8 Best Cities to Watch July 4th Fireworks


To Americans, July 4th signifies the day our Founding Fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence which stated that the thirteen original colonies had officially separated from England. Therefore, it is considered to be the United States of America’s Birthday.Every year, Americans celebrate this separation with cook-outs, family gatherings, festivals, parades.But for many, the best part is watching the fireworks displays. Over the years we have been very fortunate to watch some spectacular shows in many cities across the U.S. To help you plan your next July Fourth celebration, here are our best cities to watch Fireworks.


New York City, NY.

The Brooklyn Independence Parade and Macy’s 4th of July Firework Celebration are just a few of the beautiful firework displays that those in New York City can experience. The fireworks fire off over the East River in front of three million people while they listen to the New York Philharmonic Concert. Those not wanting to brave crowds can watch the live TV broadcast of the show.

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San Francisco, CA.

The San Francisco fireworks show is quite the vision launched from both land and barges at sea. There will be local bands performing concerts during the day near Fisherman’s Wharf. The fireworks do a phenomenal job of lighting up the Golden Gate Bridge, showcasing the bridge in hues of reds and blues.If you go make sure to bring a jacket since the city has microclimates and it can get chilly.We forgot ours and had to buy ones at an overpriced gift store.

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Boston, MA.

Boston Massachusetts sure does know how to celebrate July 4th. Their celebrations start on the first and end on the sixth of July!  The best viewing spot to watch the fireworks is across the river in Cambridge. Families can enjoy a beautiful firework show as the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra plays the Overture of 1812, during the finale. Like its New York counterpart, this show is widely televised too.

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Orlando, FL.

Orlando has several fireworks venues. Depending on where you are, you can see them going off in every direction you look. SeaWorld, Disney, Epcot, Universal, and Fireworks at the Fountain are just a few of the locations that are planning major shindigs. There will be many festivals, concerts and all day events for families. We do need to mention that Florida may be on a Firework Ban for 2017. The State is currently experiencing drought conditions, and if rain does not come, all fireworks will be banned.

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Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia has its own a four-day long July 4th party tradition. Visitors can watch military exercises at the Yorktown Victory Center. They also have a reading of the Declaration of Independence on the courthouse steps, before the firework show.Our kids still remember this one for two reasons they had fun at the historical re-enactment and the fireflies flying all over.

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Addison, TX.

With over 1500 pounds of fireworks, Addison Texas has been recognized by the American Pyrotechnics Association as being one of the ten best fireworks shows in the United States. Not only do they have big name concerts for July 4th, but they also have an air show too. Believe me; this show is impressive because of the sheer amount of fireworks! Like the adage goes everything is bigger and bolder in the lone star state.

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Lake Tahoe, CA.

Lake Tahoe, CA also knows how to party for the 4th of July. The city hosts a 25-minute long firework show. The show is called the “Lights on the Lake.” Not only can visitors see the show from all over the city, but they can also take book lake cruises and watch the show from the best views.

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New Orleans, LA.

Known for the “Dueling Barges Firework Extravenga” New Orleans, puts on a show the entire city can see. The show also has a musical show too which makes it more interesting to watch. The Navy Band plays music while the fireworks are going off. In New Orleans, visitors can party through the streets, or they can find a spot close to the Mississippi River for the show.

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Autism Travel Tips

When taking children with autism to fireworks, make sure they have earplugs or noise canceling headphones. Because the shows are so loud, children could become scared.

If parents are going to a crowded area, make sure to know where children are at all times. With the crowds and noises, a child could easily become lost.

Being that fireworks happen at night, have bug spray close. Furthermore, mosquitos and other biting bugs ruin the evening.

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With so many great options to watch fireworks, where are you planning to watch your firework display this year?














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