Celebrating Dr. Seuss at Sea aboard the Carnival Imagination

Celebrating Dr. Seuss at Sea aboard the Carnival Imagination pin

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Suess, was a man of many talents. He was a writer, artist, cartoonist, animator, and publisher who took on the “Dr. Seuss” pen name during his college years at Dartmouth and Oxford. Though he started his career as a scathing political cartoonist and illustrator for advertisements, he is best remembered today for his children’s book series, which include The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Horton Hears a Who. Suess always highlighted the important of everyone’s unique traits, and his stories have inspired kids to read and create for generations.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination decorated room

When we went on our last cruise aboard the Carnival Imagination, we were delighted to discover that Carnival Cruise Lines possessed the rights to use Dr. Suess’s iconic characters and imagery in their Seuss at Sea events for kids. Kids and parents can make memories with a character breakfast, an interactive storytelling activity, a character parade, and various artistic activities. This event is perfect for younger kids who love the stories of Dr. Suess and the art of reading.
Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination menu


The Character Breakfast

We enjoyed the character breakfast in the Spirit Dining Room at the back of the ship. Dining started at nine AM but families were lining up by eight thirty, and the venue was seating people half an hour early. The room for the breakfast was small, so parents should get a reservation ahead of time to guarantee a good table.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination dinning

The venue played various songs from the Suess musical. While these songs added to the ambiance, they were rather loud. Parents who require a table away from the music amplifiers should arrive early and talk to the host.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination yogurt

The decor of the dining area was detailed and whimsical, perfectly in theme for Dr. Suess. The entire eating experience was five bucks total, and the food was delicious. Kids could order from a Suess booklet many interestingly colored items and foods lifted directly from the Suess universe.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination pancakesThese items included “Moose Juice n Goose Juice,” funky colored french toast, pancakes, and waffles, and the famous Green Eggs and Ham. Many of the items were ladened with sugar, so parents should be careful and watch what their kids consume. In our opinion, the best item on the menu was the sunny side up green eggs and steak. The green eggs were delicious, well cooked, and soft. The menu also featured plenty of standard items for those who might be picky about the wacky colored foods.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination waffle

As other character breakfasts, this one too had guest appearances by Thing One and two, Sam I am and the Cat in the Hat.While the two ‘Things’ did walk around, Sam and the Cat stand in one spot and guests are expected to line up to get a selfie with them.

Character Parade and Story Reading

Kids could also enjoy the onboard character parade, walking alongside familiar Suess characters. The Suess-a-Palooza started at the Xanadu Lounge on the ship’s ninth deck at two PM. Excited passengers, staff, and various Seuss characters walked from here to the casino. Other passengers stood to side cheering. This event can be a lot of fun, especially for smaller kids, but some kids might get overwhelmed by the crowds and sounds. What is nice about this event is the fact that kids can choose to either participate in the parade or stand off to the side, able to leave at any time.
Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination eggs

The Story Reading took place in the Dynasty  Theater. We liked the decor, as the stage was decorated like an open tent. The concept is for fellow passengers to play read the Cat in the Hat, bringing it to life with props.The staff selects both kids and parents to play the different characters, so if you feel up to it, you can choose to volunteer. This fact makes for hilarious and memorable improv moments, especially from younger kids.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination table

Our Takeaway

All events are fantastic for families cruising with small children. It can sometimes be difficult to find something on a cruise line that will entertain kids who might not be old enough to participate in or enjoy typical cruise activities. Seuss at Sea entertains children while also encouraging reading and storytelling.Our son with autism brought up how incredible it was that Dr. Suess had this entire world of characters in his head, and compared him to Belgium’s Herge.
Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination things

Autism Travel Tips

  • The ship typically schedules the popular breakfast on sea days. Make sure you book it in advance.
  • If your child is noise sensitive you may want to pack earplugs or headphones. They play loud music at the breakfast on multiple loudspeakers.
  • Most tables seat eight to ten people. Should you wish to sit at a smaller table, mention it to the hostess that seats you.
  • The venue accommodates special diets. Make sure you notify the Maitre D’  the night before.
  • There is no restriction on the number of items you can order. If your kid is a picky eater you can order several items for him or her to try.

Celebrating Dr Suess at sea aboard Carnival Imagination ice


Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism


oasis pin

In October 2015, I participated in the “TBEX at Sea” conference. It was held on the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise ship which impressively weighs in at over 225 thousand tons, and is over one thousand feet in length! She had her maiden voyage in December 2009 and still continues to provide a fantastic experience for the whole family.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism ship

The Oasis of the Sea is part of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The ship employs over 2,200 staff members on board to better serve the needs of their guests. Most trips on this vessel last about a week. These excursions depart from Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, or Orlando Florida and visit several ports in the Caribbean before bringing travelers back to the starting point.
Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism deck

Many don’t realize that this cruise ship works like a floating village. Here, passengers can enjoy sixteen decks offering entertainment in the form of swimming pools, a basketball court, climbing walls and an ice-skating rink.

After receiving a refreshing makeover in 2014, the ship looks better than ever. Cleanliness is also a high priority on this ship, with everything being quite spotless, despite the vessel’s large size.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism lounger

Fellow Travelers

A large percentage of the people traveling on this ship are family groups from North America. However, middle age couples and groups travel here as well. The Oasis of the Sea can also hold around 5,400 passengers at any given time.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism pool


The sixteen decks on this ship feature plenty of activities to keep both kids and adults occupied on the high seas. Travelers should know that the popular attractions, such as the Flow Rider waterslides and the Windjammer Marketplace buffet, often see crowds at peak times. Therefore, cruise passengers will need to adjust their expectations accordingly and either avoid busy hours or plan to wait in line.
Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism blue

While the zip-line, ice skating rink, and rock climbing wall work as perfect pastimes for older kids, the younger crowd can easily participate in more kid-friendly activities. These include balloon making, face painting, and carousel rides. Folks over the age of sixteen might also like to chill out in one of the ten whirlpools onboard.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism catsPlaying the slots at the casino is yet another option for those over the age of twenty-one. Of course, the onboard shows can appeal to people of all ages. This ship also featured an excellent production of Andrew Loyd Weber’s Cats. However, it is crucial to reserve show tickets in advance if you don’t want to miss seeing these highlights on your voyage.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism parade

There are a variety of restaurants from sushi to Italian to American Bistro – something for everyone’s palate. Other activities include a water park, a 3D movie theater and a Dreamworks experience that children find delightful!

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with AutismAt night, the high-diving AquaTheater displays some spectacular shows. For those looking for something more on the relaxing side, the boasts spas, galleries, whirlpools and even an adults-only Solarium pool.
Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism golf

Royal Caribbean go out of their way to accommodate special needs, certified as the First Autism Friendly Cruise Line in February 2014 by Autism on the SeasTM, a tremendous honor. Also, the whole ship is wheelchair accessible. If you communicate with staff members in advance, they will go out of their way to help.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism solarium

Our Cabin

We saw a few options for cabins, and we arranged beforehand to get an inside cabin, ideally suited to families that deal with autism. Because it is situated in an inside corridor, it almost makes a labyrinth that is confusing for a child to navigate. Therefor, it is more difficult for them to get lost if they get away from you.

We stayed on deck 10 in cabin 440. The key to the door is a very handy swipe-card which conveniently fits in a pocket.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism bed
As you open the door, you can see beautiful wooden furnishings and beautiful carpeting in a wave design of turquoise, blue, green and brown. By the entrance, we saw a shelving unit, perfect spot put brochures, sunscreen, the cabin keycard and other important odds and ends. The shelving unit segues into a desk with a chair complemented by a lighted mirror so it can double as a vanity table.

The cabin is compact but not crowded with a big, opening sofa and a king-sized bed that can split according to preference. Also, the headboards are gray and tan adding to the overall décor of the cabin. Our flat-screen TV monitor by the desk could swivel making it visible from the beds and sofa, or it could recess flat back into the wall. Both nightstands boast built-in night lights.

Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism kit

The closet is spacious and can fit the luggage with plenty of hanging space and hangers provided. There are extra shelves as well as a small safe above eye level which can fit an iPad or tablet. There is a full-length mirror placed conveniently by the bathroom.

The room boasted an adequate supply of power sockets. A huge perk of this cruise liner is the super fast internet powered by VOOM which provides wifi using O3bMaritime technology. Furthermore, the occupants can freely adjust the temperature of the cabin with the convenient a/c control panel.
Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism bath

Our Bathroom

With linoleum flooring in tan, the bathroom is functional and practical. It featured wooden shelving and a narrow counter with a small sink. As we are Platinum members of Royal Caribbean, we received an amenity kit with conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, soap, and lotion.

The shower features a high plexiglass enclosure and a handheld showerhead as well as a short retractable line to hang up wet bathing suits. We discovered that the area boasted good drainage, perfect as cruise-line cabins can easily flood. Toilet paper, tissues and towels are provided and you can ask housekeeping for more as needed.
Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism jeff

Autism Travel Tips

As mentioned, parents should call the cruiseline ahead of time to request any accomodations their family may need.
The cruiseline is autism friendly and will strive to help with embarkation, disembarkation, dining and onboard activities.

slide Cruising Oasis of the Seas with Autism

Those attending the production of Cats should be aware the performers move around quite a bit on and off stage. Some kids may find this a bit scary.

Kids wishing to try ziplining or rock climbing should ask to try it at the end of the day. At that time, the crowds lessen for more customized attention.


Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas

 pin family-cruise-aboard-allure-of-the-seas-1


Owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines,  Allure of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship commissioned and built in Finland.After cruising her sister ship  Oasis of the Seas that offered family friendly amenities we decided to spend a Thanksgiving vacation onboard.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas glass

What Makes It Family Worthy?

Traveling on cruise ships is an affordable and stress-free way to plan a family vacation. With the vast selection of activities available onboard the ship’s various neighborhoods, travelers are sure to stay entertained throughout the entire voyage.
Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas park

Fellow Travelers

This ship mainly hosts families, but younger to middle-aged couples are also well represented.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas rock


From the Windjammer Buffet, Johnny Rockets and Sorrento to specialty restaurants Chops, Izumi, Samba and 150 Central Park the dining possibilities onboard are close to endless. So, we felt we just had to try all the different venues and compare them. By far, our favorites were 150 Central Park (our kids still remember the salts) and Rita’s Cantina for the ambiance.


Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas peep

The activities on this ship are a vacationer’s dream. Both our sons couldn’t get enough of the FlowRider, ziplining, rock climbing and yes, that wooden carousel.
A second best were the cupcake classes which were a bit pricey at 224 a person and a daily stroll through the Britto store.
Moreover, we found the afternoon and nightly shows fun; the highlight was attending a performance of the musical Chicago.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas cupcakes
And if all these activities were not enough, the Dreamworks character breakfast and parades totally charmed our son with autism.
In fact, he sought out all the Dreamworks activities on the daily planner and made sure he didn’t miss any of them!

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas pool


Brightly hued, modern décor can be found throughout the Allure. The corridor we stayed on was decorated in yellow and had varicolored carpeting on the floors.

Our cabins were done up in shades of blue and turquoise.  The blue and yellow accents in our bathrooms did much to help enliven what typically are the blandest spaces in most cruise ship accommodations.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas carousel

Our adjoining cabins

We stayed in connecting cabins 151 and 153 on deck ten. As is the case with most cruise ships, the safety practices for the vessel were prominently displayed on the back of the doors. There was a master light switch near both entryways which made it easy to turn the lights on and off as we either came into the room or departed from it.
Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas golf

Our beds had plentiful pillows and the usual white bedding, but the included blue throws which added a note of color. There were two small wooden nightstands at either side of the beds and round mirrors above the sitting areas. Both closets included the usual amenities, such as built-in wooden hangers, and a cabinet that also housed the in-room safe.
Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas flowrider

The sitting areas had large couches, coffee tables, and waste baskets. Directly across from the spaces, there were work desks and chairs. On top of each desk were a small clock and a large flat screen television with a storage rack above.
Underneath each desk was a well-stocked mini fridge. Travelers who wanted to use the fridge for their purposes, like storing leftovers or medicines, needed to ask the staff to remove the mini bar contents first to avoid additional charges.
Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas cabin Furthermore, both cabins had some readily available outlets that made charging our electronics a breeze.
There was also a full-length mirror in each room just outside the bathroom so that we could check our outfits before leaving the cabin.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas cooler

The Bathroom

Our bathrooms contained a sizeable shower pod with a frosted enclosure door that slid closed. The shower area featured a shampoo dispenser, a shelf for the soap, and hooks to hang up towels or swimsuits.  There was a large drain in the shower as well as another underneath the toilet that served to remove excess water and keep the bathroom floor dry.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas hottub

For furniture, the bathroom  boasted  a large, open wooden cabinet capable of holding our personal supplies. Additional hooks for holding towels and wet clothes were present on both the bathroom wall and door. Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas diningOverall the bathroom layout was suitable though  I felt the bathroom could have used an additional lighting fixture in the shower area. Also, wider counters and extra shelving would have helped improve the bathrooms functionality.

Family Cruise aboard Allure of the Seas zipline

Autism Travel Tips

  • Travelers can use the showerhead as a handheld device if that proves necessary.
  • Those who require bath mats for additional traction will need to bring their own
  • Royal Caribbean is known for accommodating passengers with autism and other special needs. Therefore, we called ahead of time to let the cruise line know what our son needed and were not disappointed.
  • We found the ship’s staff accommodating and helpful at all the venues. So we take the opportunity to mention to the cupcake class instructor who sat with our son and helped him get that puppy look that he was trying hard to create with the cream.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway



Operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Breakaway ship can accommodate up to four thousand passengers and a little over one thousand five hundred crew members on any given voyage. Trips on this vessel usually encompass parts of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Eastern seaboard of the United States. These cruises primarily are geared towards vacationing families and the activities listed below will certainly make great pastimes if you happen to be traveling with kids including those with autism.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway ropes
  The Aquapark

Depending on the outdoor ambient temperatures during your voyage, some travelers might decide to forgo this activity. When we sailed on the Breakaway, it was a chilling 40 degrees in NYC.However, that still didn’t deter some passengers to swim in the pools.
Cruise ship passengers headed to warmer climates will certainly want to bring their swimsuit along so they can try out the  five waterslides that found on the premises.  The small children pool nearby that featured a faux island in the middle and statues of Sandy the Squirrel, Patrick, and Sponge Bob Square Pants lined the area.

The outdoor attractions

Our son with autism couldn’t get enough off playing miniature golf, scaling the rock climbing wall, and testing our nerve on the high ropes course. A large number of teens and adults could be found participating in these pastimes during our voyage. The high ropes course seemed to be the most attractive with its zip-line style activities.  All the proper safety features appeared to be in place with helmets and harness available for the rock climbers and high ropes enthusiasts.
Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway toppings

Decorate your own cupcake.

This one is bound to give kids a sugar high!
Activity participants were provided with a plain cupcake to use as a blank canvas for their tasty creations. Available cupcake topping options included icing, sprinkles, gummy bears, M&Ms, and marshmallows.And the best part; passengers got to take their creations back to the cabin, popular show mom and dad or enjoy as a late snack.


Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway sponge bob

Selfies with Nickelodeon characters

Both Patrick and SpongeBob were both available for photographic purposes during the cruise, much to our son’s delight. Passengers could find the exact time and places onboard where the familiar characters would show up, by reading the daily newsletter.  Our son didn’t encounter a long line the day he went to the meet and greet, but according to the staff,  longer lines could be expected during holiday and summer cruises.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway nick show

Participate in the Cream Pie Toss

Another activity our son who is an avid Nickelodeon fan enjoyed was the Nick show.The staff selected a member of the audience to partake, and she got to be ‘creamed.’Our son was disappointed he didn’t get chosen at first but then felt relieved that he didn’t have to wash up when he watched the show.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway jungle

Enjoy Broadway-style shows.

Many cruises offer musical extravaganza for their patrons to enjoy. These fun filled spectacles make a great way to past the time when ships are not in port.We got to see ‘Rock of the Ages’ musical which featured the 80s music.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway karoake

Be a part of a shipboard karaoke contest.

During our trip, this event took place on the small Impact stage which was surrounded by a sizeable audience. The competition’s emcee kept the hits rolling right along, and the group of backup musicians helped add just the right note to the proceedings.
Travelers that plan on showing off their talents should keep in mind that this family friendly event attracts lots of attention.Therefore, a stage debut here is probably not for the faint of heart even though the crowd was incredibly respectful of the impromptu performers.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway kids


Drop by the Kids Clubs.

The ship’s kid clubs have a lot of good activities to keep children’s boredom at bay when the ship is at sea.The Club is divided into colorful rooms and sections depending on the kids’ ages.There are different arts and crafts activities available. Our kids didn’t personally attend since they considered themselves ‘too grown up’ but we got a sneak peek tour and chatted with the activities director.

Top Family Fun Activities on Norwegian Breakaway teens

Autism Travel Tips

Parents need to be aware that cruise ships don’t provide lifeguards so parents need to be vigilant and watch their kids around the pools and slides.
The area surrounding the pool was a bit slippery so parents should consider bringing crocs or other closed toe water shoes for especially for younger kids.
Overall we discovered the cruise ship staff to be quite accommodating to special needs when we asked for help. The staff had our son with autism come to the activities either before they started or at the very end so he could get to do the activities without standing in the lines.

We were thrilled to discover the cruise line offered noise canceling devices to help noise sensitive kids during the shows.Also, we got pre- seating for the shows which helped our son enjoy the entertainment onboard.

Parents who would like their kids with autism to partake in the Meet and Greet but skip the long lines should ask the staff or help.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess pin

Owned by the Princess Cruise Lines, this vessel is a Grand-class cruise ship that entered service in 2001. Sister ship of Grand Princess and Star Princess she can carry more than 3,600  passengers and crew.
Last month while the ship was traveling between L.A and the Mexican Riviera we decided to book a weekend cruise and enjoy the outstanding Princess amenities provided onboard.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess movies

What Makes it Family Worthy?

As we mentioned before we are huge fans of cruising since it is a way to enjoy a great vacation at a reasonable price, visit several ports yet unpack only once.
Though this particular ship offers less family friendly activities than its counterparts on competing cruise lines, it still had multiple venues to engage passengers of all age groups.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess blue

Fellow Travelers

Depending on its itinerary this vessel attracts more retirees and couples. However, families still make a decent sized segment of onboard guests.


Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess piano


The ship decor was modern using vibrant colors with wood accents throughout the vessel. The dining spaces were designed in hues of tans and browns while the entertainment areas looked more glitzy dressed in pinks, purples, and golds.

Neutral colors like cream and silver were prevalent in our bathroom, but the floor consisted of blue and white tiles arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The bedroom area was mostly decorated in white and other neutrals with lightly hued wood paneling throughout. There was also red patterned carpeting and a blue chair in our cabin blending some color to the overall design scheme.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess muster

Family Entertainment

As mentioned before, this particular ship had fewer entertainment options than other ships we had previously vacationed on.
With that said our son with autism enjoyed some of the ‘grown up’ activities that he had never tried before.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess pool

We all tried the outdoor activities like the pools, water slides, mini golf, giant chess, shuffleboard, virtual bowling (WII) and ping pong games. He discovered Bingo which though a bit of a money pit helped him practice, his social interactions with staff and fellow passengers. Also, he found the cupcake decorating class fun so he went back the next day to do it again.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess chess

For evening entertainment, we did sit through a Broadway review of the British 60’s invasion songs which was mediocre, and we were disappointed the movie under the stars was canceled due to high winds.
Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess show

What was surprisingly good was an acrobatic show in the lobby area that we watched mesmerized, and the pretend New Year’s countdown party, a Princess tradition.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess cake

The ship featured several spots to dine throughout the cruise.
Apart from the Horizon Court  Buffet and regular dining restaurants it had pay for purchase restaurants like  Sabatini’s, serving Italian fare, and the Crown Grill, offering steakhouse style grub.
We dined at Sabatini for 25$ Prix fix menu per person and had an overall enjoyable experience.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess bar

Our Cabin

Our family stayed in the P303  cabin on Plaza Deck Five.
We were greeted by balloons and a celebratory poster tacked to our cabin door in honor of our son’s birthday, which was a nice touch.

Our cabin had a  porthole window providing an excellent view of the outside. The safety information found on the back of the door was clearly marked to let us know where our muster station was in the event of an emergency.


Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess curtain

Upon entering our cabin, the bathroom area was on the left. Just across the small entryway, there was a closet that contained all the lifejackets in the case of any unforeseen emergency. It had ample amount of storage space and could easily hold lots of our luggage.

The cabin itself had two beds with nightstands in between them. There was also a pull out bunk bed that could be opened at night and closed during the day for our son. It contained a safety bar that helps keep sleepers from falling out.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess tv

Our cabin’s television was placed over the desk, as was a large mirror. The latter feature allowed the space to function as a vanity. A hairdryer was attached to the wall nearby to further facilitate this usage. More in keeping with the desk’s traditional purpose as a workspace were the additional shelves and drawers that were included in its design.

There was a phone and some beverage glasses on the desktop for our use, and one of the cabinets beneath it contained a mini fridge. There were also a fair number of outlets provided, but travelers who find that they need more may want to bring their electric strips.A visible thermostat helped complete the picture as it allowed the room temperature to be quickly adjusted to our liking.
Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess safe

Our Bathroom

The bathroom was incredibly well organized with several hooks for hanging towels and wet clothing. There were two fully stocked towel racks above the commode. Extra toilet paper could be found under the sink just in case it was needed. There was a sizeable open cabinet at one end of the sink counter that was capable of holding even more personal belongings.

Under the sink was a shelf that held the waste bin but it could also be used to store supplies. The shower itself was fairly ordinary in design.

Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess towels
However, it had excellent water pressure and featured raised up edges along the bottom so that water didn’t get splashed all over the floor. The shower was separated from the toilet area with a curtain.

The cabin also contained a full-length mirror near the bathroom area so that we could check our outfits before departing their room to go anywhere.
Overall, though the room was not large, it turned out to be functional and well organized.


Family Weekend Cruise on the Golden Princess glasses

Autism Travel Tips

  • The shower in the cabin has a safety handle so that those who need to do so can use it.
  • We discovered that walkie-talkies were useful devices on cruises and recommend that other families bring along their own sets to communicate with each other.
  • Gluten free and other diet observing passengers should let the cruise line know ahead of time whether they plan to stay on the ship while in port so they could be accommodated.
  • Parents to kids with autism should ask guest services for  restaurants and show seating arrangements .t
  • Word of caution about the coffee shop on the ship; the hot beverages are served at a very high temperature so parents should remind their kids to take extra precautions to avoid scalding themselves,
  • Parents should pack a set of noise canceling headphones or earplugs if their kid wishes to attend the ultra-noisy new year’s or sail away parties.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic





Owned by Carnival Cruise Line, the Magic is a Dream-class cruise ship. With 1845 cabins, it can carry up to 6000 people on board. The vessel boasts a mini water park called Waterworks and has 15 decks since floor 13 doesn’t exist. Furthermore, Cloud 9 Spa is available for adults on decks 12 and 14 while Camp Carnival for kids is on Deck 11.



Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic tapestry

This ship typically caters to families ranging in size from couples with kids to large groups comprising multiple generations. While the age group onboard varies widely, most travelers on this ship seem to have a sense of fun and adventure.We got a chance to cruise onboard in its inaugural season when it said Mediterranean ports like Venice and Barcelona.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic lights

The public areas of the ship were exceptionally clean and tastefully decorated, though some spots were especially high on the glitz factor. The hallway of the corridor in which we stayed was embellished with a brightly hued mural. The rest of the surrounding walls were decorated in vibrant blues, purples, and whites with light colored wooden accents.



Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic lamps


This ship has a spa, a theater, a library, sports areas, swimming pools, hot tubs, and a water park complete with two slides.

6095754030_1c140353fd_oAdults could make their way over to the Serenity section of the ship, which was completely kid-free or checks out the casino. Traveling kids could enjoy the pool, sports courts and the rope course that is an innovative concept for the cruise line company.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic city There are plenty of different places to eat onboard, but the Red Frog Pub and the  Cucina Del Capitano that included a pasta bar for lunch got excellent reviews from those who dined there. We tried the dinner at the Italian venue and still remember elegant desserts.


Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic dessertsFurthermore, the Breakfast at the Lido featured a wide selection of dishes that were worth sampling. For patrons who enjoyed Mexican grub, the Burrito Bar offered freshly made snacks.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic restaurant

Our Cabin

We stayed in room 1338 with an additional tub and toilet for kids to use.
Our cabin was outfitted with solid red accents as well as colorful wall artwork along with white bedding. The bathroom areas in our room boasted white and celery green hues.
Two of the beds in the cabin were on the ground level, but the third one was lofted and could be reached by climbing and down a ladder. The loft bed did have safety railing on it to keep those sleeping there from accidentally falling out.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic beds

The desk area had a sizable mirror hung on the wall nearby, which enabled the space to double as a vanity if necessary. A small flat screen television was located directly across from the largest bed. The porthole window was beside that bed as well.

There was plenty of storage space in the cabin itself, including various cabinets and two closets that were set up to hold at least a week’s worth of gear. We found life jackets in the cabinet in the event of an emergency. There were also drink glasses, an ice bucket, and a stool provided for guests to use.
Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic porthole

The two bathroom areas looked much the same, except one had a shower, and the other contained a tub. Another noticeable difference between them was the size of the sink; counter .the bathroom with the shower had a larger sink.

Family Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic tv

Autism Travel Tips

Any parents with kids that needed accommodations should stop by the customer service desk as soon as they board the ship.
The cruise line does not provide any slip mats for the bathrooms so parents might want to pack their own.
Both bathroom facilities had safety bars, so those with mobility issues or those that are handicapped could easily wash up without worrying about falls.
Travelers should also note that the smoke in the casino area can be thick at times so visiting the facility is probably not a good idea for patrons with asthma.

Loud music is played in the Italian themed restaurant during the day and evening which might be an issue for noise sensitive kids.

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