Exploring Eva Perón’s Buenos Aires with Kids

Following Evita, the 1996 blockbuster musical starring Madonna in the lead role, there was a renewed interest in Argentina’s former first lady Eva Perón, commonly known by the diminutive form of that name – Evita.
She was a controversial figure who started out as a struggling actress before marrying President Juan Perón, becoming his second wife.
She was both loved and hated because of her political affiliations through him. Despite the controversy, what is clear is she managed to make strides in empowering women and helping the poor before succumbing to cervical cancer at the age of thirty-three.

We discovered that almost seven decades after her untimely demise Evita is still revered by many and has become a tourist draw for Argentina and Buenos Aires.
Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids CASA ROSATA

The Tour

We started our day trip with a tour of  Casa Rosada, which translates to The Pink House – the official offices of the President and their in-house museum established in 1957.
At ‘La Casa Rosada’, Spanish for the pink house because of its outside, we saw memorabilia from Argentina’s past presidents that proved fascinating, giving us a rare glimpse into Argentinean politics.
Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids IDWe did look for that famous balcony from which Madonna sang ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ but got conflicting reports as to which one it was since the building has multiple balconies.

Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with KidsPORTRAIT
At the Labor Building in San Telmo, the whole second floor resembled a shrine dedicated to Evita, made by people who loved her and wanted to keep her legacy alive.
Turns out, she was not only the pioneer for women’s rights but the first woman in Argentina to cast her vote in a presidential election.
Seeing Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids: desk

And then is that story about her embalmed body secretly kept in the office for over two years before mysteriously kidnaped to Milan, Italy for two decades!

Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids AUDITORIUM

The Evita Museum in Buenos Aires, we explored next, provides visitors with a more personalized view of the icon’s life.
The exhibits are divided into the different periods of the legend’s life: her humble birth, her work as an entertainer, her time as First Lady up to her untimely death.

Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids DRESSES

Displays include stylish clothes, fashion accessories, officially received gifts and portraits of the first lady. There is even some earth brought from the town where she was born.
Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids SOIL

Our last stop of the day was the Recoleta Cemetery. It is the final resting place of many famous artists, painters, sculptors and the famous first lady.
In many ways, it looks like a miniature town with spectacular mausoleums and statues, closely resembling Paris’ Pere La Chaise cemetery but much better maintained.

 Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids CEMETERY

It is here, in the Duarte family tomb (separated from her beloved husband) that Eva Perón was buried after her body was recovered from Milan, Italy.
A clear indication of Evita’s ongoing popularity amongst locals and visitors are the almost daily fresh flowers placed there to show respect for this woman who left an incredible legacy.

Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids MUSOLEUMS

Autism Travel Tips

  • The official government buildings and museums have specific visiting opening times and are not always accessible to the public. Check with the related websites to make sure you don’t go on a day or at a time when they are closed.
  • Don’t forget to stop at the Mafalda (comic strip heroine for kids) that is close to Evita’s Office in San Telmo for a photo op.
  • This tour and subject matter are suitable for older children who are interested in the history of Argentina, the late Eva Perón, and her life achievements.
  • Prepare your child with an overview of what you will be seeing and doing during your visit.
  • You can rent the Evita musical (be aware it is PG 13 rated) and acquaint your kid with the tunes.

Exploring Eva Perón's Buenos Aires with Kids GRAVE



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