Taking the Kids to Memphis National Civil Rights Museum

Less than ten minutes walking distance from the city’s heart and music filled Beale Street stands the Lorraine Motel. Unfortunately, the place would have probably stayed unknown to most if it hadn’t been for the fateful April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King Jr., was shot and killed while standing on its second story balcony…. Read More

The Autism Friendly Reagan Library and Museum

During his fifty-year career, Ronald Reagan inspired US citizens and world leaders to aspire to and to achieve more than they had previously imagined. His legacy lives on for all to embrace and to discover at the Reagan Presidential Library where notable public figures, exhibits, and ongoing events depict and showcase Ronald Reagan’s esteemed values,… Read More

Is St Pete’s Dali Museum Fun for Kids?

Celebrating Salvador Dali, the Dali Museum located at ‪One Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg, Florida, contains some of the artist’s best works that give visitors a comprehensive insight into his life and art.  Though this may not sound like the best place to take kids, especially with autism, an afternoon visit may chance your mind. Children… Read More

Exploring SWEET! Hollywood with Kids

Located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 201, Los Angeles at the Hollywood and Highland mall; is a 28,000 square foot candy shop aptly called SWEET! As the name suggests, there are candies galore, and you will find an assortment of sweets and chocolates of all shapes, sizes, colors, tastes and fragrances. SWEET! Advertises itself as… Read More

10 Favorite NYC Spots to Visit with Kids

Planning a family trip to a big city like New York can be a daunting task for most parents, let alone for parents of kids with autism. After several readers had sent in questions about their pending  New York vacations, we thought it might be helpful to list our top ten favorite NYC spots to visit for… Read More

The Computer History Museum, Mountain View

Did you know that computer history is 2000 years old? Have you ever been fascinated by some of the early computers from the 1940s? If your answer is yes, then you need to put the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on your bucket list. However, this museum with its 20 plus exhibits is also a must-see for… Read More

Visiting the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas California

Last week we took a small detour on the way to the “BlogHer 2014 Conference” to tour a place that has been on our bucket list for years – the National  Steinbeck Center! It is a gem; not only for those interested in 20th century American literature but to introduce middle and high school students… Read More

Discovering Oxnard’s Mullin Automotive Museum

What did Sonny and Cher, Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin have in common? At some point in their lives, they all had a home in the somewhat sleepy town of Oxnard, California. Located 30 miles west of Los Angeles, along the southern U.S. coast, the city of Oxnard had just over 2000 inhabitants, back in 1903… Read More

Visiting Hollywood with Kids

Hollywood is an exciting place to explore at all ages especially for kids and teens. Even though we live in Los Angeles for many years, and have visited countless times it still is my son’s favorite place to go and walk around when he has a free day. For those among you who have visited yet… Read More

Shopping at the Dollar Store

As a frequent traveler, I’m always on the lookout for special deals; and this includes discounted much-needed travel items. In the US, some of the best places to obtain necessary goods for my family trips are the local Dollar Store like the 99 cents store and the dollar tree. The stores are a treasure trove for purchasing many… Read More

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