Ditch Your Cable !Get the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player @BestBuy

Are you fed up with high cable bills? We sure were.
Apart from the monthly fees for the service, we were paying a small fortune for the cable boxes in the different rooms. And we still couldn’t stream most of the internet-based channels on our big screen since we don’t have the newer smarter TV.

While scouring the web for a better alternative I came across the  Chromecast Streaming Media Player streaming media player. Designed to access the apps and entertainment already on your phone this nifty little gadget plugs into the TV’s HDMI socket and can turn any TV into a smart one.

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What is the Chromecast Streaming Media Player?

By now you might be curious what the Google Chromecast streaming media player actually is.

Well, it acts as a transmitter between your TV and your streaming service. Pretty much like the old antennas or cable boxes do. So providers like YouTube, Netflix or Hulu transmit the content to the device which in turn shows it on your TV.

Furthermore, with the help of the Chromecast app ( downloadable in the cast store) the device offers users of both iOS and Windows a budget-friendly way to stream entertainment using their cell phone, tablet or computer as a ‘remote control’.

The small and round device comes with a USB cable and power adapter and is currently supported by the following systems:
Android 2.3 or higher • iOS 7.0 or higher • Windows 7 or higher • Mac OS 10.7 or higher • Chrome OS


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What I liked about the Chromecast Streaming Media Player

I can start with the obvious which is the savings!
This device helps owners expand their home entertainment options without having to purchase new TVs or pay the monthly fee for cable receivers. Furthermore, it can successfully mirror anything you watch on your phone, tablet or computer onto your TV you can watch news, football games without paying the monthly cable fee.

It  also provides users with faster and better quality streaming thanks to its High-speed wireless connectivity Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi that connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately)

And last, I found it much more aesthetically pleasing than the clunky receiver boxes we’ve had in the past. It is small and hides neatly behind the TV.

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Easy setup

The  Chromecast Streaming Media Player is one of the most user-friendly gadgets I’ve come across in the past few years. Honestly, an elementary school-aged kid can set it up.

All you have to do is install the Home app) on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app will do the rest and help you connect your device seamlessly to the home Wi-Fi and pair it with your device. Then proceed to plug the device cable into the TV HDMI outlet ( usually at the back of the TV.)

Next, you can go on your phone, tablet or laptop to chromecast.com/setup. Remember to make sure whatever device you are using is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your newly installed player.

Last, you just open the app and voila your device just became your new TV remote control. Now you get to stream movies, videos or use all your favorite apps on your big screen TV while still using the phone to go on social media, text or make calls.

Tired of tapping your finger on the phone screen? Google has an answer for that too. Now you can use your voice to give the device commands through the Google Assistant app.


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Chromecast cost

With all these capabilities you probably assume this is one pricey gadget. But it isn’t! In fact, it is so affordable you can buy several to use on the different TVs in your home.

Currently, there are two types. The basic version (the 1080p model) that sells for $3 and the Chromecast Ultra designed for the 4K TV sets that will set you back $70.

Bottom line – this is a good time to finally ditch your cable service and join us. We got one for each room. But the gadget also makes for a great gift! Think housewarming, students and even Christmas which right around the corner. So head on to Best Buy today and pick up yours.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Best Buy, but all opinions stated here are my own.


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