3 Ways Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will Melt your Heart

Like all die-hard Disney fans, we have been waiting impatiently for a Frozen sequel.
After hearing persistent rumors for the past year, it was finally confirmed.  Frozen 2 will hit theaters in 2019.



3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts snowman

Photo Credit: Disney Studios In this movie Olaf is the hero that saves Anna and Elsa’s holidays

But to whet our appetites while we all wait; Disney is releasing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure this Thanksgiving. Originally slated to be a television special, Pixar’s moviemakers decided to make it a featurette instead. ‘The 21-minute long movie directed by Stevie Wermers-Skelton and Kevin Deters features Olaf and Sven teaming up to save Anna and  Elsa’s first Christmas.


Always a treat to be invited to a Disney Press Day and attending Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was no exception

We got a chance to see it during a press junket and loved it. In fact, we are pretty sure you’ll like it too after you read the ways Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will melt your hearts.

3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts theater

The day started with a screening of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure  Heartwarming Story

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a 3D computer-animated flick produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story re-introduces spectators to Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel who live in Arendelle after their parents have passed away.


3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts sisters diemma

Photo Credit: Disney Studios
Anna and Elsa discover they have no family traditions to help them celebrate Christmas

As the holiday season approaches; the sisters realize that they don’t holiday rituals to help them celebrate. But no worries! Their friends Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven (Jonathan Groff)  save the day by embarking on an epic adventure to find the perfect tradition for them.

3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts Sven and Olaf

Photo Credit: Disney Studios.
Sven and Olaf embark on a quest to help the sisters find family traditions to celebrate the holidays

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is one of those movies that everyone can understand. The plot is easy to follow, and we found the dialogue and music engaging. The storyline flows without becoming overly saccharine. In fact, it offers a right balance between the humor and action scenes. Unlike Frozen, this one focuses mostly on Olaf and the life lessons he learns during his quest to find authentic family traditions.


3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts press interview

Photo Credit: Disney Studios
After the screening, we had a Q&A with Q&A with Josh Gad (voice of “Olaf”), Directors Stevie Wermers-Skelton & Kevin Deters and Producer Roy Conli

As a skilled comedian, Josh Gad adds depth and humanity to his character. In fact, he is so adorable you forget that he is not a person but a snowman. Olaf’s charming personality will make you laugh, tear up and definitely steal your heart.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Wholesome Message

As a Disney movie, it not only is heartwarming but also comes with an important message.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is all about family ties and the holiday traditions. As the sisters discover, most of Arendelle’s citizens are proud of their family traditions and can’t wait for the holidays.


3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts candy canes

Photo Credit: Disney Studios
During his quest, Olaf discovers there are many ways to celebrate the holidays

The film aims to remind viewers that old family traditions should not be abandoned but cherished. Whether it is knitting gifts, baking cookies or decorating Christmas trees- holiday traditions help bring families together.Furthermore, using the sisters’ quest as inspiration, the movie encourages families to celebrate their own traditions along with creating new ones.

Apart from the uplifting message, we found the dialogue witty and funny. Amazingly the writers managed to keep it entirely PG. Furthermore, the film’s pace is artfully steady. So, there are no story gaps or dull moments.

3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts christmas tree

Photo Credit: Disney Studios
Olaf interviews families in the kingdom to find the perfect family traditions for Anna and Elsa

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure  Animation and  Catchy Tunes

When it comes to animation, this latest film is beautifully executed.  The vivid colors along with the attention to the smallest of details make the final product delightful to watch on the big screen.

The movie’s score composed by Christophe Beck and Jeff Morrow complements the plot and animation. But topping it, all are Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson’s four new songs.


3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts singers

Photo Credit: Disney Studios
During the press event, we were treated to a unique performance. Songwriters Elyssa Samsel & Kate Anderson performed songs from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.


“Ring In The Season,” features Anna and Elsa getting ready for the big Christmas party. It is perfect for the movie’s big finale.”That Time Of The Year” sung by Olaf shows him going house to house asking strangers for their holiday traditions. The song is cute, but what gives the song its edge is watching the hilarious way it is incorporated into the movie.“The Ballad of Flemmingrad ” is a beautiful folk ballad that may not sound much at first but certainly grows on you. It tells a Trolls story that will make listeners smile when they hear the lyrics.

Which brings me to   “When We Are Together.” This one has Elsa and Anna, singing about family and being together for Christmas. Though it isn’t as melodious as ‘ Let it Go’ it is the most catchy of the four. Consider yourselves warned! ” “When We’re Together ‘promises to become the new car karaoke favorite.

3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts pin


Bottom line

Disney totally hit the spot with this featurette. It is bound to become the next holiday classic. Moreover, shown before Pixar’s Coco it provides the perfect holiday movie fix.
Your kids are sure to catch that frozen fever all over again after seeing the movie. So, if you want to get a jump start on your holiday shopping; make sure you put Olaf’s Frozen Adventure soundtrack along with some of the figurine toys on your list.

3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts cakes

There were several desserts at the event, but this one caught our eye. A great DIY edible arts and crafts project for kids -Olaf rice Krispie treats!


3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts blue drink

As part of the event, we were treated to food and drinks themed after Olaf of course. This one was a favorite -hot chocolate topped with blue sugar.

OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE opens in theatres everywhere in front of Disney•Pixar’s original feature film COCO on Nov. 22nd!

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3 Magical Ways Olaf's Frozen Adventure will Melt your Hearts sleigh

No event is complete without a photo opportunity. The sleigh replica was perfect for the occasion.


Disclaimer: We were invited to Disney Studios  Olaf’s Frozen Adventure press junket at Disney Studios, but all opinions are our own.






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