Six Reasons Why We Should All Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, as started by the Autism Society of America. Even though various minorities are celebrated throughout the year; some people don’t see the need to have an Autism Awareness Month.In fact, a few even go as far as to say unkind things about the very concept of having an Autism Awareness… Read More

Ron Sandison shares his Tips on Traveling with Autism

  This month we had the opportunity to interview Ron Sandison, a professor of theology, motivational speaker, and writer about his tips on traveling with autism. Ron, who works full time in the medical field is an advisory board member of Autism Society Faith Initiative of Autism Society of American and The Art of Autism. Sandison has a… Read More

Taking Your Kids With Autism to Bangkok Thailand

  Here at Autistic Globetrotting, we believe that there’s no substitute for personal experience. While most of the articles here detail our personal travel experience, in this post we interviewed Yumi Yasuyama about her recent trip to Thailand.   How was the flight? This time we flew with Thai Airlines. We couldn’t get a flight with Japan… Read More

Q&A with Shalese Nicole Heard of Autistic Travel Goddess

Shalese Nicole recently received her Master’s degree in Public Health Education. With a passion for Autism Advocacy, and global travel she set out to create Autistic Travel Goddess to showcase traveling from an autism-friendly perspective. Outside of travel and raising autism awareness, she enjoys shopping, reading and water sports. Connect with Shalese on Facebook and  Youtube,. We… Read More

Q&A with Beth Henry of Cloud Surfing Kids

  Beth Henry is a flight attendant and a busy mom of two energetic kids. On her website, Cloud Surfing Kids, she shares tips for flying with kids., based on her professional and parental experiences. Beth has always had a keen interest in child development and psychology and is fascinated with how her daughter, Ella’s… Read More

Q&A with Jessica Bowers ,Founder of Suitcases and Sippycups

When and how did you start traveling? I grew up in a family where travel wasn’t a priority, so I never really knew the joy of travel until I was married with children. My husband had a job that required him to travel, so we packed up our little one and went along with him…. Read More

Q&A with Meghan Mulvenna of Special

When did you think of creating your organization? I began traveling with families early on in my career, as a respite provider.I was attracted to supporting  ‘real-world’ experiences for children and families, outside of the educational settings. Then in 2007, I accompanied a student on a family vacation. I had been managing his home-based educational… Read More

Q&A with Tawanna Browne Smith, of MomsGuide to Travel

Tawanna Browne Smith is the editor of, a site that provides parents with strategies to help reduce the stress of family travel while also promoting destinations for them to explore . Originally from Brooklyn, NY she now resides in Maryland with her husband and two boys, and is a contributor to USA TODAY and  the were fortunate… Read More

Q&A with Samantha Burns, Founder of Unboundedtravel

   Sam Burns is a senior at Lely High School in Naples, Florida. Last summer, she attended MIT’s Launch program entrepreneurship program and designed a travel program tailored to the needs of families affected by autism. Her wish is to revolutionize the way families affected with autism see the world, and the way the world sees them. She… Read More

Q&A with Christine Frances Poe of Travelling Tikko™

Please introduce us to  your family I live with my husband Brett and our sons Bryce ( 13) and Dorian ( 10) in Burlington, Ontario in Canada. Brett works in transportation and loves jamming with the “Kanuck” band while I’m an entrepreneur working from home. My passions include advocating for autism, writing, singing, and performing puppet… Read More

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