Disney’s BOMA :Introduce your Kids to African Foods

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Ceiling Decor
Disney’s BOMA African Food: Weird Decor
During our last Walt Disney World vacation, we had the opportunity to introduce our kids to the foods of Africa at Boma restaurant located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Boma’s Decor

With the largest continent for its inspiration, both the lodge and its flagship restaurant showcase the African fauna and flora in their décor.
The restaurant features an open-plan kitchen so diners can observe the working chefs as they prepare the vast array of buffet dishes offered.
The venue’s ceilings decorated with tent- like colorful canopies and the artfully positioned painted terracotta pots contribute to the African boma theme.

Furthermore, the circular kraal design of thatch-roofed huts, earthy colors; and the fragrance of exotic spices provide a fun way to introduce kids of all ages to the wild bushland of Africa.

The Mickey-engraved mismatched chairs add just the right amount of the necessary Disney-esque whimsy to the wooden furniture in the room managing to update the traditional rustic look.Disney’s BOMA African Food: Inside Decor

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Table DecorBoma’s Food

Boma’s dinner menu boasts an eclectic mix of ethnic flavors, but those who are not adventurous need not to worry as American and European staples are available too.For kids, that won’t try new foods: the family-friendly eatery offers a special kid food station with baked chicken legs, chicken bites, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and even macaroni and cheese.

Dinner is served in an all you can eat buffet style providing a feast for the eyes before it even reaches the mouth.The buffet layout is slightly unusual with desserts on the left, salads and soups in the middle and meats /fish dishes on the right.

For travelers not acquainted with the dishes; there are description cards in front of each, and staff members can answer questions about ingredient which is especially important for guests with food allergies.

The spices and flavor are unique and appetizing. In truth, I can say that for all of the savory dishes, there is something for everyone, even vegans, and vegetarians.The salad section was an interesting fusion of African and American salads featuring: watermelon rind salad, chicken with chili cilantro, tabbouleh, spinach and quinoa and even an apple- jicama pasta.
The Lavash flatbread with the three hummus dips and various couscous salads were our personal preference.

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Red Soup
Disney’s BOMA African Food: pap

As avid soup fans, we just HAD to try all the soups.
There were several: Coconut Chicken Curry, Carrot, and Ginger, Harira made with lentil with sausages, Zanzibar Crab, and a spicy Mulligatawny.
We tried hard to pick a favorite but decided to give all of them a standing ovation.Noteworthy is the Mielie bread – a delicious African cornbread that was a worthy accompaniment to all soups.

The entrees are probably the best introduction to African food.
The Pap; an African cornmeal grits, Fufu a mashed yams and potato mix, Bobotie: curried meatloaf-like casserole and the two stews: Karaieme Seafood with vegetables and Chakalaka a tomato based one.
There are meats of all cuts and shapes roasting on spits, otherwise known as rotisseries.
There are wood fires for authentic grilling and stone ovens for the casserole-type dishes; all prepared with the freshest ingredients depicting traditional dishes of African countries like Tunisia, Ghana, and South Africa.
The meat dishes included pork, chicken, beef, lamb, fish and seafood prepared in various styles; grilled, baked, roasted and marinated to cook over an open fire.
Don’t miss the Masai Matar: a Kenyan style pesto with pecan and roasted peppers.

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Beef

Disney’s BOMA African Food: African PieIf visitors still have room after sampling all these tasty choices; there are desserts!
From the bread and Rice Puddings to Kenyan coffee-tarts and cassava cakes, there are multiple tempting options.
The venue most popular dessert is the Zebra Domes, which are soft mini petit-fours filled with Amarula Cream –a liqueur from South Africa mousse, encased in a creamy white chocolate shell.

On the same note for those of legal drinking age; the Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurant claims to have the largest selection of African wines outside of Africa!
For those that have never tried the world famous wines the restaurant’s wine flight options are a good way to start.

Boma also offers some unique beers and cocktails.
We liked the Habañero Lime Margarita made with Tequila, Habañero Lime, as well as their Magical Star Cocktail with Organic Mango and Passion Fruit Liqueur, Coconut Rum, and Pineapple Juice.

For non-alcoholic guests like our son, the Odwalla Lemonade topped with Wildberry Foam is an excellent choice though all meals come with a complimentary soft drink selection and free refills.

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Chocolates&Cupcakes

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Desserts

Autism Dining Tips

  • We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at the Boma, and it was an excellent way to introduce our son with autism to delectable culinary delights the biggest continent in the world has to offer.
  • The Boma staff like to try to accommodate those who have special dietary needs so do communicate with them about what each dish contains and if you or your child can eat it.
  • Since Boma is a very popular restaurant, it is vital to make reservations up 180 days in advance unless you are willing to go at off-peak times.
  • We recommend you go off hours and bring electronics to occupy your kid since reservation times are approximate.
  • If you discover the wait time to be too long; be sure to ask for a beeper and take the time to explore the hotel’s vast souvenir store.
  • Every hour there’s a short music performance that features drums is quite loud and lasts ten minutes.
  • Ask to be seated in a far corner if your child is sound sensitive or bring ear plugs/headphones along.
  • This restaurant offers no character encounters, but we loved the complimentary tour, given after dinner, by trained staff to watch the wild animals with night goggles in the backside of the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort.

  • Disney’s BOMA African Food: Colorful Wall

Disney’s BOMA African Food: Restraunt View

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