Q&A with Paul Cimins of Autism Radio

  Many parents of children with autism approach me and ask me to share travel tips for vacation planning. The truth is, it all depends on that family’s particular needs and vacationing style. While some families love to explore multiple new spots, others might have better luck returning to the same location year after year…. Read More

Q&A with Trey Duling VP of Orlando Vacation

What advantages can vacation home rentals offer to families with autism? The benefits of staying in a holiday home are the extra space for each family member to stretch out and the fully equipped kitchens. The kitchens are complete with microwave, oven, stove, full-size refrigerator, and all the pots and pans you will need to… Read More

Q&A with Naomi Andjelic Bartlett of ‘Autism Cafe’

 Why do you prefer an all-inclusive versus cruising? There are a couple of reasons why cruising isn’t an option for our family at the moment: Our son is on the severe end of the spectrum. He does not always sleep through the night and has strong vocal stims. Small cabin rooms with thin walls in… Read More

Q&A with Candy Harrington author of ’22 accessible road trips’

Candy Harrington is an author, columnist, and editor focusing on accessible travel for people with mobility disabilities. Apart from editing  ‘Emerging Horizons’ and blogging her travel experiences at ‘Barrier-free travel’, she has written columns for publications like New Mobility, PN, Ability, Momentum, SCI Life, Kids on Wheels, Active Living, Abilities, Frommers.com and Special Living. She… Read More

Q&A with Monika Knight of ‘Tomorrow can wait’

Monika and Scott Knight live in Berlin, Germany and are raising their son John who has autism.They are currently in the process of launching a blog titled ‘Tomorrow can wait’ and writing a book about their travels with John throughout Europe. How old is your son John and what is his current diagnosis? We’re Scott… Read More

Q&A with Courtney Barnum-autism parent and advocate

Courtney Barnum, aka Liam’s mom, strives to raise autism awareness through her personal stories on her blog titled “My as-some son’ as well as on her Facebook page “A Legion for Liam‘.When she is not busy homeschooling her son, Liam, who has autism, she loves planning budget trips to take with her family.She also enjoys art, music, antique car shows… Read More

Q&A with Yumi Yasuyama of ‘Adventures in Autism’

  Yumi Yasuyama lives in Aichi-Ken, Kariya City, Japan and is a mother to two sons, one of which (Aki) has autism and ADHD.She and her husband Junichi love to travel with their kids and share their family adventures on their Facebook page called-Adventures in Autism. In this interview, Yumi sheds light on what motivates them… Read More

Q&A with John Elder Robison Autism Author

John Elder Robison is the author of the NY Times bestseller, Look Me in the Eye -My life with Asperger’s and Be Different, Adventures of a free-range Aspergian. John’s books have been translated into 18 languages and sold in more than 60 countries. John’s next book, The Best Kid, is scheduled to be published in the Fall of 2013. He… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Last week, my blog Autistic Globetrotting celebrated its two-year anniversary. Many things have changed during this past year: it expanded, joined Google+ and Twitter, made new friends, and even developed a brand-new look. Even through all this change, one thing has remained constant: the idea to inspire autistic families to go out and explore the… Read More

Q&A with Simone Balestrin Autism Mom

“I love that we can now go to cafes together and order a meal. Places with booth seats are the best because I can sit on the outside and block off most of the other customers and stop him running around.” Hi everyone, My name is Simone, I live in Australia, and I have a seven-year-old son,… Read More

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