Happy Mother’s Day

Last week, my blog Autistic Globetrotting celebrated its two-year anniversary. Many things have changed during this past year: it expanded, joined Google+ and Twitter, made new friends, and even developed a brand-new look. Even through all this change, one thing has remained constant: the idea to inspire autistic families to go out and explore the… Read More

Q&A with Simone Balestrin Autism Mom

“I love that we can now go to cafes together and order a meal. Places with booth seats are the best because I can sit on the outside and block off most of the other customers and stop him running around.” Hi everyone, My name is Simone, I live in Australia, and I have a seven-year-old son,… Read More

Q&A with Annette White of Camp Autism

“…Part of our planning for this coming vacation involves Bailey. Being so technically- minded he loves to look on Google maps and  print off his list of directions which has saved us more than once from getting lost…” My name is Annette and I have two kids – Bailey( 11) with high functioning autism and Holly (6)  in Prep… Read More

Q&A with Jackie Martin-Sebell Autism Mom

” Zachary has several food and environmental allergies, so the epi-pen and allergy medicines go wherever he goes. We also always have some of his ‘safe’ foods. In the case of over-stimulation or stress; the sensory bag comes which includes weighted blankets for the boys, sensory brush, and sensory necklace .” Hello, My name is… Read More

Q&A with Gretchen Mansfield Wilson of Sean House

  “When Sean and I travel, I take a plastic bed cover (he still wets the bed sometimes), his medication box along with a change of clothes and his cane. That’s it. Sean travels light.”   Hi everyone, My name is Gretchen  Mansfield Wilson, and I am the mother of four adult kids and eight grandkids,… Read More

Q&A with Katrina Moody Autism Blogger

“The kind of jump in development that our youngest, Logan, especially enjoyed after that major trip has encouraged us to break out of the trap of staying home too much.” Hello there. I’m Katrina Moody, and I’m wife and mother to some pretty incredible men as well as a family blogger. My husband and three… Read More

Q&A with Tania Weissberg – Apert Syndrome Activist

       “We travel light, even though that requires a stroller, medication, diapers, food and   beverages, I don’t make myself crazy.”   Please introduce yourself and your child Hi, my name is Tania Weissberg, and I am live with my child in California.My son who just turned six years has been diagnosed with Apert… Read More

Q&A with Heather Dymock-Autism Mom

“Everyone  carries their own backpacks with the appropriate  medications, snacks and so on…”     Hi there, My name is Heather Dymock, and I am a single and a stay at home parent to four kids from Glasgow, Scotland. My oldest son, Scott is fourteen1 and has been diagnosed with learning difficulties, incontinence and autism. My other son, Sean is now ten, was… Read More

Q&A with Debra Hosseini of the Art of Autism

“We come to an agreement about fun things we will do that are on his preferred list and other things that may not be a favorite activity, but we want him to participate in.” Hello, My name is Debra Hosseini, and I am the parent of three children as well as the author of The… Read More

Q&A with Kelly Green of Autism Hwy

“Allowing my son to stim is key! He likes a key chain or something similar to dangle. Without it, he will surprise you with the dangling flexibility of his wrists.” Hi everyone, my name is Kelly Green, and I am the mother of two wonderful sons one who is twenty-three and the other thirteen. My younger son,… Read More

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