Twelve Tips for Keeping a Cruise Cabin Tidy




Twelve Tips for Keeping a Cruise Cabin Tidy pin

Cruise ship cabins are notoriously small on average. However, they are built to house families of three-four members for a couple of days in relative comfort. Parents should try to make the best of the limited space and accommodations by packing well and by organizing the space in such a way that they can find things or don’t misplace anything. Based on our decade of travel, here are some tips to help families make the space more manageable.


Before boarding   

Choose small luggage 

Parents should always travel with small to medium suitcases that fit comfortably under the beds. Travelers will regret packing a giant 30-inch bag that takes up limited and valuable cabin space.

Pack a power cord

Most cabins have a limited number of power outlets. Travelers should bring either an outlet splitter or extension cord to charge devices, especially at nighttime.


Twelve Tips for Keeping a Cruise Cabin Tidy yellow


Bring a nightlight

Families should bring a good night light since most inside cabins lack good lighting. Especially when it is dark at night people can trip and fall on their way to the bathroom. Book reading lights or small flashlights can be very helpful as well. With these portable light sources, if someone needs to get up for a bathroom break during the night they don’t disturb everyone else with overhead light.

Tips for First Time Families Cruising with Autism quad

Use Magnets and post its

Cruise ship cabin walls are a useful spot to organize the multitude of papers that one will acquire while on board. These documents include shore excursion info, daily itineraries, and party invitations. Sticking these papers near the desk/vanity area with magnets or clips will free up valuable table surface space.

Remember the air freshener

Cabins don’t get a lot of air circulation, and if someone in the family is sensitive to smells, this could prove stressful. Parents should bring along a naturally scented freshener or some essential oils to diffuse on a light bulb. Lavender or peppermint are often pleasing and calming choices for many people.


Our Tips for a Family's First Time Cruising bed

Label everything

Families should pack everything in plastic bags and label everybody’s belongings accordingly with a different colored  Tape. This will help everyone know exactly which items to unpack and what to put where.

While onboard

Rearrange furniture

Passengers shouldn’t hesitate to ask the cabin steward to help rearrange the furniture in the cabin if necessary. The best layout that leaves the most space is splitting the king size bed into two singles to create a pathway between the beds.


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Designate a spot for everything

Parents should designate a specific area for each member of the family to use in the cabin. This system will allow everybody to know exactly where their stuff is and where to find it. Moreover, it will prove beneficial especially during the mornings when four people need to get dressed all at once.
One can also designate a small area on the table or vanity in the room for a electronics. Parents should make sure nobody puts any beverages next to the electronics, so they don’t get damaged from accidental spills.

Use the cooler for food

Parents should ask the cabin steward to empty out the minibar. Then the family can use it for food and drink items instead of putting them on the table to occupy space.


Twelve Tips for Keeping a Cruise Cabin Tidy vitual

Keep everything organized

Parents should bring their own small fabric shower organizer, especially if the family uses different medicated shampoos and soaps. Most inside cabins only have one shelf in the shower, and there isn’t that much space to put everything.

Also, traveling families should either bring trash bags or ask for trash bags from the cabin steward to put dirty clothes in a neat pile, so they’re not all over the cabin. We advise designating a garbage bag with dirty clothes for each person because then parents can either repack using this same system and take them home or give them to the cabin steward to wash. Either way, everyone will know which item belongs to which person.

Furthermore, putting all of the room keys on lanyards and hanging by the front door at all times is helpful.This way no one wastes valuable vacation time searching the entire cabin every time they leave.


Twelve Tips for Keeping a Cruise Cabin Tidy suiye

Clear the room 

For those who decide to use room service at any point, the best thing to do is to eat and drink whatever was ordered and quickly put out the empty cups and plates, so the items don’t occupy space on tables or floors.

Keep floor and closet clutter free

Everyone should keep everything off the floor as much as possible so nobody trips and falls.Since closet space is tight, one can repack the dirty clothes into plastic bags and put them in the suitcases after wearing them. That will take less closet space and on the last day everyone will have much less to pack.

With these “inside” tips you will find cruising in your “inside” cabin to be a breeze. What are your tips?




Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti


Labadee is a private resort port on the north coast peninsula of Haiti. Urban legend has it that Christopher Columbus found this idyllic place but what we know for a fact is that in the 1600’s, Marquis de’La Badie, from France settled the area. Though the village and resort were named for him; the spelling of the name being anglicized to Labadee in the 1980s to make it more marketable for tourists.

One can only get there with the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines as they have a formal arrangement with Labadee where they will lease that part of the island until the year 2050; bringing guests on day excursions where they can have an unforgettable day while supporting the local economy.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti ship

What to expect

Passengers coming off the ship will discover is that Labadee is much like a paradise island theme park with so much to see and do it is hard to know where to begin.
Attractions include parasailing, the Dragon’s Tail, a roller coaster that reaches speeds of 30 miles per hour and water sports like jet skiing or kayaking in the Bay.


Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti zip view

Labadee is home to the world’s longest 
over-water zip line called the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line as well a water park with a pool in Columbus Cove and a 300-foot long waterslide called Dragon Splash. There are additional waterslides, trampolines, log-rolling in the Arawak Aqua Park.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti water sports

For holiday-makers that find these activities too energetic, there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying a relaxing day by the sea with the tropical sun, sand and gentle waves.
There are deck chairs, loungers, and hammocks to add to the relaxed atmosphere and cabanas for rent right on the water, so families can still have some privacy.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti food
A lunch buffet, provided by the Cruise lines is included, but if you would like other options; meals and snacks can also be purchased at one of three locations: Dragon’s Café, Café Labadee or Columbus Cove Café.
Their signature fruity, frozen, an alcoholic drink called the Labadoozie is freely available for purchase throughout the day on the beaches and restaurants; sold in a souvenir cup and there is the equivalent non-alcoholic version so children can also have one and not feel like they are missing out.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti labadee shopping trinkets
If guests would like to have keepsakes and mementos to take back home with them, there are plenty of opportunities to buy handmade souvenirs.
The woodwork is quite noteworthy, and travelers should encourage and sustain the island’s economy by purchasing items made by local artisans.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti shopping

Autism Travel Tips

  • The island is suitable for families with autism since they can do activities at their leisure and leave when they please.
  • The cruise line staff on the island is excellent with autism accommodations and don’t let special needs travelers wait in any long line.
  • The Arawak Aqua Park allocates specific times for guests to use the park to prevent excessive crowding and reduce the wait times and long lines.
  • Make sure that you know when your time is scheduled so your child does not miss out on the activities.
  • There are plenty of life jackets for everyone, so you don’t have to worry about bringing one for your child.
  • There are gazebos built on the beach for shade but make sure you provide necessary clothing, sunscreen and bug spray to protect your child from the sun and any bites.

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti cabana

  • If you are relying on the ship for complimentary meals, make sure you are there on time and be aware of what times they are serving the food.
  • If your child is on a particular diet, you need to make arrangements with the shore excursion staff as to how to get the customized food items.
  • Plan ahead which rides and activities your child will want to participate in, so you ask the staff for accommodations with preset time slots.
  • Bear in mind that some of the rides have age restrictions so make sure in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • The island is large (there is a complimentary  Royal Caribbean shuttle that stops in several spots and runs continuously) so you should factor in the distances between the different attractions. 

Top Family Friendly Activities on Labadee Haiti labadee shuttle
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