Pink’s Los Angeles Iconic Hot Dog House

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's outside

The Story Behind the Name.

Started back in 1939 as a pushcart vendor near the corner of La Brea and Melrose, Pink’s Hot Dogs is an LA institution that has been featured in many movies including the Muppets.
In fact, back in the eighties, long before I ever set foot in LA, I remember hearing about how Madonna met her then husband Sean Penn while standing in line at this very restaurant.


Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's van

The iconic food venue, celebrating 75 years this month has expanded over time and offers their fantastic service in several other locations like Ohio, San Diego, Connecticut and Las Vegas as well as operating stalls at many southern California summer fairs.


Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's door

The original Hollywood eatery we like to frequent was built in 1946 and is a relatively small but quaint place for diners to come and get their hot dog fix.
The indoor area walls are decorated with a growing number of photos of celebrities who stopped by and enjoyed the food.

The Venue

It’s perfect for antsy children to explore while their parents are dining while the outdoor ‘patio’ area with tables further apart and plenty of shade under the large beach umbrellas, is quieter and better suited for special needs families.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's menu

The Pink dining experience starts while waiting in line.
It moves surprisingly fast considering how long the lines can be at times.

Before you even order your food, you get to look at how the food venue evolved through the decades and choose your hot dog from their extensive menu.
Can you believe that there are 31 different varieties to choose from?
Our son with autism who hates standing in line for anything enjoys checking out the old photos displayed and chatting with fellow customers.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's more menu

The colorful menu provides not only written descriptions but pictures too.
As well as offering hot dogs, burgers( including a burger dog combo called ‘Jaws’), must try side dishes like chili fries and onion rings to go; they even have desserts.
Portions are on the large side so younger children can share a hot dog with a sibling. With prices ranging from a basic dog at just over four bucks to a three dog extravaganza that is ten dollars and change, the prices are very affordable.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's VIP

As the leading hot dog eatery in Hollywood, many of their combos are named after the celebrity that created them.My son picked the ‘ Martha Stewart’ a dog with mustard, relish, onion, chopped tomato, sauerkraut, bacon and sour cream and the ‘Ozzy’ a spicy Polish hot dog with nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onion, guacamole and chopped tomato as his favorites.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's LOOT

Mine turned out to be the Philly cheese steak dog with grilled steak, grilled peppers, onions topped with American and Swiss cheese as well as the 9-inch stretch dog with mustard, onions, cheddar cheese topped with a generous helping of tasty chili called the “Brando,” yes, named for Marlon.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's FRONT


They even have Souvenirs

For the out-of-towners who wish to remember the visit, as well as the collectors among you, be sure to check out their cute souvenirs especially the pins, shirts and beaded bag in the form of a hot dog.

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's PURSE

Autism Travel Tips

What makes Pink’s, even more, unique is the owners’ dedication to helping special needs families.
Not only have the Pink family and their establishments been very active in many local charity events but their autism awareness is commendable.
During the interview with the owner, I mentioned that some patrons with autism might not be able to wait in line to order food. Both him and his lovely sister assured me that if customers call and place their order by phone a few minutes in advance, the restaurant’s  servers will ensure that the food is ready by the time they arrive so they won’t have to wait at all!

Love Hot Dogs? You Must Try Pink's WELCOME


Disclaimer: All or part of this experience were provided free or at a reduced cost for review purposes.All opinions are solely that of the writer and cannot be bought or swayed in any away.


5 Reasons to Take your Child with Autism to Bubba Gumps

Bubba Gumps is a seafood restaurant chain that was inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump..Based in Houston, Texas, it currently operates twenty-nine  US  and twelve international locations. Our first introduction to the chain was in Miami but have dined in their Charleston, Chicago, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Galveston as well as all their  Southern California locations. If you have never been in one of their restaurants you probably wonder why we would go back instead of trying new places; so here are our top five reasons you should take your kid with autism to a Bubba Gumps’ venue near you.

 No Judgment!

The restaurant is one of the least judgemental environment you’ll  find in the food business, after all, this place’s theme is that being’special’ is not only ok but totally cool! So far, every location we’ve dined at, the staff was not only super polite and patient with our son but took the time to chat with him and make him feel welcome.

Five Reasons to Take your Autistic Child to a Forrest Gumps Restaurant table sign


Lots of Paper Towels available

As parents to a special needs son, we’ve had our share of unintentional table spills and messy dining scenes over the years. Generally, patrons would need to flag down a staff member to ask for help with the clean up or, at least, provide the table with additional napkins. But not at a Bubba Gump’s restaurant! Here, the tables are pre-prepared for spills with handy paper towels one can just reach out and grab immediately.

Five Reasons to Take your Autistic Child to a Forrest Gumps Restaurant spills


 Extensive menu selections

Our son, like many other kids on the autism spectrum, is somewhat of a choosy eater. At Bubba Gump’s, there’s a budget friendly extensive menu available with a lot of different choices.Furthermore, the portions are quite generous, so our son gets to take home part of his favorite po’boy sandwich dish and enjoy it the next day.


Five Reasons to Take your Autistic Child to a Forrest Gumps Restaurant food


Get your kid excited about healthy choices

We couldn’t get our son to taste any fruit smoothies for years -until we set foot in one of the restaurants and he saw it offered drinks in a light-up cups.Nowadays, he not only loves dining there but orders his favorite the mango-pineapple, as soon as we are seated.

Five Reasons to Take your Autistic Child to a Forrest Gumps Restaurant drinks

Fun while waiting for a table

Many food venues can get crowded and busy during the regular lunch and dinner hours. For us, since waiting was difficult for our son we used to walk away and look for an alternative. The only exception so far has been Bubba Gump’s restaurants that have stores too. Walking through the shop, checking out the different trinkets seems to be work well for our son that  loves looking at the all the various items. For kids that don’t like shopping as much, there’s always the option to gawk at the different license plates used as the restaurant decor or take a selfie next to the two statues (one of Forrest on the bench and the other of Forrest standing with his suitcase) right by the entrance.


Five Reasons to Take your Autistic Child to a Forrest Gumps Restaurant entrance

Have you taken your kid with autism to ‘Bubba Gumps’ -how did you like it?

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