Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families

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Located at 99 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, travelers will find the beautiful Dan Hotel. This hotel’s multicolored painted front facing the Mediterranean offers magnificent ocean views while the other side shows off the magnificent cityscapes of the White City.

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When it opened in 1953, The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel was the first luxury hotel in Israel and paved the way for the Israeli hospitality industry. Its proximity to the beach, restaurants, museums, art galleries, boutiques, the open-air Carmel market to the north, the unique neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, and the ancient port city of Jaffa to the south makes the Dan Hotel a prime location for all.
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What Makes it Family Worthy?

There are 280 rooms available as well as 41 luxury suites, 84 Executive Sea View rooms, one Royal Suite and one Presidential Suite. Therefore, the hotel is perfect for serving an extensive range of guests. While staying, we saw everyone from vacationing families to business travelers.

The Dan Tel Aviv is part of a small fourteen property chain in Israel that prides itself on luxury and family friendliness. The location of the hotel itself is a central part of Tel Aviv, allowing families to get to the attractions and landmarks easily. The hotel is also right across from the beach.

Families will appreciate the size of the rooms as well as the well-planned layout. Moreover, the chain a prides itself on having an on-site Kids Club called DanyLand.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families beach

Our Welcome

We did let the front desk staff know of our special needs for a feather-free quiet room a week before arrival.
The hotel surprised us by giving us a room on the first floor, facing the street, which we thought would be noisy. However, after staying there, during the Tel Aviv marathon, we can say that we didn’t hear a thing1  The hotel had dual pane windows and fantastic insulation making our room unbelievably quiet.

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Hotel Decor

The colors on the exterior of this flagship building change hues according to the movements of the sun. The interior décor portrays pure elegance and class with its creams and blacks with gold accents. This theme is continued with statues and artwork throughout the establishment.

Our Room

The room had beautiful wooden paneling and lots of lighting. Soothing muted tones of whites and creams decorated the room, and the area was well designed and comfortable. Housekeeping left our room well kept, sticking to the high standards that gave the Dan Hotel its stellar reputation.

Our room was divided into two sections, a rather large sitting/dining area and sleeping area.
The sitting area was roomy, and the artwork on the walls stood out against the painted walls and the thick, plush carpet. They provided armchairs, an opening sofa, a table, television desk and chair which were all very practical and functional. There was even a phone on the desk for guests’ convenience.
Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families bed

The sleeping area had a King-sized bed and yet another flat-screened TV. The two TVs allowed those in the sitting area to watch something different from those in the bedroom. Another practical touch was that each nightstand has its own phone as well as light controls. For lighting , fixtures ,the room boasted over twenty recesfixtures,as well as standing lamps and nightlights next to the beds.

Our bedroom had a giant closet with full-length mirrors. The closet had four sections of shelving with double hanging space, many hangers, and a room safe placed at eye-level.

Housekeeping and room service were at our disposal. There was a handy feature at the door which allowed us to communicate with the staff through the electronic “Do not disturb” and “Please make up the room” buttons.
Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families tub

Our Bathroom

The bathroom had tan marble flooring and granite countertops. It was one of the largest bathrooms we’ve seen throughout our hotel stays. A door divided the bathroom into two sections, perfect for several family members needing to use the facilities at the same time.A door separated a tub-sink-bidet area and a sink-toilet area. The tub had an overhead shower as well as a handheld showerhead. There were grab bars in the bath, and it had an anti-slip surface. The hotel provided a lovely amenity kit, towels, bathrobes, and slippers.
Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families food

Our Breakfast

We enjoyed our breakfast in the Yam Breakfast Hall. The vast dining area was two interlinking halls with elegant décor in black and creams and a magnificent view of the Mediterranean promenade.The drink station of the buffet had cider, freshly squeezed fruit, and vegetable juices as well as mineral water, luxury teas and coffees.

The food buffet was a feast for the eyes. We enjoyed a selection of white cheeses like ricotta, different fat percentage cream cheeses, cottage, aged, French cheeses, goat’s milk cheeses, mozzarella and Bulgarian. There were stuffed grape leaves, a huge variety of fish in different preparation styles: pickled, smoked and marinated like sardines, smoked salmon, herring, and Ikra which is a fish-egg spread.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families buffet

There were capers, grains, dressings, freshly cut up vegetables in brilliant reds, greens and oranges as well as leaves, mushrooms and seed sprouts in the ‘make your own salad’ area.

The ‘sweet’ station was a favorite of ours, filled with croissants and other baked delicacies; orange and chocolate cakes, cut up fresh and whole fruits, and an assortment of the Sesame Halva.
For those with particular dietary needs, there was even a sugar-free section alongside yogurts, cereals, granolas and muesli.

The bread station had a good selection of sliced and whole loaves in an assortment of flours and grains as well as crackers, tapenades, spreads, jams.
Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families dish

Shabbat Dinner

We had the opportunity to experience the Dan Hotel’s spectacular Shabbat Dinner which followed a moving and special ceremony. The amount of time and effort that went into the preparation of this meal by the staff was noteworthy.

We started at the soup station with its excellent vegetable and meat soups followed by the salad station in which each salad was more appealing than the next. The colors and flavors were a sight to behold.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families meat

The staff prepared the meats so well, and there was something for every taste whether it was chicken, rack of lamb, beef, tongue or vegetarian dishes. There was a whole table of bread slices with sesame and poppy seed challahs, the traditional bread served on this special day of the week. There was a range of appetizers and side dishes including couscous, rice, pasta, potatoes, Gefilte fish, relishes, olives and cold cuts.

The buffet staff went the extra mile by providing a Kids station that served chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and kid-appropriate sides.
Last but not least was the dessert station with individual bowls that served a variety of jellies, crème brûlées and other pastries and baked goods. Travelers who are not planning to stay in the hotel but wish to sample the dinner can still do so by booking their spot in advance with the front desk.

Executive Lounge

We got to enjoy the Executive Lounge during our stay. This hotel’s lounge was a large, elegant, and upscale room facing the Mediterranean Sea. It was open throughout the day and offered guests many appetizers, snacks, and drinks.

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The Dan Hotel offers two main restaurants – the Hayarkon 99 and the D-Restaurant.The Hayarkon 99 is the hotel’s flagship restaurant. Here, guests could dine on foods made with local ingredients in a comfortable atmosphere.We enjoyed  a fish entree with a glass of local wine for dinner.The D-Restaurant famous for its kosher dairy products also boasted  lovely views of the beach.


The hotel had the option of both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool as well as a gym which is for the use of the guests. There was a spa but both guests and non-residents needed to pay for this service.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Welcomes Families dessert

The Dan Hotel Kids Club

The Dan Hotel chain has a signature entertainment club for children of all ages called Danyland. It is available during the summer months and various holidays and it is a really beneficial amenity that is ideal for parents who need a safe place for their children to play and be cared for. Over the age of three, children do not require parental supervision to participate in the Danyland program. They cater to youth of all ages with soft play facilities and play-stations and great murals for artwork on the walls.


Pricing starts at $300 and includes free WiFi in all the rooms, lobby, and public areas.

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Autism Travel Tips:

  • All facilities are wheelchair accessible.
  • For those who are noise-sensitive, the rooms have excellent sound insulation.
  • For those who are heat-sensitive, the room air-conditioning can be controlled by the guests.
  • In the same vein, the vents for the air-conditioning are well placed, so they do not blow directly on the beds.
  • For those who are sensitive to light, there is a double curtain which keeps out the morning sun.
  • There is a great safety feature in all of the rooms. To open the windows, one has to follow very specific instructions. Therefore, children cannot open the windows, so there is no danger of them falling.
  • The hotel does offer loaner tablets for guests who wish to borrow them.



Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel pin

Tel Aviv is one of the largest cities in Israel and the perfect destination for families to travel when exploring the Middle East or enjoying the Mediterranean coastline. For families wishing to explore the city, there are over 60 hotels from which to choose. The Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel, located on 145 Hayarkon Street, is a sound option for traveling families who want to stay right on the beachfront and enjoy a variety of water sports and activities while visiting the city.
Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel beach

What Makes it Family Worthy?

The five-star hotel contains approximately 246 rooms and is situated right on one of the liveliest beaches in all of the Middle East. The hotel not only is next to many eateries and shops but also within a short drive from the historic Old Jaffa City area. The Hayarkon beachfront promenade is a popular destination for families couples and business travelers.


Our Welcome

Since the property’s room occupancy was limited to three persons in a room and we were a family of four we had to book two connecting rooms. As always, we requested a feather free quiet room for our allergies and our son with autism. Upon our arrival after a five-hour flight from London, we were checked in and given the room keys within minutes. Moreover, we were thrilled to see the staff had treated us to a small liquer bottle and chocolates.
Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel chocolates


Hotel Decor

For the most part, the hotel was decorated in the warm, neutral colors typically seen in a luxury hotel. Large chandeliers hung in the large open spaced lobby area which boasted comfortable, bright leather seating for guests to relax in. In both the lobby and breakfast areas ceiling to floor large windows gave the spaces a welcoming feel letting in plenty of natural light.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel room


Our  Connecting Rooms

We stayed in the newly renovated rooms 401 and 403 on the fourth floor. Our room was decorated in lots of creams and whites. We had wood flooring, perfect for those with allergies.Our room aka the parents’ room had a comfortable king-sized bed with ample pillows along with a small seating area. Our kids’ room separated from ours by a door, featured two twins beds, a chest of drawers, a small sofa, and a work desk.
Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel tv


Both rooms had lots of storage space, with the closet in our room boasting a standard safe. Each room also had its own large flat screen TV, perfect when the parents want to watch something different from the kids.Moreover, both rooms also had balconies boasting great views of the surrounding beach areas. We found the balcony incredibly difficult to open with two locks, which was a nice security layer.

The Bathrooms

The Crowne Plaza Suites and rooms had nicely renovated bathrooms. The bathrooms of the rooms we stayed in were decorated in beige and tan hues.The bathrooms had a tub/shower combo with a handheld showerhead, grab bar, and shelf for towels. Furthermore, the tub/shower combos had a partial  glass enclosure. We found plentiful toiletries and hair dryers on each of the sink counters.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel bathroom


The hotel boasted two on-site restaurants; The Bellisima and The Pacific Bistro & Sushi Bar. At the Bellisma, diners could appreciate lovely sea views from the huge windows while dining on delicious meals. The Pacific Bistro & Sushi Bar served delightful French and Asian fusion cuisine. However, it was only open for dinner. Unfortunately, we only had five days in Israel and took long day trips. Therefore, we didn’t get a chance to try either.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel buffet


Our Breakfast

We tried the Crowne Plaza’s Israeli breakfast, and it was one of my personal favorites in Tel Aviv. The breakfast room featured comfortable chairs to sit in and enjoy the beautiful sea views out of the large bay windows.

The selection was plentiful and diverse. For the morning meal, we tried a vast assortment of meats, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. We also saw some salad fixings including radishes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, mushrooms, and lettuce mixes. Several premixed salads and different yogurts were provided as well.We enjoyed their many pastries, cereals, and bread at the buffet. Our drinks options included orange juice, chocolate milk, lemonade, water, teas, and hot coffee.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel breakfast


Guests who want to relax or enjoy swimming without going to the beach can enjoy the indoor pool, which is open on a seasonable basis. The hotel provides plenty of other great amenities, such as a spa, gym, sauna, game room, and even a Turkish steam bath. Guests who book the club rooms or suites have free access to the comfortable business lounge. The property offers free bike rentals for guests who wish to exercise during their stay.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel cup


We found the staff attentive and helpful. We wanted to give a special mention to Ami at the concierge desk and Ivo the assistant manager. They both did their best to assist our special needs son and us!


Pricing starts at $175 a night. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all parts of the hotel. Guests can park their own car for $20 a day or use the valet service for the same price.

Summer Stay at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza Beach Hotel treat

Autism Travel Tips:

  • We recommend families who deal with allergies request a room with hardwood flooring, which is a valid option at this location.
  • Like many others in Tel Aviv, this hotel has open balconies. Therefore, it might be a good idea to bring a safety lock for the balcony door to prevent children from wandering out on their own. Parents can also request a room without a balcony.
  • Since the beach can be noisy at various times, families who deal with sound sensitivities should ask for the highest floor possible to prevent sounds from reaching their room.
  • Travelers should be aware that, due to Kosher laws, the only meat items offered on the buffet are fish products. On Saturdays, only cold foods are served at breakfast, which might be an issue for children who are used to hot chocolate or freshly cooked eggs in the morning.





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