Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong


Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong pin

When visiting China, families might want to explore Hong Kong, since it is such a unique destination. When we visited the island, we opted to stay at the luxurious JW Marriott Hong Kong because of its quiet location and proximity to public transportation.


What Makes it Family Worthy?

The JW Marriott in Hong Kong is located in an upscale high-rise building at  One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway. This hotel has 602 rooms, including connecting rooms, and is situated just above the Admiralty subway station.

Teenagers traveling with their families would enjoy the freedom of hanging out in the posh mall on the lower levels, while their parents would be relieved that their children don’t even have to leave the premises to do so.
Furthermore, with its proximity to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center as well as the Hong Kong Park this hotel caters to both business travelers and families.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong sky

Hotel Decor

The Marriott Hong Kong boasted mostly neutral and dark colored furnishings, with splashes of color strategically placed throughout the lobby. Many of the public areas featured elegant and elaborate Chinese themed decorations like silk paintings and jade carvings as well as area rugs and koi fish in bowls. And of course, the open hotel design gave guests every opportunity it could to show off the fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong dishes

Our Welcome

As we normally do, we did call the hotel ahead of time to ask for a feather free quiet room. Upon our arrival after a very long haul flight, the staff surprised us by not only having the room ready early in the morning but by sending a welcome gift of sticky buns to our room for us to enjoy.
Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong bed

Our Room

We were assigned a top floor corner room with large 180-degree windows from which we could see the city skyline.
Our room had two comfortable double beds which felt more like American queen sized beds with some white sheets and two fluffy pillows each. Situated between the two beds was a nightstand with a wall lamp and phone. A  sitting area, work desk as well as a safe and mini fridge completed the furnishings.

What we loved about the hotel was in in-room technology that included gadgets which were some of the more elaborate ones we’ve seen in recent years. Not only did we see plenty of outlets to charge our electronics, but the room came with remote controlled window shades, and a doorbell with a do-not-disturb button, which came in handy for communicating with the staff. Our son was so fascinated with the bamboo scroll that displayed the TV channels that he asked the staff if he could take one home.

Family Stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriott chair

Our Bathroom

Our luxurious bathroom, tiled in tan colored marble, had a separate shower with a glass enclosure and tub sectioned off from the toilet area, leading to overall greater privacy. Furthermore, it was well- stocked with an array of toiletries, such as nail files, Band-Aids, and bath salts along with the usual shampoos and soaps.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong pork leg


The Marriott had a helpful concierge service and a tour desk that could assist travelers in arranging various activities in Hong Kong.
The property featured was a spa, an outdoor pool, and a state-of-the-art gym for guests to use. The provided Wi-Fi was free, fast and quite reliable.

Executive Lounge

This hotel had one of the best executive level lounges we’ve ever seen in the course of our travels. The tri-level venue had an extensive selection of reading the material available for travelers, and the gorgeous city views provided the perfect complement to dining.
Not only was the service outstanding, but a plethora of well-prepared dishes were served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong hall

For breakfast, we found food stations with stacked with salads, baked goods, cheese, and waffles. There were also cereals, yogurts, eggs, and smoked meats as well chicken porridge, fried noodles, and barbecue pork buns.
For Happy Hour, the various dishes and appetizers along with the drinks were so filling that we usually skipped going out for any additional meals.
We loved the fact that guests could choose from the two available seating areas, with the upper deck somewhat quieter than the lower level.

The Marriott Hong Kong lavish Sunday Brunch

We did get to enjoy the pricey hotel brunch while we stayed, and it was superb.
The brunch boasted a dedicated sushi station. Next to this station, we saw other seafood such as crab, lobster, tiger shrimp, and caviar.
There was a carving station with a ham under a heat lamp and sauces. Near this station was a salmon section with three types of salmon, lox, and trimmings.
We enjoyed the egg station with hardboiled eggs and Eggs Benedict. This station had a make your omelet section where guests could put caviar or ham in their eggs.
Travelers could make their salads with different toppings and dressings, or choose a pre-made salad such as potato or pasta.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong shrimp

Also, the buffet offered round, beehive shaped containers that held pork dumplings and buns and Peking duck with toppings like cucumber and onions. Near this area was a Foie Gras table where travelers could watch the chefs prepare the delicacy.
Other food items at this buffet included baked scallops, vegetarian soup, Indian curry, baked cheese Boston lobster, and lamb chops.
Topping this elaborate food fest was the dessert table with plenty of danishes, chocolates, beautiful cakes, and baked flan.
For drinks, patrons could pick from watermelon, mango, grapefruit, orange, guava, and strawberry juices or opt for wines and champagne.


Tasty meals could be had at the many onsite eateries.
The Fish Bar served up fresh, delicious seafood at reasonable prices while the Flint Grill & Bar offered steak and seafood. Authentic Cantonese dishes were on the menu at the Man Ho Restaurant.

Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong juice

The hotel had three bar areas which provided guests with a variety of drinks from which to choose. Coffee lovers might instead want to check out Dolce 88, which served delicious cups of many different coffees.


By far, this hotel had the best service we have experienced.
Every time that we picked up the phone to ask anything of housekeeping, the staff would race to our door in five minutes or less. Furthermore, the staff worked diligently to ensure that our son with autism had his needs met and enjoyed his stay.
Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong chef



Autism Travel Tips:

  • The bathrooms have tubs with a safety grip on the side, making it easy for disabled persons to enter and exit the bath without slipping.
  • There is a separate shower with a hand-held showerhead, making baths less complicated for those who require assistance.
  • The hotel had built-in nightlights to help navigate the room in the dark.
  • The staff showed great autism awareness and was instrumental in making our son with autism very comfortable during our stay.Quality Family Relaxation at JW Marriott Hong Kong stick



Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort pin

For close to a decade we had meant to visit Nashville, Tennessee, but for some reason the opportunity always eluded us. Hence, the capital of country music remained on our bucket list for years. This all changed this year when, after hearing so many exciting reviews about the Gaylord Opryland Christmas celebrations, we decided to spend the holidays there.

Just like in many parts of the US and the world, Yuletide is an extra special time at the hotel.
The resort’s 172-acres get lavishly decorated and filled with family friendly holiday attractions, appealing to all including guests with autism.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort angel

Our Welcome

The excitement and awe started before even setting foot in the resort. From the highway, we could see some of the ornamentation including the giant Christmas tree. As we drove by, we saw the life-size nativity scene and magnificent decorations that covered the hotel’s grand entrance. The trees on the front lawns were all decked in glistening bright lights that continued along the multiple pathways. It looked magical, a real winter wonderland.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort christmas

The hotel’s building itself also got a major holiday makeover. All four areas had meticulous decorations with a plethora of ornaments and lights. Our favorite areas were the Delta and Garden Conservatory. The Delta area, with a little mini river running through it, had multiple Christmas trees several stories high. The Delta also featured the “Brightest Star” fountain show with the Bible read story of the miracle Christmas on the hour. Apart from the lit up floating air balloons and stars, there were several areas for families to take pictures with Santa and snowmen.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort nativity

The Garden Conservatory displayed over fifteen unique Christmas trees decorated by celebrities which guests could bid on for charity. In addition, the conservatory featured spectacular hung up lit musical notes and instruments.

Holiday Activities


By far the highlight of the holiday activities was the Lone Star Christmas ICE! Exhibit. It had become a hotel tradition over the years to host it, and this year’s display used a whopping 2 million pounds of ice to recreate a Nutcracker theme. It included elaborate ice sculptures and carvings by artisans from Harbin, China, a city world famous for its winter festival.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort ice

The fun started at the entrance where we each received a thick warm coat. The temperature inside the exhibit was below freezing, and spending over fifteen minutes inside without a thick coat could result in severe frostbite. Patrons got to walk through a vividly colorful fantasy land of nutcrackers, sugar plum fairies, and candy canes. Our son with autism especially enjoyed the slide entirely made out of ice in one of the rooms, while we (the adults) had an alcoholic beverage at the ice bar. We later explored the behind the scenes section. Here, we learned how the displays were made and colored, and even got to chat with someone there demonstrating carving techniques. Our favorite area was the nativity scene at the very end of the exhibit.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort exhibit

In the compound at the back of the hotel next to the ice sculptures, there was a room where you can make and decorate a gingerbread house. To our disappointment, we discovered that the day after Christmas when we visited they had run out of kits.

Outdoor Attractions

Right outside the ICE! show, there was a whole outdoor section for kids to explore that offered an Arctic Plunge snow tubing experience; ice skating, snowball tossing and various delicacies from local stores for purchase.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort horse

Special Tip: Parents interested in taking the kids to these activities may want look into buying a discounted day pass for the ICE! exhibit and the outdoor activities.

Other Hotel Attractions

The holiday magic didn’t end with our visit to the ICE! show. As we discovered during our stay, the hotel also offered romantic carriage rides around the property and special themed breakfast buffets with the Nutcracker or Santa. We wanted to experience the Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt or dinner show with the Gatlin Brothers. However, these attractions proved so popular that they were sold out.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort nutcracker
Guests wishing to splurge should check out the Grand Ole Opry Theater with its Christmas shows next door for a memorable evening. When we visited, the theater showed Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas’ musical, which also turned out to be popular, at least for the budget seating.

Autism Travel Tips:

  • Families wanting to see these attractions without an overwhelming rush of guests should consider staying at the hotel the first week of December. When we were there Christmas weekend, the resort was mobbed with hotel guests and locals coming to experience the ICE! attraction.
  • Parents who want to see the ICE! exhibit should teach the kids some basic safety rules, including the fact that the ice sculptures can only be touched for a short period since the kids’ fingers can get hurt.
  • Since the ICE! show is kept frozen, make sure all family members wear socks and closed shoes when visiting, even if the outside temperature is warm.
  • For kids with autism wishing to try the snow tubing or ice skating, long pants and a change of clothing are in order in case they get wet and uncomfortable.
  • Since the ICE! exhibit is not a continuous operation, there is no way to provide front-of-the-line passes or accommodate kids with autism on the different attractions. This means that guests might need to sit in long lines. The best time to encounter shorter lines is in the early afternoon.

Family Friendly Christmas Activities at Gaylord Opryland Resort coat

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