Q&A with Tawanna Browne Smith, of MomsGuide to Travel

Tawanna Browne Smith is the editor of MomsGuideToTravel.com, a site that provides parents with strategies to help reduce the stress of family travel while also promoting destinations for them to explore . Originally from Brooklyn, NY she now resides in Maryland with her husband and two boys, and is a contributor to USA TODAY and  the TravelChannel.com.We were fortunate… Read More

Q&A with Samantha Burns, Founder of Unboundedtravel

   Sam Burns is a senior at Lely High School in Naples, Florida. Last summer, she attended MIT’s Launch program entrepreneurship program and designed a travel program tailored to the needs of families affected by autism. Her wish is to revolutionize the way families affected with autism see the world, and the way the world sees them. She… Read More

Q&A with Christine Frances Poe of Travelling Tikko™

Please introduce us to  your family I live with my husband Brett and our sons Bryce ( 13) and Dorian ( 10) in Burlington, Ontario in Canada. Brett works in transportation and loves jamming with the “Kanuck” band while I’m an entrepreneur working from home. My passions include advocating for autism, writing, singing, and performing puppet… Read More

Q&A with Graeme Phillips Train Travel Aficionado

  How do you plan a trip? I research the places I want to travel to and see how accessible they regard transportation. If I still want to go, I  create my itinerary, book the trips and then my lodgings. Do you travel alone or with a group? I travel solo unless there is someone… Read More

Q&A with Dr Stephen Mark Shore- Autism Advocate

Dr. Stephen Mark Shore was a typically developing child until around 18 months old, when he was, in his words,“ hit with the autism bomb”. He became nonverbal, but due to the early intervention by his parents, his speech ability began to return at the age of four. Refuting the doctors recommendations for institutionalization, his… Read More

Q&A with Donna Ciccia Parent and Nutritionist

    What made you chose a skiing vacation for your family? We wanted to have a family “White Christmas” experience. Coming from Australia, we only get hot summer Christmas’. My mother wished to experience a traditional White Christmas, and we decided to include skiing with this experience. How did you prepare your son for… Read More

Travel Memories of a Teen with Autism

Guest Post by Ryan Comins One of my most memorable family vacations took place during the summer of 1997.  My dad had just graduated from college with a bachelor degree, so he treated my mom, my brother, and I with a two week trip out west. We first drove out to my grandfather’s house in… Read More

Q&A with Karen Bower of ‘Railman’ Blog

Our guest this month is Karen Bower from the UK. Karen is an industrial chemist by background, married and busy stay at home mom to Harry and Imogen and steps mom to Hannah and Issy. When did you start traveling with your kids? We began quite early; Harry was two, and a half and Imogen was barely eight months…. Read More

Q&A with Jesse Saperstein Autism Advocate

Jesse Saperstein is an author, speaker, and autism advocate.Autism is something that is near and dear to his heart because he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. He is also a leader in the antibullying movement, and in 2012, completed his first skydiving jump that he called “Free-Falling to end Bullying”…. Read More

Q&A with Savannah L. Breakstone,autism advocate

  Do you remember your first trip on your own; where did you go?  I don’t remember my first trip on my “own”, but I do remember my first flight alone. Or rather, I remember being on the first flight on my own.  I think it was to visit my biological father, but I”m not… Read More

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