Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids


Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids flower carpet

Most people know Belgium is home to the European Union’s headquarters, but international politics are certainly not all this country has to offer travelers.
Superb culinary treats and cities packed with beautiful historical architecture await visitors. The state also takes its comic books quite seriously. Belgium’s capital city, Brussels, is additionally well known for its’ whimsical peeing statues and  TinTin murals.
However, there are plenty more spots that families shouldn’t miss seeing while they are in town.


Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families center

Visit the Atomium

This unique silver building was created to resemble a greatly enlarged iron crystal. The main reason people come here is for the excellent views over the surrounding areas. However, the building is also home to an exhibit at the World’s Fair in 1958, and it occasionally plays host to a variety of temporary, science related displays.

Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families atomium

Two of the pods typically have food venues with items for purchase.
Light shows take place here at night, which are always fun for kids. The Brussels icon is open from 10 am to 6 pm on a daily basis, with tickets sales stopping approximately 30 minutes before closing time, but the onsite restaurant stays open much later.

Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families atomium bottom

You can see the entire city of Brussels from the top after a short elevator ride.The cost of visiting during the day is around 11 euros for adults and 2 euros for kids between the ages of 6 and 11 years old. Children under 6 and the disabled get in free. There are additional discounts available for teachers, seniors, and visitors under the age of 18.

Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families fountains


Autism Travel Tips

Plan to arrive early since this attraction tends to be crowded during summer months and holidays.
If your child needs accommodations such as the inability to stand in long lines, call ahead, and customer service will help.Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels little europe



See all the nations represented at Mini Europe

This educational spot is a great place to bring the kids, on a sunny day, especially if an extensive European vacation isn’t in your travel plans. The entire park is filled with painstakingly crafted, scale models of numerous architectural treasures from around the continent.
There’s a placard detailing each country’s capital , population and when it joined the EU.What we liked most is that one can listen to the national anthem of each country as you are ‘visiting’ it.
Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels little europe paris
Other highlights include cable cars to get visitors from place to place and a model of Mount Vesuvius that erupts on a regular basis. Food and beverage vendors can be found within the park grounds, and their prices are quite reasonable.
Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families india
Admission for the site is currently around 13 euros for adults and 10 euros for children under the age of 12. However, travelers that also plan on visiting the Atomium may want to purchase a combined ticket for both venues instead of paying for each site separately.

Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families holland


Autism Travel Tips
Look out for a few stations that are spread throughout the park and are interactive if your kid loves to touch buttons.
Arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon if your kid is temperature sensitive since this is an outdoor attraction with few shaded areas.

Eight Must -Do Activities in Brussels for Families kid


Try a street waffle

Who knew? During the Middle Ages, communion wafers mutated slightly, and the basis for the modern waffle was formed. It had taken some time before spices, sweeteners, and leavening agents were added to the old recipe. Once this occurred, the treats subsequently became popular with both kings and the common folk alike, though the ingredients used naturally varied by class.
Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids waffle

Modern Brussels style waffles are typically light in texture and regular in shape. They are traditionally dusted with powdered sugar, but other variations are available. These treats are often sold by street vendors throughout the city and, like most fried foods, they are best eaten hot.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids having deseerts

Autism Travel Tips
Plan to split the waffle between at least two people since it is usually on the larger side.
Most have the waffle while walking around, but it does tend to drip and get messy fast so bring wet wipes along.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids displays

Follow Belgium’s most famous cartoon character TinTin

No visit to Belgium can be complete without acknowledging the country’s beloved iconic, TinTin.The cartoon character that is the subjects of books and movies is practically everywhere.You can trace his steps by snooping around the city’s flea market where the saga all began.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids flea market
Then follow the comic strip trail in Old Town where over thirty wall murals depicting different adventures are featured and stop by the souvenir boutique carrying pricey memorabilia.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids restaurants
Hungry? Stop for lunch at the TinTin Cafe in the posh neighborhood of Sablon and top it with an afternoon exploring the Hergé Museum just outside the city.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids murals

Autism Travel Tips

Introduce your kids to TinTin before visiting Brussels to build some excitement.You can rent the TinTin movie or read some of the books.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids herge
Be advised the museum is about a half hour outside the city by train and is geared for kids ten and up since most displays aren’t  interactive.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids museum

Sample the Frites

Deep fried potatoes are a tasty regional staple in these parts. In fact, it is thought by some that a geographical misunderstanding on the part of the American GIs leads them to dub the treat ‘French fries’ in honor of the wrong county. In any case, fries are available everywhere in Belgium.
They are often served by street vendors, and they may appear as a side dish alongside entrees such as mussels in various restaurants. Traditional condiments for the fries include globs of both mayonnaise and ketchup.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids fries

Autism Travel Tips

No tips or introduction needed despite the fact your kid might be surprised to discover the ‘pommes frites’ don’t taste anything like the French fries served in US fast food restaurants.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids mannekenpis

Drop by the  City of Brussels to check out Manneken Pis wardrobe

The famous peeing statue has worn many different costumes throughout the years, and this museum inside the city’s Grand Palace houses them all.The museum currently keeps over 300 costumes, most gifted to the symbol of the town by different countries.

The tradition of dressing up the Mannekin began when some French soldiers stole the famous artifact, much to the chagrin of the locals. A presumably abashed King Louis XV made amends by returning the town’s statue with a set of new clothes and an honorary medal. Others have followed in their footsteps on both counts.
Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids pilot

MannekenPis has been stolen multiple times over the course of his history, and he is outfitted with new clothes on a regular basis. Of course, parents that are comfortable with mild nudity may also want to take their kids to see the Manneken Pis itself as well as his more modern sister statue, the Jeanneke Pis, and their contemporary dog buddy, the Zinneke Pis. who was sadly struck by a car last August and is undergoing renovations.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids city view

Autism Travel Tips
The museum is a good opportunity for an impromptu geography lesson about different countries and their national costumes. Look out for the Elvis costume sent by the USA among others.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids macaroons

Go chocolate hunting on the Rue de Buerre

Quality chocolate products are one of Belgium’s greatest exports but while you’re here, why not enjoy such treats for yourself?
Walking up and down the mentioned stretch of the Old Town street will put travelers into contact with some of the tastiest morsels in the city. It goes without saying that this is an incredibly fun activity for both adults and kids that have a sweet tooth.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids chocolates

Autism Travel Tips
Don’t rush to buy any chocolates before enjoying the free samples in the various stores.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids boxes

Enjoy the  Outdoors

Brussels is a very vibrant and active city, especially during the warm summer months.In  June 2015, Anspach Boulevard , one of the city’s long street was converted to a pedestrian area complete with places to sit and games like table tennis and Bocce to enjoy.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids streetMoreover, on Friday afternoons thousands of local skaters, roller blade enthusiasts and bikers take to the streets in a quasi-organized parade escorted by the police.

Eight Must -Do Brussels Activities for Kids bikers

Have you visited Brussels with your kids?
What were your favorite attractions?




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