Five Tips to Survive the Last Day of Your Cruise

 Now that you have survived all of the pre-travel preparation and the actual cruise itself, it’s time to wrap things up and plan for your departure.
Just like your pre-travel planning, it is just as important to make a checklist so that you don’t leave anything on the ship or have any problems on the way home.

Five Tips to Survive the Last Day of Your Cruise

Don’t wait until the last moment to pack your suitcases
Pack a separate bag for each family member  using  our color coded system  in  2.5-gallon Ziploc bags for their belongings. Using this method will make  life  easier when doing laundry after you return home since everyone can deal their own items .If  you need to have two people  share a suitcase, reserve one side for every individual so items won’t get mixed up.

Check the cabin thoroughly
Move the nightstands and look under the beds in case you have some items that fell down and were hidden. I’m not a big fan of using room/cabin cabinets and drawers for many reasons, but I still check to make sure my son with autism did not decide to ‘hide’ something in there.

Start planning your vacation albums
Put your pictures on your days at sea on a CD or upload into the computer so it will be easier to remind your child with autism about his or her vacation as well as  have a backup  in the event that something happens to your phone or camera during travel. Walk around the ship and take those pictures you wanted while everyone is busy packing.

Five Tips to Survive the Last Day of Your Cruise

Finish up any onboard credit and check out the sales
Check the last minute sales and do purchase those 2 for $20 t-shirts the stores offer the night before you reach your destination since the shops close when the ship is in port. This is the day to return any purchases you want to return or exchange!

Check your flight
Make sure you check your flight info in advance so you are aware of any last minute changes in your flight (including aircraft size and seating.) If you haven’t used automatic check-in ( and you should!!)  then print your flight boarding passes early in the morning,  you will encounter a line later on in the day.

Don’t wait until the last minute!
Check your bill throughout the cruise and don’t wait till the last evening – you are bound to encounter a long line at customer service!
Wish to dine in a specialty restaurant or try an attraction you didn’t get a chance to try during the cruise -make sure you book in advance since many people want last minute reservations too.

Five Tips to Survive the Last Day of Your Cruise

Have you gone on a cruise with your family? How did you spend your last day onboard?



  1. Great tips! The end of a cruise always seems to come too quickly.

    • Margalit Francus says:

      Hi Hannah,
      Yes, it does -doesn’t it?
      Hopefully, these tips will help to lessen the last minute craziness and stress that ensues.Please come back and enjoy other posts as well.

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