Fifteen Must Do Activities with Kids in Tel Aviv

  About an hour’s drive away from the ancient capital city Jerusalem is Tel Aviv, the second most populated town in Israel. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, tourists come for the white, sandy beaches and surfing. However, there is far more to this fast-paced city than meets the eye. Here is our list of fifteen… Read More

Ten Must Try Israeli Snacks for Families

    When traveling to a new country, there is so much to see and take in, not to mention taste! Israel with its different cuisines and cultures is a Hodge podge of sensory culinary experiences waiting to be discovered. However, families who aren’t planning a visit in the near future to the Middle East… Read More

Exploring Jerusalem with Kids

    Jerusalem, Israel, is a Middle Eastern city holy to three religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A unique city filled with diverse neighborhoods and ethnicities, it has been the subject of political disputes and wars throughout the centuries. A fascinating destination to explore, the city offers exciting educational and fun opportunities for families… Read More

2theloo Helps Families with Autism

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes, one can reinvent the wheel. In this case, we are talking about a trending alternative in public lavatories! When out and about, especially when traveling, parents often worry about dirty facilities or begging stores to use their restrooms. Introducing 2theloo, a relatively new concept birthed in the Netherlands in 2011 by… Read More

Exploring Tel Aviv’s New Sarona Market with Family

  Centrally located on the north-south axis in Tel Aviv is the neighborhood of Sarona. German Lutherans under the Ottoman Empire first established Sarona 140 years ago. The settlement declined over time, and the buildings were all but in ruins. Then, in the mid-2000’s, a project began to restore the old suburb entirely. Today, Sarona… Read More

Exploring Jaffa Israel with Kids

At a timeworn crossroads where trade routes merge, travelers will come across one of the oldest, still-functioning port cities of the world. Strategically situated at the junction of continents and water, there is varied history in the arches, alleyways, and cobblestone. Now an artist colony filled with galleries and restaurants boasting exquisite sunset views over… Read More

Family Trip to Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

Many people associate Casablanca, Morocco with the 1942 Academy Award winning romantic drama movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. In the film, the city is the World War II meeting place for spies and traitors where one must choose between love and patriotism. But, in this day and age, Casablanca is quite different. It… Read More

Taking your Kids with Autism to Jordan

      Travelers looking for a unique travel destination should put the country of Jordan on their bucket list. Despite the unrest, its northern neighbor is experiencing and the resulting influx of refugees, Jordan is a thriving tourist destination. A relatively small country, its rich history and a plethora of family-friendly sites make it the… Read More

Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport with Kids

Named after Israel’s first Prime Minister, Ben Gurion is the largest airport in Israel. It is an international airport and has provided services to over 15 million passengers in the last year. It has been in existence since 1936 with many upgrades and improvements since; the most recent one being in 2004 when terminal three… Read More

5 Eilat Spots to Explore with Kids

        Guest post by Darya Short   Its strategic location on the Bay of Aqaba has since ancient times afforded the Israeli city of Eilat, the capacity to serve as a port to the likes of King Solomon, the trading Nabateans, the Romans and even the Crusaders. Now, with picturesque scenery of… Read More

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