Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal pin

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital, and an excellent city itself. Here, travelers can practically step into a fairy tale with its castles, rolling hills, and beautiful coastlines. The following are some of the best spots in Lisbon to take kids, particularly with autism.



Oceanario Oceanarium

The Oceanario Oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in all of Europe.
Designed by Peter Chernayeff, the aquarium is known for its distinctive building that resembles an aircraft carrier is built into the pier. The venue holds a vast collection of marine species ranging from penguins to jellyfish as well as many aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal arch

The main exhibit; a 1,000-meter tank boasts four large acrylic windows on its sides and smaller focus windows strategically placed to ensure that it is a constant component throughout the exhibit. Visitors can watch sharks and rays swim by or get a good view of unique sunfish and sea dragons.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal street

Belem Tower

Next stop would be the Belem Tower also known as the Tower of St. Vincent.
This historic landmark is known as one of the seven wonders of Portugal. It is a fortified tower located in the civil parish of St. Maria de Belem. The tower played a significant role in Portuguese maritime discoveries of the time. Commissioned by King John II, the tower was to be a part of the defense system located in the mouth of the Tagus River and act as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. Inside, visitors can see the tower’s gargoyles, dungeons, and cannons as well as the former royal bedrooms. Kids will delight in the story of the rhino’s carved image in one of the ramparts.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal floor

Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos

This impressive UNESCO World Heritage site in Belem was built in 1502. The construction was commissioned by King Manuel the first. Families can see  Vasco da Gama’s tomb or stop by the museum detailing the building’s history.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal sky

Gulbenkian Museum

The Gulbenkian Museum is mainly oriented towards ancient art, but it does house some modern pieces as well. The permanent exhibition galleries are distributed in chronological and geographical order to create two individual circuits in the overall tour.
Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal alley

The first course highlights Greco-Roman art from classical antiquity and art from ancient eastern lands including Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, and Armenian.
The second covers European art with particular sections dedicated to sculpture, painting and decorative arts, particularly the eighteenth century and works of Lalique. This circuit holds a vast range of pieces that reflect various European artistic trends from the eleventh century to the twentieth century.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal tree

Electrico 28

Lisbon is famous for its construction on seven hills. While visitors can enjoy the beautiful views here, travelers can tire while exploring the city on foot. The Electrico 28 tram is the perfect solution for families, looping through many of the city’s famous locations. Kids with autism can enjoy the sights and the ride with its many ups and downs.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal tram

What is unique about this tram is that it is a Remodelado tram, originally commissioned in the 1930’s and technically museum worthy. People still ride this tram because the unique design is the only one that can handle the steep inclines of the tracks. Therefore, this tram serves as an integral part of Lisbon public transportation network as well as a tourist gem.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal piazza

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is considered to be Lisbon’s cultural and bohemian heart and a shopping mecca. Originally Bairro Alto was the place for artists and writers to come and live while working on their craft, but gradually it became culturally diverse and a vibrant place to party for locals and visitors.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal statue

Families should visit at least one Fado Houses and listen to the traditional styles of Fado music. Fado music is a genre dating back to the 1820’s and is characterized by its mournful tunes and often sad lyrics.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal street

Elevado de Santa Justa

The neo-gothic Elevado de Santa Justa in downtown Lisbon is one of the most notable landmarks in the Portuguese capital and is famous for looking like the Eiffel Tower. The resemblance lies in the fact that its designer, Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, was Gustave Eiffel ‘s apprentice and was quite influenced by his work.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal art

The elevator was originally designed to connect the Baixa with the Largo do Carmo in Bairro Alto. Today it is more of a tourist spot than anything else where tourist can take the elevator to the top and either cross the bridge into Bairro Alto or climb to the terrace for a fantastic view.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal building

Castelo de Sao Jorge

This castle sits atop a hill near Alfama overlooking the Portuguese Capital. One can visit the battlements and also the museum. However, what this castle is known for is the observation terrace. Up here, visitors get a panorama view of the entire city. Kids can run through the ramparts or sit on a giant cannon in a picture-perfect, fairytale castle. Visitors can also see the ruins of the former royal Alcáçova palace here.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal elevator


Lisbon Daytrips

Those looking for lovely day trips near Lisbon should visit Sintra and the beach towns of  Cascais and Estoril.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal sintra



This quaint UNESCO World Heritage town is only half an hour from Lisbon by train. Here, travelers can visit palaces and castles at the foot of the Sintra mountains. This prime location housed Roman, Portuguese, and Moorish royalty in the past. Families can enjoy the town’s many ice cream shops and restaurants. One can also see the city’s two palaces, Palacio de Pena and Palacio Nacional, both steeped in history and open to the public.

Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal cones


Cascais and Estoril

These resort towns are also just a short train ride from Lisbon. Estoril features a famous casino said to have inspired the James Bond novels. Cascais is a lovely town with plenty of natural coves and fascinating medieval inspired architecture. Both places have plenty of restaurants and fishing shops for travelers to enjoy.


Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal sea


Autism Travel Tips:

  • Drinks and snacks inside and around the Castelo de Sao Jorge are rather pricey.
  • Parents visiting the Castelo de Sao Jorge should take the family to the Tower of Ulysses to see a 360-degree view of the city.
  • The Tram 28 a favorite place for pickpocketing. Parents should keep their belongings in safe places where they can see them.
  • Near the Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos is the Pastéis de Belém pastry shop, where families can enjoy pasteis de nata, or custard tarts.
  • The Belem Tower has lots of narrow, steep steps. This fact can prove challenging for some kids.
  • The lines at the Oceanario Oceanarium can be long during successful seasons. Parents should save time by booking online.
  • Families can book sleepovers among the sharks at the aquarium.
  • Taking Kids with Autism to Lisbon Portugal up


The Family Friendly Sheraton Lisbon, Portugal

The Family Friendly Sheraton Lisbon, Portugal, is a high-rise located in the Saldana area on Rua Latina Coelho, just about a 10-minute cab ride from the airport.
The location is perfect for families away from the hustle of old town, but still near sites such as Edward the Seventh park, multiple restaurants, and the impressive El Cortez Ingles department store where you can replenish anything you forgot to pack!

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal entrance



We booked the rooms on Starwood Preferred Guest’s website with points but did contact the hotel by phone to ask for a quiet, high floor room and feather-free bedding.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal lobby


The Sheraton Lisbon features 369 fully renovated rooms, including 10 Junior Suites and a Presidential Suite.The hotel’s public places are decorated with a modern minimalist flair with sophisticated use of dark woods, velvet mirrors and glass sheer curtains in metallic browns to complete the trendy picture.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal

Idea to steal for home

The motorized room-darkening roller shades that allow guests to sleep undisturbed at any hour of the day were a wonderful touch we wished to have at home too.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal bathroom

Unique Feature

The glass-walled bathrooms are a unique feature of the property with motorized shades that overlook the room but be pulled down for appropriate privacy.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal glass wall

Our welcome

We were checked in quickly upon our arrival at 6 am and helped with our carry-on luggage to our rooms.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal bar

Our Rooms 

Our clubrooms on the 22nd floor were connecting with two single beds and one king, with impressive views of the city. The Sweet Sleeper beds and the room darkening roller shades provided us with the best sleep we’ve experienced in a hotel in the past year.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal desk

Each room at the Sheraton Lisbon had two-night stands, a functional desk, comfortable office chair, chest of drawers, wall hung TV, and a lounge chair to relax in. Though the décor is rather dark in the room lighting is available for the different areas of the room, and several types of light from track mood lighting to standing lamps.The hardwood flooring is a bonus for asthma and allergy sufferers like us.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal chair

The desk area had several outlets to recharge our electronics and as SPG gold members, we were treated to free Wi-Fi for the duration of our stay for three devices per room in addition to the free Wi-Fi in their public areas.
The room also features a designated area for the mini bar, as well as a single serve coffee maker, and free water bottles.
You will find plush slippers and room bathrobes to use in the same area.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal coffee

The nice surprise

The small port wine bottle with the Portuguese bakery was a wonderful surprise to return to after a full day of sightseeing.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal ammenities


The shower/tub combination boasts a high-ended showerhead while the sink provides ample countertop space to hold medicines and cosmetics.
We loved the commode/bidet glass separation with an other door for extra privacy. The extensive personal kit included the traditional shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, a shower cap, a shaving kit, a sewing kit, and even a body sponge.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal vanity

Safety features

The Sheraton Lisbon room window cracks open to let fresh air in but not enough for anyone to lean or fall through, the door latch is placed at an optimum height to prevent younger kids from opening the room door and darting out, and the TV is hung on the wall.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal amenity kit

The bathrooms features include grab bars to hold onto when you enter and exit the shower and an SOS rope in case a patron requires emergency assistance.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugallounge

Executive Lounge

The lounge had exquisite views of the city (including Lisbon’s version of Christ the Redeemer) and served light breakfast and different snacks throughout the day. We enjoyed the freshly squeezed citrus and carrot juices offered in the morning, as well as the olive oil sampler at lunch, and the many choices of assorted teas.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal lounge decor

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal lounge fruit

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal drinks

The property has two different restaurants on the property- a one casual downstairs near the lobby called The Lobby Bistro, and one on the roof appropriately named The Panorama Restaurant.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal breakfast

The Sheraton Lisbon’s  downstairs restaurant serves an elaborate breakfast buffet, which includes pastries and baked goods (even some gluten free), and an impressive selection of cold cuts, white and yellow cheeses on a daily basis. The hot foods include eggs, sausages, pancakes, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and beans.
For those who like fish, there is a smoked salmon and black caviar eggs. Multiple yogurts and cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables, are also offered.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal fish

The buffet offered several juices and even champagne, and a cappuccino maker so you can make your hot beverage. The restaurant offers a salads-dessert fixed price buffet spread as well as soups, sandwiches, and pasta for dinner.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal fruit

After a tiring day of sightseeing, check out The Panorama Bar offering a happy hour with drink and sushi specials, or try the a la carte Portuguese cuisine dinner at the elegant Panorama Restaurant.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal salads


We enjoyed top of the line housekeeping service that catered to our different requests every morning in ten minutes or less from the time of the call.
The front desk staff especially Mr. Pimenta was incredibly careful about cleaning my pants for free after I slipped and fell into a puddle of wood gloss at a neighboring hotel.
Special thanks to Ms. Vanda C.  guest relations manager who helped us with our questions and advice.

 The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal pastries

Autism  Travel Tips

The room might present some challenges to a person that is technologically challenged (like me), so ask the front desk staff to accompany you to the room and explain the different buttons for the shower and shades.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal top bar

The bathroom makeup mirror works as a perfect nightlight that won’t disturb your child’s sleep, especially if they are light sensitive.
The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal restaurant

If your child is temperature sensitive and you need to keep the room at a constant temperature bring a magnetic strip card with you to leave inserted at all times in the electrical entrance slot since the room has one of those mechanisms that requires a card inserted at all times or everything shuts off.

The Family friendly Sheraton Lisbon Portugal piano

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