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Recently we had the opportunity to go on a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage. We vacationed onboard the new Breakaway that first set sail in April 2013, and travels from New York to Bermuda during the northern hemisphere summer months and to the Bahamas and Caribbean in the colder months.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar sign

The Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway is a state of the art cruise ship offering its passengers outdoor attractions in the form of pools, water slides, rope course, a climbing wall, as well as a basketball court, 9-hole mini golf course, and a jogging track.
The ship is equally impressive with its indoor facilities featuring an ultra modern gym, a spa with relaxation and treatment rooms contributing to the vacation atmosphere of the ship, as well as shopping facilities, an art gallery and children and youth clubs.
Then, of course, there are over a dozen of restaurants and bars both on the outside and decks for the thousands of travelers onboard to sample and enjoy.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar bar

The Ice Bar

On the Breakaway’s elegant Deck 8, travelers will find a unique watering hole in the form of a sub-freezing temperature Ice Bar. The idea is not new and was first introduced back in the 1990s in the  Ice Hotels; the

The idea is not new and was first introduced back in the 1990s in the  Ice Hotels; the Icehotel in Sweden being the first permanent location that is still in existence.
Over the years, Ice bars became quite trendy, so it wasn’t a surprise when the concept was adopted and taken onboard by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar statue
An ice bar had already made the Norwegian Cruise Line famous when the Epic, (Breakaway’s older sister) was featured on website as one of the best Ice Bars of the world, so naturally, company officials opted to continue the winning streak and put one on their newest ship too.

The venue is small and can fit 25 guests at any given time.
The process is simple: passengers pay, then wait to go in and can stay for 20 minutes if they can stand the cold for that long. The entrance fee covers two alcoholic drinks as well as a warm coat and gloves.


The Ambiance

The  Bar’s decor is a sculpted winter wonderland scene of New York City made out of transparent colorless ice and is lit with bright blue lighting that makes it look modern and mysterious.
It includes sculptures of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, the Statue of Liberty and a giant chair that becomes a dare to sit in because you can freeze your private areas off by doing so.

Since almost everything in the bar is constructed or sculpted of ice including the bar table, the walls, the floor, the door and even the drinking glasses, the venue makes for an unusual attraction to see.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar chair

The Menu

The locale menu is relatively simple with six specialty vodka cocktails inspired by the city that the ship sails out of: Spiked Apple Juice, Broadway Dreams, Yellow Cab, Times Square Lights, Central Park and Rock Center.
There are also two non-alcoholic drinks offered for passengers who are either underage or don’t wish to consume alcohol appropriately named  Lady Liberty and Coney Island, both fruit-based beverages.


Autism Dining Tips

  • The Ice Bar admits children too and has non-alcoholic beverages on their menu for them.
  • The bar can be crowded, and it is important to make reservations especially so you don’t have to wait in long lines
  • The venue is highly popular, so travelers need to make reservations as soon as they get on board since the spots fill up fast.
  • It is important to talk to your kids about the dangers of frostbite and warn them against holding their bare skin next to the ice for prolonged periods of time.
  • It is freezing and even though the Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar staff give you a hooded coat to keep warm, it is important that kids wear closed shoes and socks.
  • Though it is interesting to see, the venue doesn’t offer any entertainment, so younger kids might find it boring after the first few minutes of exploring the place.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway Ice Bar menu



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