 602 rooms, including connecting rooms, and is situated just above the Admiralty subway station.

Teenagers traveling with their families would enjoy the freedom of hanging out in the posh mall on the lower levels, while their parents would be relieved that their children don’t even have to leave the premises to do so.
Furthermore, with its proximity to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center as well as the Hong Kong Park this hotel caters to both business travelers and families.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong sky

Hotel Decor

The Marriott Hong Kong boasted mostly neutral and dark colored furnishings, with splashes of color strategically placed throughout the lobby. Many of the public areas featured elegant and elaborate Chinese themed decorations like silk paintings and jade carvings as well as area rugs and koi fish in bowls. And of course, the open hotel design gave guests every opportunity it could to show off the fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong dishes

Our Welcome

As we normally do, we did call the hotel ahead of time to ask for a feather free quiet room. Upon our arrival after a very long haul flight, the staff surprised us by not only having the room ready early in the morning but by sending a welcome gift of sticky buns to our room for us to enjoy.
Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong bed

Our Room

We were assigned a top floor corner room with large 180-degree windows from which we could see the city skyline.
Our room had two comfortable double beds which felt more like American queen sized beds with some white sheets and two fluffy pillows each. Situated between the two beds was a nightstand with a wall lamp and phone. A  sitting area, work desk as well as a safe and mini fridge completed the furnishings.

What we loved about the hotel was in in-room technology that included gadgets which were some of the more elaborate ones we’ve seen in recent years. Not only did we see plenty of outlets to charge our electronics, but the room came with remote controlled window shades, and a doorbell with a do-not-disturb button, which came in handy for communicating with the staff. Our son was so fascinated with the bamboo scroll that displayed the TV channels that he asked the staff if he could take one home.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott chair

Our Bathroom

Our luxurious bathroom, tiled in tan colored marble, had a separate shower with a glass enclosure and tub sectioned off from the toilet area, leading to overall greater privacy. Furthermore, it was well- stocked with an array of toiletries, such as nail files, Band-Aids, and bath salts along with the usual shampoos and soaps.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong pork leg


The Marriott had a helpful concierge service and a tour desk that could assist travelers in arranging various activities in Hong Kong.
The property featured was a spa, an outdoor pool, and a state-of-the-art gym for guests to use. The provided Wi-Fi was free, fast and quite reliable.

Executive Lounge

This hotel had one of the best executive level lounges we’ve ever seen in the course of our travels. The tri-level venue had an extensive selection of reading the material available for travelers, and the gorgeous city views provided the perfect complement to dining.
Not only was the service outstanding, but a plethora of well-prepared dishes were served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong hall

For breakfast, we found food stations with stacked with salads, baked goods, cheese, and waffles. There were also cereals, yogurts, eggs, and smoked meats as well chicken porridge, fried noodles, and barbecue pork buns.
For Happy Hour, the various dishes and appetizers along with the drinks were so filling that we usually skipped going out for any additional meals.
We loved the fact that guests could choose from the two available seating areas, with the upper deck somewhat quieter than the lower level.

The Marriott Hong Kong lavish Sunday Brunch

We did get to enjoy the pricey hotel brunch while we stayed, and it was superb.
The brunch boasted a dedicated sushi station. Next to this station, we saw other seafood such as crab, lobster, tiger shrimp, and caviar.
There was a carving station with a ham under a heat lamp and sauces. Near this station was a salmon section with three types of salmon, lox, and trimmings.
We enjoyed the egg station with hardboiled eggs and Eggs Benedict. This station had a make your omelet section where guests could put caviar or ham in their eggs.
Travelers could make their salads with different toppings and dressings, or choose a pre-made salad such as potato or pasta.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong shrimp

Also, the buffet offered round, beehive shaped containers that held pork dumplings and buns and Peking duck with toppings like cucumber and onions. Near this area was a Foie Gras table where travelers could watch the chefs prepare the delicacy.
Other food items at this buffet included baked scallops, vegetarian soup, Indian curry, baked cheese Boston lobster, and lamb chops.
Topping this elaborate food fest was the dessert table with plenty of danishes, chocolates, beautiful cakes, and baked flan.
For drinks, patrons could pick from watermelon, mango, grapefruit, orange, guava, and strawberry juices or opt for wines and champagne.


Tasty meals could be had at the many onsite eateries.
The Fish Bar served up fresh, delicious seafood at reasonable prices while the Flint Grill & Bar offered steak and seafood. Authentic Cantonese dishes were on the menu at the Man Ho Restaurant.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong juice

The hotel had three bar areas which provided guests with a variety of drinks from which to choose. Coffee lovers might instead want to check out Dolce 88, which served delicious cups of many different coffees.


By far, this hotel had the best service we have experienced.
Every time that we picked up the phone to ask anything of housekeeping, the staff would race to our door in five minutes or less. Furthermore, the staff worked diligently to ensure that our son with autism had his needs met and enjoyed his stay.
Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong chef



Autism Travel Tips:

  • The bathrooms have tubs with a safety grip on the side, making it easy for disabled persons to enter and exit the bath without slipping.
  • There is a separate shower with a hand-held showerhead, making baths less complicated for those who require assistance.
  • The hotel had built-in nightlights to help navigate the room in the dark.
  • The staff showed great autism awareness and was instrumental in making our son with autism very comfortable during our stay.Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong stick



Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel

 Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel pin

Though known for its adult-oriented entertainment, Las Vegas is a city with a lot to offer, even for families. Those wanting the best experience out of their Vegas stay should consider The Venetian  Hotel.
Comprised of 4,027 rooms and suites, the five-star Venetian Las Vegas hotel stands along 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd.This establishment,  sits in the center of all the action, right on the iconic Vegas Strip!

Fellow Travelers

This hotel caters to everyone – business people, single travelers couples, and families.

Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel wall


Though the hotel’s appearance varied from place to place, most of the décor could easily be summed up as opulent.
Bedroom accommodations were done up in neutrals with hints of color and darker accent pieces. The higher end suites reflected that fact with more luxurious furnishings than those found in other parts of the hotel.

Our Room

We stayed in room 21*136.
There was plenty of storage space for our luggage and the suite we stayed in had an excellent view overlooking the pool and Las Vegas Strip.Our closets had ample storage space, with included bathrobes and plenty of hangers.
Our room had a lowered living room area that was the perfect set-up for our son with autism. That portion of the suite included a pull-out sofa bed, a work desk, and a small dining table with chairs. It also had a separate flat screen television.

Our part of the suite had two queen sized beds, each with plentiful pillows, and both beds had benches at the foot that provided additional seating. This section had its own TV, perfect for parents wanting to watch something different from what their children are watching.


Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel room



The spacious, well-lit bathroom facilities had gilt embellishments, generous mirrors, and marble accents.
We liked the fact that our bathroom had both a tub and a shower with ample toiletries provided. The bathing areas were kept separate from the toilet, allowing for more privacy. There was not only a sink but also a separate vanity area where travelers could put on makeup or get ready for the day.
We found a third TV in the bathroom, which our kids particularly enjoyed.

Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel bathroom


Families are sure to find something appealing to their tastes among the nineteen different eateries located within the Venetian.Seafood or steak lovers had several restaurants to choose from, and those who prefer Italian, French, Asian, or International cuisine had a number of options.

Hamburger lovers will be happy to learn that there were also a few American-style restaurants located within the hotel.Dining in one’s suite or by the pool could be easily arranged as well.

Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel pool


The hotel had a beauty salon, a spa, three pools, and an Italian style shopping mall with about 80 boutique stores.While the rooms have internet capabilities, guests should be aware of the additional charge for using the web.There was free onsite parking for those staying at this location.

On-Site Activities

The Venetian complex had two nightclubs and ten lounges. The Tao Beach Club was a good place for celebrity spotting as well as enjoying drinks, music, and swimming in the nearby pool.
There was also an onsite casino, which had an excellent poker room. This is Vegas after all.

Theater lovers may instead opt to attend performances such as Rock of Ages, Lipstick, and Panda regularly held in the hotel’s various venues.
For families with younger kids riding the gondolas or visiting Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum highly recommended.

Our son with autism loved the gondola ride on a waterway complete with bridges and Old World scenes reminiscent of those found in Venice.There was also atmospheric lighting provided to enhance the experience further.Furthermore, the serenading gondoliers manning the boats wore the traditional uniforms of a black and white stripe shirt, black pants, and a red sash.

Our Stay at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel strip

Autism Travel Tips:

  • This bustling hotel can be overwhelming in its scope, but children can easily return to their rooms to recuperate.
  • Those with noise sensitive family members should book a room that’s both facing away from the street and located far from the onsite nightclubs.
  • Room service is available if travelers don’t feel like venturing out.
  • Families who deal with allergies can request a hypoallergenic room.
  • The gondolier rides are essentially a mini performance. Parents should make sure their child won’t be too disruptive or distressed before going on one.



Family Fun at Universal’s Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

portofino pin

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida is a great place for families to visit, especially families who enjoy  Hollywood movies. As avid theme park goers, our family decided to stay at the Loews Portofino Bay Luxury Resort on our latest visit to Universal, and it did not disappoint! Not only did we enjoy our stay fun but even got a  peak at their uniquely designed Despicable Me suite.

The Portofino Bay hotel, located on 5601 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, boasts 750 rooms and suites. As a courtesy to guests, the property offers complimentary water taxi shuttle to the nearby  Universal City Walk and  Studios which families will find very helpful.



Inspired by the quaint towns of Portofino Italy, this luxurious hotel transported its guests to the Mediterranean beaches. The thought and attention to details included; like the narrow stone alleys beautifully arched windows and scattered Vespas and Fiat cars were impressive. The public spaces, set in marble and natural stone with beautifully painted frescos and Italian artifacts gave us the feeling that we were away on a relaxing European vacation.


Our Welcome

Like its sister properties, the Hard Rock Cafe and the Royal Pacific Resort, this hotel mostly hosts families and couples visiting the Universal Studios theme park. We had previously called to ask for a feather free and quiet room to accommodate our son with autism special needs and were assured the requests were noted on our reservation. Upon arrival, a smiling front desk staff member greeted us and made certain check-in process was a breeze. But the best surprise for our kids was a delicious chocolate confection with macaroons that was delivered to our room by the thoughtful manager.


Our Room

We stayed in room 2419, decorated in shades of cream and tan except for one of the walls, painted a bright aqua. The Italian theme was carried into the room with touches such as the small shuttered window and sculpted wood headboards.

The room featured two queen beds and a large nightstand between them, topped with a phone, an alarm clock, and some writing supplies. A mirror and two lamps hung above the nightstand. The large closet in the room had hangers, bathrobes, several luggage racks, and even extra folding chairs. We were surprised to discover a sizable safe, which was ideal for storing our laptops and other valuables.

There was a large flat screen television that featured a lot of family friendly channels, always useful to occupy antsy kids. The cabinet housing the TV also contained the minibar. This minibar sold universal electric adapters along with the usual assortment of snack foods and beverages. We counted a total of twelve power outlets in the room. We were subsequently delighted our family of four could easily charge all our electronics.

Next, we noticed a sitting area with a large leather chair, standing lamp, and an unusually shaped footrest. The granite topped table across from the sitting area where guests could sit and enjoy a meal or work on their computers completed the look.



Our Bathroom

As mentioned before our room had a set of wooden shutters that opened up into the bathroom area. We thought this feature was particularly helpful for parents wanting to keep an eye on their kids.

The bathroom itself featured white woodwork, tiled floors and a double sink with a large storage area underneath. It also had separate shower and tub areas, neither of which had grab bars. Toiletry products provided included soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.


The ‘Despicable Me’ Suite

We got a chance to look around the Despicable Me suite, designed for families traveling with small kids. The suite had two separate rooms, one for kids and one for parents. The parents’ area was decorated in soft white shades, with blue and green accent pieces to help brighten things up. The room boasted a king sized bed, a desk and sitting area along with a balcony facing the lake. The bathroom attached looked pretty much the same as the one in the room in which we stayed.


Meanwhile, the kids’ suite, featuring a bright color scheme, had the lovable minions from the Despicable Me series emblazoned on every available surface. The entrance door to the room looked like the vault door in the actual movie. In the room, we noted the two specially shaped pod beds. The suite additionally featured a desk area where youngsters could set up their computers to play games or talk on Skype with friends. There was also a stylish lounge looked like it was taken from the ‘Despicable Me’ movie set.

The Executive Lounge.

This property has one of the best lounges we’ve seen so far. Apart from a beautiful locale overlooking the peaceful lake it had attentive staff members that did everything to ensure our son with autism was enjoying himself. The lounge served a scrumptious display of breakfast items in the morning and a plethora of appetizers and beverages for Happy Hour.



This hotel offered several resort amenities including a gym, a well-appointed spa, multiple pools, a kids’ club and various onsite dining options.

We found the hotel pools to be particularly noteworthy. This establishment had a special water playground area for children too young to be in an actual swimming pool. This playground was located close to the regular sized swimming pool, which had water slides that older kids were sure to love.


Also, we saw a heated pool lined with real powdered sand, perfect for the younger ones to construct sandcastles while their parents relaxed on nearby lounge chairs. Worth mentioning was the fact this resort had lifeguards patrolling. We thought this was an excellent way to keep kids safe.


But it was the property’s tranquil ambiance that captivated us most. We enjoyed strolling around listening to evening performers and sampling authentc Italian dishes from Bice Ristorante and Mama Dela’s Ristorante as well as the Trattoria del Porto. Our kids still remember the peperroni pizza from Sal’s and the vanilla gelato from their gelateria.


Autism Travel Tips:

  • The property offers a kid’s camp program of all kids, including those with autism. Parents wanting their kids to participate should talk to the counselors and advise on any accommodations needed for their child.Hard Rock Hotel Universal Orlando:Tmom Travel Disclosure
  • Lifeguards patrol the pools, an unusual but welcome feature.
  • There didn’t seem to be any grab bars in the bathroom. This could make it difficult for people with limited mobility to get in and out of the bath.
  • We didn’t see any bathmats in our suite, so travelers that need them should bring their own.
  • The child beds in the Despicable Me suite are slightly enclosed, which might bother some kids.


The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo

The Family Friendly


Any family wanting to explore Japan and expose their children to Japanese culture will want to visit Tokyo. When staying over in the city, travelers have some quality options. We decided to stay at the  Westin Tokyo, and we were pleased with our decision.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo GATE

What Makes it Family Worthy?

Travelers can find the Westin at 1-4-1 Mita Street in the Meguro-Ku area of Tokyo. Though the location may not be in the more popular and touristy areas of the city, its main advantage is the peaceful neighborhood it is in along with the fact it has a giant mall and Ebisu subway station nearby.

Families will appreciate the location of this hotel, about 30 minutes away from the local airport as well as the city center. This five-star hotel contains approximately 438 rooms, with 20 suites.

Fellow Travelers

This hotel caters to business travelers as well as couples and families on vacation.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo LOBBY


The lobby, decorated in opulent dark blues, reds, and hues of brown and black had an understated elegance. From the massive marble pillars to the shiny floors and the plush seating, the luxurious feel of the hotel was evident. These colors complimented the neutral tones throughout the building.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo PIANO

Our Room

Our rooms 1616 and 1617 on the 16th floor had lovely city views.The boys’ room had two twin beds, each with an adequate number of pillows, and a nightstand between them. A cabinet containing complimentary kimonos and a sizable flat screened television faced the beds. There was also a well-equipped vanity area in their room, as well as small sitting area with two armchairs and a table. In addition, the room’s furnishings included a work desk with all the usual paraphernalia.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo BED

The well-lit, large closet in the boys’ room had an excellent array of amenities including a clothes brush, iron, and an ironing board. Plentiful tea and coffee making supplies were provided in the room as well. There was a mini fridge for guests to use, which we found very convenient for holding leftovers and other edibles. In one of the drawers beside the mini fridge, we found drinks and snacks available for purchase. Directly below that particular drawer was the in-room safe, a feature which always comes in handy for storing valuables.

The room that we, the parents, stayed in had similar furnishing but a much larger sitting area, as well as a king-sized bed. Our room also featured a tea and coffee making area with ample amounts of counter space.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo CHAIR

The Bathrooms

Both suites had bathrooms with black granite counter-tops and white porcelain sinks. The bathrooms both had separate tub and shower units, each with raised sides so that the bathwater didn’t splash out and cause the floors to become slippery. In both bathrooms, there were water glasses, fresh towels, and all the usual toiletry supplies such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Additional useful items, including toothbrushes and makeup sponges, could be found in the kits that were provided in each bathroom. Extra bath supplies were provided in the tub and shower areas, so travelers won’t find themselves hopping out of the tub and soaking the floors while they hunt around for the toiletry items. An excellent privacy feature in both bathrooms was the frosted glass shower door that obscured bathers from view.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo SINK

Our master bathroom somewhat differed from the boy’s bathroom. The tub and shower area in our room was paneled in black marble, adding a touch of elegance. Our bathroom also contained a linen basket for wet towels, which we thought was a very good idea.

The kids’ bathtub had a shelf behind it to hold extra towels and their toilet area was sectioned off from where the bathtub was, lending extra privacy to those who needed it.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo CHEESE

Our Breakfast

The breakfast area was a beautiful room decorated with red carpeting and white chairs around set tables. We noted an outside area where travelers could eat if they desired.

The breakfast buffet had the typical American fare of scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage, with a pancake and build your own omelet station. In the pancake station, guests could top their pancakes with chocolate and banana sauces. There were several options for vegetarians and vegans, including tofu and a salad buffet.

There was a section dedicated to Japanese foods, which included rice, wontons, boiled fish paste, smoked salmon and soybeans. Visitors looking for drinks could choose from fresh grapefruit or orange juice.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo PLANT


The hotel featured several onsite restaurants. Diners had the option of selecting from French, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines without leaving the building, or even their rooms with the Westin’s 24-hour room service.

Those dining at the Compass Rose on the 22nd floor could experience stunning city views with dark wood decor. There, diners could enjoy live jazz with a nice alcoholic beverage and even a Cuban cigar. Guests who ordered a cocktail could watch the unique method the bartenders employed for spinning ice in a glass.

Also on the 22nd floor, travelers could enjoy the Teppanyaki grill of the Yebisu. Diners could watch their meal be prepared right in front of them. The Yebisu offered three private rooms that could seat up to 10 people for a quieter dining experience.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo FLOWERS

The hotel’s Ryutenmon, a Cantonese restaurant, received a Michelin Star in the Michelin Tokyo 2010. This restaurant on the second floor boasted Chinese inspired decor. Parents should be aware that this restaurant had a smoking and nonsmoking sections in the restaurant as well as five private dining rooms. Noteworthy is the restaurant’s Shark Fin Soup which, though controversial, some travelers might like.

Also, the Westin had an onsite sushi restaurant, Mai, where guests could experience a Japanese Afternoon Tea with traditional tea cakes. Diners could sit next to each other at the sushi bar, or a family with up to four members could enjoy their meal on a private counter. The restaurant also offered a weekend Japanese Buffet.

Even all the way in Tokyo, visitors could enjoy authentic French dining at Victor’s. Executive Chef Toshio Numajiri, using local produce and meats, was able to create delicious French dishes such as bouillabaisse. While dining in the restaurant, patrons could enjoy fantastic views of the city in the main dining hall or the “Rococo” private room.

Travelers looking for a quick meal on the go could try out the Westin Deli, where they could get coffee, croissants, and even banana bread.
The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo APPETIZERS


The hotel had a spa, a beauty salon, and concierge services available for guests. The reception desk was open at all hours as well. We had to purchase In-room wifi. However, public areas of the hotel had complimentary wifi.

Executive Lounge

The lounge featured elaborate decor with dark blue carpet and beautiful furniture. We loved the fantastic city views as we sipped our morning coffee in the lounge.An assortment of teas, coffees, and sodas were available throughout the day. In the morning, the lounge served breakfast for guests. During Happy Hour, the Lounge had a plethora of hot and cold appetizers as well as a variety of libations.

The Family Friendly Westin Tokyo SALMO

Autism Travel Tips:

  • The bathtubs at this hotel have safety handles, but bathmats are not provided, so travelers should plan accordingly.
  • There is a handheld head in the shower, which makes bathing easier for disabled persons.


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