Visiting the Granja Colonia Arenas Museum, Uruguay

With five Guinness Book of World Records collections, the Granja Colonia Arenas Museum, Uruguay is an interesting to spend an afternoon. What started off as a modest souvenir collection ballooned into four rooms containing over 80,000 items meticulously collected by the farming Arenas family patriarch over the past 50 years. This museum of oddities boasts… Read More

Exploring Eva Perón’s Buenos Aires with Kids

Following Evita, the 1996 blockbuster musical starring Madonna in the lead role, there was a renewed interest in Argentina’s former first lady Eva Perón, commonly known by the diminutive form of that name – Evita. She was a controversial figure who started out as a struggling actress before marrying President Juan Perón, becoming his second… Read More

Lima’s Magic Water Circuit

Lima’s Magic Water Circuit, located in the Parque de la Reserva, a historic 19-acre city park is registered as the world’s largest water fountain complex in the Guinness Book of World Records. The interactive aspect of the park’s fountains provides hours of fun for kids and many adults while its exposition tunnel murals teach visitors about Lima’s water… Read More

Visiting Cabo San Lucas’ El Arco With Autistic Kids

 Cabo San Lucas is one of the best destinations when cruising the Mexican Rivera., made famous back in the 1980’s by the popular  Love Boat TV series. For first time families traveling with kids that aren’t strong swimmers and can’t snorkel, a glass bottom boat tour to the iconic El Arco’s (Land’s End ) where the Sea of… Read More

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