Is the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?


This week we got to visit the newest addition to L A’s restaurant scene – The Magic Restroom Cafe.
Modeled after  Taiwan’s Modern Toilet restaurant chain, the owner, Yo-Li, decided to open the first toilet-themed eatery in the US.Unlike some readers’ remarks on social media who expressed disgust with the idea of mixing potty and food; my son with autism thought it was ‘ totally cool’ when I asked him to tag along and check the venue out.

The drive

The restaurant is located in a suburb shopping mall in the City of Industry, about 25 miles from downtown, away from the major tourist attractions. So, unless you happen to be in the immediate neighborhood, travelers can expect a bit of a drive getting there.
In the hour or so it took us to get there, Jeff got the chance to sharpen his map reading and navigation skills on the busy L.A freeways.


Magic Restroom Cafe:Outdoor Shopping Area



Magic Restroom Cafe:Entrance 2 Cool Cafe



The decor

As the name suggested; the central theme of the eatery was restrooms, so we weren’t expecting to be surprised by the decor but still curious to see how it was all put together.
The first thing visitors see as they enter four commodes on the side and four urinals in front -all with their respective plungers making it an ideal area for antsy kids to play in.
The restaurant’s interior decor can be described as minimalistic and edgy with vibrantly colored walls, showerheads in place of pictures and ample seating on latrines and benches.
In our case, after trying to sit with the lid up and then down  Jeff decided he preferred it up as it felt more ‘authentic.’

Magic Restroom Cafe:Bathroom Drawings

Magic Restroom Cafe:Jeffrey Sees Around Is the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?

The food

The menu (not on toilet paper like we envisioned) includes an array of Taiwanese-Chinese appetizers and entrees like fried tofu and mango katsu fish. However, the restaurant’s real highlights are the gargantuan desserts and assortment of green and black lattes.
My son decided to skip lunch altogether and ordered a magic rainbow ice cream after seeing one served at a nearby table. Staying true to the restaurant’s theme all food items are served in super cute porcelain dishes resembling either western (chair) or Asian (squat) commodes.



Magic Restroom Cafe:Real Cool Bathroom Signs


Magic Restroom Cafe:Restraunt Cool Decor


Biggest disappointment

They don’t sell the commode dishes as souvenirs-Jeff who was eager to add to his vast collection of tchotchkes did ask the staff repeatedly.

Magic Restroom Cafe:Rows Of ToiletsIs the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?

Magic Restroom Cafe:Seats & TableIs the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?

In case, you were wondering

Yes, we did stop to use their facilities before heading back for the long drive on the freeway.I’m happy to report they were clean and had nothing unusual about them except the eco-friendly murals advising the patrons to save toilet paper and water.


Magic Restroom Cafe:Dessert In The Toilet


Magic Restroom Cafe:Is That Fried Rice In The Toilet?


Autism Travel Tips:

The restaurant has padded bench seating for those who find sitting on the commode uncomfortable.
Most tables are pretty close to each other so should you and your family require a more private setting ask your server for a separate table.
Parents to antsy kids should bring electronics as there is free Wi-Fi.We didn’t see any coloring pages or crayons available.
If your kid doesn’t like spicy food make sure you mention that to your server when you place your order.
For picky eaters spaghetti and chicken wings are an option offered.
No Gluten free options available at this time.

Magic Restroom Cafe:Flushing The Meal Down! Is the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?
Magic Restroom Cafe:Fried Food In The CanIs the Magic Restroom Cafe Fun for Kids with Autism?

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