Q&A with Kristy Warkentin – Autism Parent

“Our philosophy regarding Peter’s education is that his emotional/social needs must first be met, and then his educational successes will follow – and it works well.” Kristy Warkentin


Q&A with Kristy Warkentin Autism parent

photo credit Kristy Warkentin


Hi there,
My name is Kristy Warkentin and my son’s name is Peter.
He is very bright, has a terrific sense of humor, and loves history,and yes, he is on the autism spectrum.
.My husband and my philosophy regarding Peter’s education is that his emotional and social needs should and must first be met so his educational successes will follow.This philosophy has worked well for him and us ,so far. He is currently finishing his 2nd year of private school where he is in 6th grade while he is completing three high school courses.Can I mention how proud I am?

Our family loves to travel !
When we are planning a trip, we begin talking about it as soon as we know we are going to hash out even the smallest of details.
We currently reside in Texas, but my husband is originally from Bulgaria so we fly out on yearly basis.
Our process is pretty much the same each time:Peter and I begin researching the internet meticulously as to where he and I can have a day or two layover spots on our long haul trips overseas and then plan that time to find activities and attractions that may be of interest him.
This past fall,we chose London for our layover.We ended up visiting several museums that we both enjoyed  along with  exploring a couple of ethnic eateries.Our best experience was walking through Hyde Park and listening to the different people at Speakers’ Corner.
My best suggestions for parents with kids on the autism spectrum are :  make sure you pack an electronic device like an I- pad or I-pod and favorite snacks so your kid wont be hungry and will be occupied at all times.Those two are LIFESAVERS! Dont think of leaving home without them!

On a more peronal note ,we’ve discovered  little fidget toys to hold ,can  be very helpful  to alleviate anxiety and sensory issues so you might want to pack some for your next outing too.
Good places to buy them inexpensively are Staples and Target.Sometimes you can even buy them at the local dollar store where you can buy many other travel supplies.

For us Travel is a great way to bond and pack in some much neede family time.
Happy Travels!

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