Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles

Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles pin
The Intercontinental Century City Hotel in Los Angeles, located in the heart of the City of Angels, is a central spot for those visiting LA for the first time to get acquainted with the city. The central location, along with its amenities, will provide visitors with comfort and a luxurious experience when they explore Southern California’s largest city.
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What Makes it Family Friendly

The hotel is the perfect place to stay for families visiting LA. It is right next to the Century City outdoor mall and close to Beverly Hills, which is a must see for any first time visitor in LA. The hotel’s location is also an excellent spot to explore Santa Monica and Venice with its beautiful beaches, as well as the new up and coming downtown. The hotel boasts large rooms suitable for families along with the great amenity kit and excellent service, catering to all family members’ needs.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles lobby

Special Requests

We did call ahead and ask the front desk to provide us with a feather-free quiet room to accommodate our son with autism, and they tagged our reservation as such.

Our Arrival

We arrived around 3:30 PM, which is check-in time, and were very surprised to discover a lack of crowds. We were welcomed warmly by the staff and our son with autism was enchanted by the red velvet cupcake he was given as welcome.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles cupcake

Lobby Decor

Before one entered the lobby, guests will walk through an open-air lobby, the area that people either waited for cabs or the valet to the car. This airy lobby was elegant with seating areas made of Rattan and standing lamps, which was a nice touch and very “Southern California.” Inside, the lobby walls and marble flooring are predominantly white, brown, and black. This simple coloration stands in sharp contrast to the bold, funky purple carpeting, making a very eclectic atmosphere. They had tables, and each one had a mini personal garden of orchids in individual planters, which was a surprising element. There were a lot of predominantly leather loungers and sofas for guests to rest in.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles lobby

Fellow Travelers

Here we experienced an interesting mix since many of the fellow travelers staying in the hotel were business people that were working with offices right there in Century City. However, there was a minority of families staying in the hotel, especially foreigners, since they did recognize the Intercontinental brand as a luxurious brand.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles couch

Our Room

We stayed in room 1012, on the 10th floor. The first thing we did when we entered was to look at the emergency map on the door to figure out how far our room was from the staircase (in this case, two rooms over). We always do this in a different environment to make sure that we know the shortest escape route if there is an emergency, like a fire or earthquake (especially pertinent in LA). We noted two locks on the front door, a welcome security feature. Families and solo travelers alike want to feel that safety is a priority.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles coffee
What struck us as surprising when we first entered the room was the sheer size of it. It was actually on the large size for a city hotel room. The next thing that wowed us were the views. The room had floor to ceiling windows all around providing 180-degree views of the LA skyline.
The room had carpet in shades of green-gray, with the wallpaper in the same tones. Around the corner from the entrance hall was a huge floor to ceiling mirror. The closet was on the large size and included bathrobes, slippers, hangers and an iron/ironing board.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles desk
There was a small desk with a white leather looking chair, lamp, and phone, with a few outlets nearby. The room had a long chest of drawers on which stood a 40 inch TV. Next to the TV was the mini bar for purchase and a coffee machine with pods. There was also a safe and empty mini cooler, separate from the mini bar, under the TV.
The room had two comfortable double beds with soft linens and plenty of pillows. A nightstand between the beds with a phone and a lamp provided extra convenience. We liked the fact that the AC was nowhere near the beds and didn’t blow on us directly, like in other properties.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles bed
Parents need to know that most rooms have balconies with sliding doors that open to the outside. The sliding door had two locks placed at the height of an adult, so younger kids could not quickly open the door. Furthermore, most balconies that we saw, including ours, had a wide planter in front of them that would have prevented a kid from literally tumbling down into the street, a smart safety feature. For adults that want to enjoy LA views, the balcony itself, with two chairs and a table, would be an excellent spot for a late afternoon drink or morning coffee.

Our Bathroom

The bathroom décor continued the theme in the room and consisted of tan and green hues throughout, with brown marble on the floor and countertop.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles sink
The bathroom was spacious with two separate sections. The room had the bathtub on the left, while the commode and shower were in a small area on the right. The bathtub had a full-length mirror all around as well as a useful grab bar. The enclosed shower also had a grab bar, but it was also elevated, so there was no risk of flooding. The shower would have been perfect for families had they also provided a handheld showerhead.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles bathroom
Like other luxury properties, this hotel was generous with the amenities needed for multiple members of the family. Our kit included lots of shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and lotions, without our asking. The housekeeping was thoughtful and even provided us with toothbrushes.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles tub

Dining Options

Guests looking for fine dining onsite should try out the Mari Los Angeles, run by executive chef Jonathan Wood. At the Mari, guests can relax and dine, sharing plates of tapas style international foods. The hotel also has the Copper Lounge for guests wanting delicious cocktails and appetizers in the evenings. Furthermore, the hotel also offers 24-hour room service for those who can’t or don’t want to leave the comfort of their rooms.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles dining

Our Breakfast

The breakfast area, decorated in shades of white and tan, was beautiful. Guests had the option of dining indoors or outdoors in the garden area. The restaurant offered al la carte options as well as a buffet. We chose the buffet, which had many different food sections.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles breakfast
They, of course, had the usual spread of traditional American fare, including sausages (turkey and chicken), bacon, country potatoes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and pastries. Diners wanting cereal had a few basic options such as Cheerios and bran flakes. Guests could also customize their own omelet, using eggs or egg whites, with many toppings including cheeses and vegetables. Those dining could also try the chef’s special of the day, which was Shakshuka (sunny side eggs on top of a tomato base) when we were there.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles cheese
The buffet had a small yogurt bar where you could choose a base yogurt, such as lemon custard or honey, and add tasty toppings. There was a small section of fruits; both cut up and whole. The breakfast also had butter, pastries, and bread.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles buffet
An interesting section in this dining hall was the Japanese station. Here, guests could get miso soup with scallions or enjoy some steamed rice.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles view yogurt
There was also a build your own Lox sandwich station with onions, capers, and sliced tomatoes. Next to this station was a section including cold cuts, cheeses, and stuffed olives.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles eat
We were delighted to see that this hotel had some vegetarian options. Not only did the central breakfast section have offerings of braised tofu and fried rice with eggs, but there was an entire section in the breakfast hall specifically for vegetarians. This area featured feta cheese, hummus, rosewater custard, and olives among other options.
For drink options, the buffet had orange juice, skim milk, and low-fat milk. We especially liked the fact the hotel breakfast offered gluten free banana nut muffins for those who need this option.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles special


It is important to note that the hotel provides a free car service for guests looking to travel up to 1.5 miles around the hotel.
The venue has a 24-hour fitness center that includes steam baths.
Guests wanting to relax can head over to the infinity edge pool or Jacuzzi. We saw few people in this area the day we visited, which made us want to try it out.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles pool
We would have liked to, but didn’t get a chance to try their spa. The spa included pampering treatments such as massages, facials, body wraps and mani/pedis, which sounded fantastic.


Rooms start at $300 a night, which might be rather steep for some families. However, the website does offer some package deals. Travelers might also want to look into booking this hotel, like we did, as IHG members on points.
Like many other places in LA and major US cities, expect to pay around $40 for parking every 24 hours. The hotel does offer valet parking.
Luxurious Family Stay at the Intercontinental Los Angeles balcony lock

Autism Travel Tips:

  • Not all room balconies have a planter in front of them. So, for that extra layer of security, be sure to book a room with a planter.
  • For parents with kids that wander, call the front desk and ask how they can block the balcony sliding door.
  • Bring your own bath mat, as the hotel doesn’t supply an anti-slip mat for the bathroom.
  • Do bring a small night light, because the room is rather large. Family members can bump in the dark into furniture on their way to the bathroom.
  • Service animals are allowed in hotel rooms. Families who have problems with pet dander should call ahead to ask for a hypoallergenic room.
  • The hotel offers fourteen onsite rooms with “accessibility standards” for physical disabilities. Call ahead to request one of these rooms if you or your family requires one of these rooms.
  • There is a handicap parking section available onsite, or travelers can use valet parking.


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