About Margalit Francus – founder and editor

About Margalit Francus - founder and editor    As a teenager, Margalit Sturm Francus was asked by a daily newspaper as to what her plans and intentions were for the future. Like many of us, she responded with typical adolescent enthusiasm, “I would love to be a doctor, a writer, an advocate for the needy, and possibly a politician.”

Born in Vienna, Austria to Romanian parents, Margalit was educated in London, Tel Aviv, and Bucharest. From a young age, she benefited from exploring the European continent, learning to appreciate the different cultures while still in her schooling. She graduated high school at the age of sixteen, studied English literature, and continued to get a doctoral degree in dentistry. After graduation, she worked for several years as a dentist for special needs patients in the prestigious Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel.

Currently, Margalit is living in sunny Southern California with her husband of twenty years and her two teen sons, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum. Having been raised since infancy in a multicultural environment, she has exposed and educated her children about the world through extensive travel over the last decade.  In 2009, Margalit Francus established a nonprofit website, Autistic Globetrotting, to inspire and encourage autistic families to explore the world. Her articles have appeared in many media publications, including Travelingmom.com ,The friendship circle Blog.SATH, Autisable, and Blogher.By communicating with both the autistic and travel communities, she aims to raise autism awareness and facilitate the implementation of much-needed accommodations for special needs travelers.


  1. heather dymock says:

    thank you for inspiring my little family margalit!

  2. I am going to be 28 this month of November and haven’t gone out of state or country yet. I want to venture onto something like going to Atlanta or Sweden. I am autistic and it may impact my family. If so, I want to travel solo without getting my parents worried. And I want to challenge myself when I am going solo.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for contacting me.It is wonderful you want to go out and explore the world-hope others are inspired by you and follow.I would start on a small scale and gradually expand the circle.If Atlanta is on your mind you should start there.You are welcome to contact me and ask for any help you need.

  3. Hello!

    It’s my first time here. Thanks for retweeting one of my posts 🙂 btw, I have an autistic teen brother who is now with my mom in the UK. I bookmarked your site because i have plans of traveling with my brother. Glad I found your site! More power and safe travels <3

    • Glad you like the site-feel free to contact me if you need any tips or advice to help you travel with your brother.

  4. We are a family of campers, but we haven’t found a campground for our entire family that is geared towards families with special needs children. We have 1 daughter that has Aspergers and 1 son with emotional disorders. If you have any info on campgrounds near the Central Pennsylvania, USA area, that are special needs family oriented, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    • Hi Sheryl,
      i did check and did not find the campgrounds in the area you are looking for to be specifically ‘autistic friendly’.However,I’m sure ifyou contact the local manager in the campground you chose they will help you with planning trip.

  5. Brilliant website. I do not know anyone who is autistic but by what I have read this looks like a wonderful reference for people.

  6. Hi Margalit,

    I appreciate your efforts and brilliant writing about autism travel. I It is absolute pleasure for myself to introduce to you. My sister Sarah has two beautiful autistic kids. Being a single parent, Sarah has suffered so much hardship both financially and emotionally. We decided to convert those experience into a blog and a Facebook page where Sarah will share all of her experiences and problems to solutions. So I am reaching out to you as a fellow advocate to support us.

    Please like our facebook page and help us grow more.

    Our blog is, http://autismsd.com/

    Thank you for your time.
    Kylie White

    • Margalit Francus says:

      Hi Kylie,
      Apologies for the late response .We were in the process of revamping the website. Thanks for sharing the blog.I’ll be sure to follow .Feel free to reach out and share any travel related stories with us.

  7. Hi Margalit, what a great surprises when I swiched the computer on this moring. Thank you for folllowing me, I am working on a web site, but as yet its not running. I will keep this opening email short, there is a lot I would like to write about and will add to this an other time. Part of my work is care aupport. I assist and support a range of people with all kinds of care needs. I will be in touch, take care Stewart. Ps, I will add, your web site is great…

  8. Αppгeciаtion to my father who told me concerning tһis blog, this
    weblog is in fact aweѕome.

  9. Nice to meet you in Houston. As I was saying, I will send you instructions on disassociating your bad backlinks. You also need to have some more related to ‘travel’, so that will help you too. But you have very good ones already – so you don’t need to fret too much. Just get rid of the bad ones.

    Send me an email and I will send you a pre done list that you can send to Google for your disassociation.

    I think what you have done is awesome!

    JR Fent

  10. Doreen M Gallien says:

    Hello! Does anyone know of a guided tour to Yellowstone for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities? Thanks.

  11. Hello friends, its fantastic article concerning cultureand entirely explained, keep it up all the time.

  12. Hallet Biran says:

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