Five Tips For Successful Travel with Autism in Asia

For people born and raised in western countries, exploring Asia is an adventure worth experiencing at least once. However, people challenged with autism might feel it is also an assault on their sensory system when it comes to different smells, flavors, sounds and sights. To make sure your child with autism feels comfortable while traveling… Read More

Take your Kids to Nara Park, Japan

  If you are spending a significant amount of time in the Japanese city of Kyoto or Osaka, then you want to take a family day trip out to Nara. Nara, designated back in 610 as Japan’s first capital, is nowadays home to some of the country’s oldest temples and ornate gardens. It’s relatively easy… Read More

The 100 Yen Store: A Japanese Phenomenon

  I remember hearing about the 100 Yen store from a friend who had visited Japan several years back. The first store opened in 1991, and now there are around 1,300 stores throughout Japan and Asia.The largest is a five story gargantuan store in front of Tokyo’s Machida Station while the second smaller version is… Read More

Taking your Kid with Autism to India

                                guest post by Donna Ciccia ‘Hi All, I’m Donna from Australia.I’m a homeopath, nutritionist, and mum to a six-year-old boy with High Functioning Autism. Our son Luca (our only child) has some wonderfully quirky traits that I would never… Read More

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