Taking Kids to Tel Aviv’s Zapari Bird Park

Tel Aviv is a congested, fast-paced city and, for the most part, industrial, which can give it the impression of being quite dirty.That being said, visitors can explore pockets of natural beauty and one of these examples is the park named after the city’s late mayor, Joshua Rabinovici, called Ganei Yehoshua. The park; a peaceful oasis,… Read More

Top Family Friendly Sites to Explore in Israel

The country of Israel, though barely a speck marked on world maps is a land that appeals to tourists of all religions, all countries and  all walks of life. Whether you like wildlife, history, archeology, geography or culture; you are guaranteed a unique sensory experience. So, for those who have never visited as well as those… Read More

Touring the City of David, Jerusalem

                                                               Guest post by Darya Short The City of David, considered by many to be the birthplace of the holy city of Jerusalem, is an archeological park… Read More

Reliving Childhood Memories in Jaffa,Israel

Ever thought of taking your kids to a place you’ve  lived in to revisit it through their eyes? I did that on our recent trip to the ancient city of Jaffa with my two teen sons.Over the course of a rainy afternoon, we ended up having fun and even learned a few pointers along the way. Set the Mood… Read More

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