Visiting Graceland in Memphis Tennessee with Family

Visiting Graceland in Memphis Tennessee with Family pin

A trip to Memphis Tennessee is not complete without a visit to Graceland. Most Americans know Graceland is the home to the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Fans of the King and Rock n Roll history buffs will love walking around Elvis’s home. Here they can learn about his life and career through stories and commentary by Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie. On the site, headphones narrate notable events of Elvis’s life and introduce relics adorning the rooms and corridors.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee house


Graceland is a 13.8-acre estate. Located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the vast Whitehaven community, about nine miles from downtown and less than four North from the Mississippi border, the estate still stands proudly. Graceland opened to the public on June 7, 1982, for fans to come and pay their respects. Later, the National Register of Historic Places listed the location on November 7, 1991. The house was declared a National Historic Landmark on March 27, 2006. To this day Graceland is one of the most-visited private homes in America with over 65,000 visitors a year.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee p

Design and Decor

The Memphis Architectural Firm Furbringer and Erhmanis created Graceland. The firm designed the two-story house in the Colonial Revival style with a side facing gable roof covered in asphalt shingles accumulating to 23 rooms including eight bedrooms and bathrooms. As we walked through, we noted the many TVs spread throughout the house. This apparent obsession with TVs would seem odd in a modern day house, but back when the house was built the number of TVs one had was a status symbol.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee chair

Probably one of the most iconic features of Graceland is the décor. People often criticize the décor, including Albert Goldman who stated: “nothing in the house is worth a dime.” Other critics include Professor Goldman, who said, “…it appears to have been lifted from some turn-of-the-century bordello down in the French Quarter of New Orleans.”

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee bed

What struck us was how surprisingly modest the home was. Yes, the gaudy yellows popular in the 70s decorate most of the house, but it very much looks like a house that people could still conceivably live inside. It didn’t feel like a museum – it felt like a home.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee light

Jungle Room

Of course while in the Presley household, nobody should miss infamous Jungle Room, a family favorite due to the reminiscent atmosphere of Hawaii. Hawaii held a special place in Presley’s heart where he would often vacation, filmed and performed. The room features an indoor waterfall of cut field stone on the North wall. In 1976 Elvis converted the Jungle Room into a recording studio where he recorded the bulk of his final two albums, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee, and Moody Blue.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee room

Trophy Building

During the mid-60’s, Presley expanded the house and converted the new wing, which formerly housed a slot car track, into the Trophy Building. There, guests can see the many walls that display records, movie posters, and old-time memorabilia. They’ll also see more personal items, like the famous gold lame suit, Priscilla and Presley’s wedding outfits, and Lisa Marie’s baby clothes. As visitors continue through the Trophy Room, it winds down through a display of his 68 Comeback. The Comeback features his leather suit, copies of his movie script, costumes he wore in his movies, and a few of his trademark jumpsuits.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee elvis

Meditation Room

Elvis died on the estate on August 16, 1977. Those wishing to pay respects the King then can take a final stop at the Meditation Room. Architect Bernard Grenadier designed this room. Elvis used the Meditation Room to reflect on any problems or situations during his life. It is also the final resting place of Elvis, his parents, his grandmother, and his stillborn twin brother.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee garden

In Conclusion

For many of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Graceland each year, the tour takes on a quasi-religious perspective. They may plan for years to journey to the home of the ‘King’ of rock and roll. Some visitors pray, kneel, or quietly sing one of Elvis’s favorite hymns. Graffiti covers the brick wall enclosing the mansion’s grounds, expressing admiration for the singer as well as petitions for help and thanks for favors granted.

Visiting Graceland with Family in Memphis Tennessee car

Autism Travel Tips:

  • The house has some uneven terrain. Because of this, wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes as you tour the place.
  • We recommend this location mostly for older kids, especially kids interested in music history.
  • Visitors to Graceland have several options for tours, depending on their wants and needs. You can even get a VIP tour, a three-hour experience that allows you to skip most lines with an all day ticket.
  • An iPad “guides” most of the tours, something that many technologically inclined kids will enjoy. The iPad guide also allows you to walk around the mansion at your own pace, which is another bonus for families.

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Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee pin

In the South, nestled within the state of Tennessee, lies the city of Memphis. Memphis is a place full of Southern United States traditions and history. Lovers of music, history, and Elvis will all find something in the largest city along the Mississippi River.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee photo

National Civil Rights Museum

It is no secret that America has a turbulent history when it comes to the lives of African Americans. Historically, the Southern United States has had the most controversial history with the African American community. With this in mind, Memphis recognizes the prejudice and injustice that has happened in the city. Memphis has a museum dedicated to educating visitors on the past and present fight for human rights.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee bus

The National Civil Rights Museum traces the history of the Civil Rights Movement from the 17th century to modern times. There, guests will find 260 artifacts, oral histories, interactive media and external listening posts. All of this media serves to guide visitors along the five-century journey for civil rights. The museum maps the events out from the resistance started in slavery, the Civil War, the rise of Jim Crow, all the way to the seminal events of the late 20th century that helped inspire people around the world to stand up for equality and freedom.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee school


Of course, those planning on traveling to Memphis absolutely cannot miss Graceland. Home to the one and only king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, visitors can walk through the King’s abode and learn about his life and career. Armed with a multimedia Ipad tour narrated by John Stamos featuring stories and commentary by Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie, guests will enter the living room where Presley would greet his guests and provide entertainment.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee Elvis

While in the Presley household, travelers should visit the famous Jungle Room. This area is often a family favorite due to the reminiscent Hawaiian atmosphere. Hawaii, where Presley often vacationed, filmed, and performed, held a special place in his heart. Visitors can also stop by the Trophy Building and admire Elvis’s gold and platinum records as well as other memorabilia from his movies and charitable accomplishments. Those wishing to pay respects to the King can take a stop at the Meditation Room, the final resting place of Elvis Presley and other family members.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee couch

Sun Studio

Music is an essential part of Memphis, so strongly integrated into the city’s identity that it is almost a tangible force that can be felt and heard throughout the streets. Lovers of music must visit the Sun Studio. Sam Philips opened this studio back in 1950. Within these studio walls, Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats “Rocket 88” recorded the world’s first rock and roll single. This historical moment allowed Sun Studios to claim the status as the birthplace of rock and roll. The studio is still in use to this day, and lucky guests might catch a living recording while there.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee mic

Stax Museum

To continue with the music theme, travelers can visit the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. The museum, built as a replica of the Stax recording studio, opened in May 2003. The building is 17,000 square feet with more than 2,000 videos, photos, films, stage costumes, original instruments, and interactive exhibits. The museum is one out of a handful of museums in the world dedicated to soul music. Here, guests can learn about the roots of soul music and celebrate the legacy of Stax Records. They can also learn about artists such as Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Johnnie Taylor, Albert King, and many others.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee stax

Memphis Zoo

Travelers should not leave the city without checking out the Memphis Zoo. The zoo holds 3,500 animals and over 500 different species. What’s lovely about this zoo is that there always seems to be something happening among its great exhibits. Cat country, for example, is an open area that focuses on the predators and prey of the cat world. Visitors can witness tigers and lions share a common space with fennec foxes and meerkats. The zoo also hosts a night exhibit devoted to nocturnal animals, which allows visitors to see these animals at their most active. Another fun area is the Dragon’s Lair where visitors can go and meet the zoo’s three Komodo Dragons in either their outdoor or indoor homes.

Best Family Activities in Memphis Tennessee plaque

Memphis is definitely a city that anyone should visit while traveling the United States. The city has a plethora of culture, history, and entertainment. It would be a shame to pass up on the opportunity to learn and live within the city’s walls.

Autism Travel Tips:

  • Like in most parts of the Southern United States, Memphis Tennessee can get very hot and humid in the summer. Parents should make sure everyone is wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Also, it might be a good idea to pack a water bottle or portable mini fan for kids with temperature sensitivities.
  • The National Civil Rights Museum is a great place to teach kids about the history of civil rights and racism in America.
  • While some parts of the Stax museum are interactive, there are quite a few things that kids are not allowed to touch. Make sure that kids know the difference as you travel through the museum.
  • When traveling to the Memphis Zoo, make sure everyone wears comfortable, closed toe shoes as it is certainly a walking destination.
  • It can be difficult to get to the Stax Museum, and it is actually recommended to take a taxi.
  • For families who want to get a lot out of their visit, they can book a guided Memphis music tour that includes transportation through the city. The groups, who travel by bus or coach, are usually small and each group gets their own highly knowledgeable guide.


Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street

On our recent visit to Memphis, Tennessee, we stayed at the Starwood (SPG) Westin Memphis Beale Street Hotel. Located on 170 Lt George W. Lee Avenue, it is a block away from Beale Street – one of the cities’ most famous thoroughfares boasting fine dining, clubbing, shopping and a buzzing nightlife.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street guitar

The multi-storied, centrally-located, contemporary-styled building offers four room options namely the Executive Suite, Junior Suite, Traditional Two Queen and Traditional King. We chose the hotel because it is new and wouldn’t have plumbing or electricity issues and because it is on a quiet street yet has proximity to the world-famous Beale Street. This Boulevard has so much to offer; specifically appealing to us were the museums, the Gibson guitar factory, and the FedEx Forum. For some, the Memphis Zoo and Pink Palace family of Museums are the go-to places. In addition, not to be forgotten is Graceland, the home of legendary Elvis Presley the King of Rock.

Fellow Travelers

The week that we stayed there, the property was overrun by Kansas City Chiefs fans that had arrived in town to watch the Sugar Bowl and support their team. However, this family-friendly hotel, close to the Mississippi River and a host of attractions is an excellent location for foreigners, locals and out-of-state tourists alike.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street carriage

The Lobby

The moderately sized lobby had neutral hues with modern decorations. The most distinctive piece in the lobby was the attractive display of Gibson guitars, meant to attract visitors to the museum across the street. The lobby has only two working elevators, which can at times create a mini clog, especially when the hotel is overwhelmed by sports fans.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street piano

Our Welcome

We had requested a feather free bedding and quiet room before our stay and contacted the front desk management to ensure we got the accommodations requested. We arrived in the early evening and checked in relatively quickly. The lobby is decorated in modern hues of whites and creams and was stylish and minimalistic with comfortable couches provided to sit.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street bar

Our Room

We booked our room with two traditional queen beds since we were traveling with our sons.

The room was carpeted and decorated in hues of greenish gray. The walls were wallpapered in cool tones of green and gray. There was also some artwork on the wall. There is a fabric upholstered lounge chair and an Ottoman in green leather facing the windows showcasing a great view the city from nine stories up.

The two queen-sized beds were comfortable as was the black leather chair supplied for the desk. There was adequate lighting in the room provided by standing lamps. We appreciated the electric splitter that allowed us to charge multiple devices at the same time. The room had a large mirror and a reasonably big closet with an ironing board and iron. The room also had two phones and a recharging iPad station.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street white

In the center of the room was a chest of drawers with three deep drawers offering ample storage for guests’ belongings and a surcharge mini-fridge stacked with alcoholic drinks. There was a small Mr.Coffee machine and an area for coffee cups. As SPG Gold members we received complimentary water and free wifi. The TV screen was 32 inch with good viewing throughout the room however the hotel only provides a limited number of channels.

The air conditioning was placed at the end of the room away from the beds which we thought was a good idea.

An unusual feature of this room was its incredibly high ceilings which would be an advantage for tall guests. This fact was, however, somewhat of an inconvenience in our case as everything seemed to be out of reach, including the safe in the closet.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street bed

The Bathroom

The bathroom was decorated with big tan colored tiles and green wallpaper. The room had four lights, more than adequate for the spacious area. The shower was nice, but the hand-held attachment and overheard rain shower feature were too high up. We liked the sizeable grab bars in both the shower and the bath. The commode was separate, and there was a standing vanity table constructed out of dark wood with a granite countertop and sink. The bathroom even had a clothesline to dry clothes which came in very handy. They provided a standard amenity kit with shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street bathroom

Robes and slippers are provided upon request. We received them after we contacted housekeeping.


The onsite Bleu Restaurant is themed around southern hospitality, decorated with warm orange colors accented by bright blue lights. The Bleu Restaurant serves seafood items such as salmon stir fry and catfish. Our family booked the restaurant for New Year’s Eve. The experience was slightly frustrating because the dishes came at an uneven pace and were all on the small size, to the point that when we had completed our dinner, we were still hungry. The entire experience cost us more than $200, and the service was a tad beyond adequate.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street food

The following morning we came to give the venue another time. As we discovered, the portions were larger, but the service level, unfortunately, did not change and could use an upgrade.

There is also a Hotel Lobby Bar and Starbucks in the venue. For more budget oriented travelers, there is also a mini-mart that sells snacks


For those wanting to get some exercise in during the trip, the hotel offers the Westin Workout Fitness Studio. Here in the studio, visitors will find a variety of modern exercise equipment. The venue will also provide New Balance running shoes to guests in their requested sizes.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street desk


Pricing starts at $255 and includes access to the refreshment center and 24-hour room service. SPG members get free internet, but all other guests pay $7-$13 per day for access. Be aware that the parking is $20 per car per day, which is a bit steep in our opinion.

What Worked and Didn’t Work

What worked for us was the central location and proximity to Beale Street. Our family enjoyed walking around trying some famous eateries.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street bar
What didn’t work was that the housekeeping dropped the ball on us. We had requested a feather-free room because of serious allergies and we still found feathers in the room. It took almost two hours to get the proper bedding. The housekeeping also did not replenish the room amenities in a timely manner.

Autism Travel Tips:

  • There is a handy self-explanatory lock and deadbolt higher up on the door which is a good safety feature.
  • The windows do not open, a good safety measure.
  • For the noise-sensitive who need a quiet room, check the Stadium schedule. If there are games planned for the time you book, request a room facing away from the stadium.
  • Bring your own anti-slip bath mat for the shower.

Family Stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street building

  • If you or a family member have any specific allergies to feathers or chemicals make sure you not only mention it several times at booking but plan to arrive early in case things don’t go as planned and housekeeping needs to get involved.
  • The surcharge mini-bar does not have space for anything else, so be aware that you may be able to store certain medicines in there but make a different plan for storing perishable products.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch

The Memphis Peabody Hotel is a beautifully decorated remnant of the old south, with a full buffet and marching ducks. It is an experience enjoyable for all the family, where adults can enjoy the delicious food and even the youngest children can enjoy watching the ducks. 

In 1869, the original Peabody Hotel opened in Memphis, Tennessee; expanding and relocating 56 years later to its current location. Named for George Peabody, this hotel beautifully reflects the era, and it has earned a place in the National Trust for Historic Preservation – The Historic Hotels of America.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch tableLocation and Parking

Located at 149 Union Ave, Memphis, TN, the hotel is about 15 minutes from the Memphis International Airport and downtown. Its proximity to other Memphis landmarks makes it central and convenient. For a fee, there is both Valet parking on the premises and Self-Parking a block away from the hotel.


Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch duck home

There is lavish décor through the lobby, and decorations are granite and marble in contrast with the more modest restaurant. It is spacious with tones of pale greens and tans, and the area feels warm and welcoming lending to the history and air of the old South.


Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch statue

Unique Traits

What makes The Peabody Hotel uniquely famous is its marching ducks. The ducks, five in number, live on the roof in a duck penthouse. Twice daily, these ducks take the elevator down to the lobby to march across the lawn at 11 am and 5 pm. The march is popular and attracts many visitors to the hotel especially the kids. Expect to call on the early side to catch a good seat on the floor near the ducks if you want to see them up close and personal. The marching duck tradition began 90 years ago, and many guests come to experience and take advantage of the Ducky Day Family package.

For fans of the web-footed quacking marchers, they will be happy to hear that the Peabody restaurant incidentally does not offer duck anywhere on the menu and has a lovely brunch on Sundays that locals and travelers enjoy.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch sleeping duck


The brunch is catered by the Capriccio Grill between 11 am and 2:30 pm and you can make reservations online. The presentation of the delicious eats is a visual delight! It is elaborately laid out, and there are high standards in their meal preparation. From the breakfast items like cereals, muffins, cheese grits and sausage grits, eggs, breakfast potatoes to the more brunch and lunch items on the menu; it feels like a cozy diner. The salads are colorful; fresh vegetables and fruits whole or prepared and elegantly presented. A generous selection of bread, cheeses, cold cut meats and smoked fish is available. In the hot food section, there are other typical Southern cuisine items like Butternut squash ravioli, baby-back ribs, ratatouille, fried chicken, mixed vegetables and garlic butter shrimp. At the carvery, they have prime rib, calamari, and deep-fried ravioli. Finally, the dessert table is simply beautiful. The in-house chefs have prepared mousses, tarts, cakes, cookies, crème brûlée, croissants, cakes and even a hot chocolate pie.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch deli

Out of all the dishes offered what surprised us the most in a good way were the items dipped in chocolate at the dessert table such as potato chips, pretzels, and bacon, which turned out to be a firm favorite.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch chocolate

The staff was incredibly friendly and replenished our drinks in a timely manner. They regularly cleared the used dishes to make room for the new dishes filled with food offerings.


Autism Travel Tips:

  • If you don’t want to wait in line, then book to come later after 1:30 pm. This is best for those that prefer avoiding crowded places.
  • Seating is comfortable with the tables relatively far from each other, so customers don’t feel cramped.
  • The lighting in the area is a combination of natural and artificial, and the noise element is lower as the tables aren’t too close to each other.Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch lobby
  • Since brunch tends to be a longer experience, antsy kids can get coloring books, or parents can bring tablets. Our son found the lobby self-playing piano fun and spent quite a bit of time watching it.
  • As the food is served buffet-style, most diets can be accommodated. However, if you travel with someone with severe allergies to any ingredients make sure you ask the server about it before you dine.

Family Fun at the Memphis Peabody Hotel Brunch pin


Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum pin

Less than ten minutes walking distance from the city’s heart and music filled Beale Street stands the Lorraine Motel.
Unfortunately, the place would have probably stayed unknown to most if it hadn’t been for the fateful April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King Jr., was shot and killed while standing on its second story balcony.

The Memphis National Civil Rights Museum located in the converted motel salvaged from tear down in the 1980’s showcases fascinating displays. These displays involve both the murder of Dr. King and the evolution of the African-American civil rights movement from the early 1800s to this day.

 Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum motel balcony

Know before you go

The museum encompasses one of the most comprehensive collections about the civil rights movement. Also, a visit will range between two to four hours.
Many of the displays are interactive and involve video and audio clips of the era. However, a visit still requires quite a bit of reading and walking. Therefore, we don’t recommend the museum for kids under the age of six.

National Civil Rights Museum entrance

Before visiting, you should introduce your children to the civil rights movement to help promote their understanding of the museum displays. As we mentioned, the museum sits within walking distance of the city’s main thoroughfare. It is also part of the up and coming south central area with food venues and galleries.

National Civil Rights Museum intro

We visited on a weekend day with only a few scores of fellow visitors. However, we were told this is a favorite spot for school kids that tour on weekdays.

You may want to buy tickets online if you don’t wish to wait in line. Also, make sure you ask for a student discount for your kids.
There is a comprehensive safety check at the entrance to the museum. Unfortunately, this station includes bag checking so make sure to explain it to your children with autism ahead of time.

Memphis National Civil Rights Museum slave ship

The National Civil Rights Museum Exhibits

The museum starts appropriately with a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, who led India’s nationalist movement and influenced Dr. King’s lifetime philosophy of non-violent protest.

Next, a room dedicated to the early origin of the African-Americans struggle for equal treatment describes the slaves brought from Africa and the harsh conditions they lived through.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum diner table

Make sure you don’t skip the well crafted 15-minute movie. This video introduces the topic to visitors and explains what the movement was fighting.

The emphasis ultimately shifts to the turbulent 1950’s and 60’s. In addition, the museum details key events like the integration of Central High School in Arkansas, the sit-in movements, the famous march from Selma, and the Million Man March on Washington D.C.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum bus seat

Moreover, to help visitors understand Jim Crow, the museum has an actual white only diner area. It is also complete with ‘do not sit here’ menus and a replica of the Rosa Parks 1955 bus with a statue of her sitting in her historic seat.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum rosa parks bus

The Greyhound Bus

The replica of burnt out Greyhound bus carrying the Freedom Riders passengers attacked during Mother’s Day in 1961 in rural Alabama is a powerful reminder of how polarized opinions and violence impacted the struggle.

The bus was pelted with rocks and bricks and had a firebomb thrown in through a smashed window. Furthermore, the doors were barricaded from the outside. It would have been impossible for the trapped passengers to escape if the State Troopers hadn’t interceded.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum freedom riders

From this point (with a brief interruption that shows the Black movement in the 70’s), the museum follows Dr. King’s path. The museum also includes his historic “I have a dream” speech in Washington D.C leading up to the 1968 garbage workers strike that brought him to Memphis.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum strike

The Highlight

Visitors should see the motel room where Dr. King stayed on the night of his assassination (check out the cigarette butts and snack by the bed) as well as a replica of the room he typically stayed in during other visits. Just like all other displays in this meticulously curated museum, this exhibit is thought-provoking.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum bedroom
The Second Part

By now, you and your kids might be exhausted from the sheer volume of walking and plethora of historical information provided.

National Civil Rights Museum second part

However, if you wish to learn more about the actual assassination, visitors should visit the second part of the museum. This section also includes the different conspiracy theories and the life of Dr. King’s killer. We also recommend this section for older kids, as the younger ones might get bored and lost in the details.

First, you’ll see the former boarding house, the location used by James Earl Ray to shoot Dr. King. Today, this structure is a museum.

Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum MLK killer car

The two levels of this section feature several exhibits filled with evidence that lead to the conviction. These items include a rifle, a pistol, and even the killer’s car.

Apart from the actual room left precisely in the same condition from 1968 (check out the wire used to turn off the room lighting) and the bathroom, you can visually measure the distance yourself in an area glass wall created for that particular purpose.

National Civil Rights Museum MLK killer room

Autism Travel Tips 

  • The museum is wheelchair-accessible. It is also indoors and fully air-conditioned.
  • You can stop and sit down on chairs or benches to rest at any point.
  • Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum seventies musicThe museum houses many exhibits and sees lots of crowds. Therefore, make sure you visit late in the day or on weekends.
  • The museum features interactive displays with multiple places to listen to more detailed accounts of the events for those who desire a more in-depth view.
  • Our son with autism enjoyed the 70’s soul music area where you can listen to era songs via headphones.
  • Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum postersThe souvenir stores in both museums carry various education materials to continue the conversation past the initial museum visit.
  • We saw several eateries outside the museum. We also saw a free public bocce court for kids who get antsy.
  • Make sure you take a selfie with the I AM MAN colorful mural down the street.

Memphis National Civil Rights Museum mural

Disclaimer: Special thanks to the Memphis Bureau of Commerce that provided us with complimentary tickets to the museum for the review.
However, the tips and opinions shared are always our own.

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