Colin Brennan -Canadian Singer and Autism Inspiration

 Colin Brennan is a vivacious kid with autism, from Canada, who loves to sing and aspires to become the next Justin Bieber. Colin has participated in several local and international talent shows and hoped to become an inspiration to the Autism Community with his talent. According to his dad, Colin was singing even before communicating in… Read More

Q&A with Eva Bronstein-Greenwald- Special Needs Travel Agent

                        Eva Bronstein-Greenwald is the owner of Best Cruises and Travel Now, founder at WE BELONG: Inclusion program in Fairfield County as well as a mother of two daughters, one with autism.  Why is travel important for families with autism? I am a very passionate traveler as are my family members. We love trying various… Read More

Q&A with Dennis Debbaudt-Autism Safety Expert

Dennis Debbaudt was first to address the interactions between law enforcement and people with autism in his 1994 report Avoiding Unfortunate Situations. He has since authored a full-length book, over 30 reports, book chapters and produced innovative and acclaimed training videos for law enforcement and first responders such as paramedics, fire rescue, police, and hospital staff who… Read More

Q&A with John Brown of Camping with Autism across America

What inspired you to travel with Devyn across the 50 states? It was in response to a promise I had made before he was born.I knew he would be a teenager when I retired, and I planned to spend our summers touring our great country.When he was diagnosed with autism, I thought “Well, there go those… Read More

Q&A with Peter Shears-British Special Needs Activist

    As you well know by now, this blog deals with the different aspects of blending travel and autism. In the last few years, a new trend has emerged in the travel industry known as Volunteer Travel, which successfully combines the exploring of countries while helping the local population in their fight against poverty, diseases and other socio-economical problems…. Read More

Q&A with Keri Bowers Film Producer and Autism Advocate

What made you decide to become a filmmaker? I have been a disabilities advocate for 21 years doing many things to improve options and quality of life for kids with disabilities, their families, and professionals. But I can’t take credit for becoming a filmmaker. It is my son who was the muse and inspiration behind… Read More

Q&A with Clive Ireland’s Autism Service Dog Extraordinaire

 What qualities are recommended for an assistance dog? Assistance Dogs need patience, a sense of fun, a willingness to play and a great sense of responsibility. Assistance Dogs need to love children and accept and understand that they are working with children with special needs. Just like our cat knows Murray is special and the… Read More

Jamie Grover of Autism on the Seas

Q&A with Jamie Grover of Autism on the Seas   How did you start working with families with autism?. I worked for UCLA and injured my back, requiring two back surgeries. My friend who happened to be the director of the university center for developmental disabilities asked me if I would work with him. I… Read More

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