Review of AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR

As a professional blogger and mother to a son with autism, it seems I’m always in search of working Wi-Fi. For several years, I’ve been sitting on the fence on whether I should get my personal Wi-Fi hotspot device or run around looking for free Wi-Fi in coffee shops and libraries.

I finally caved in and decided to try one, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! My elderly mother broke her hip, and I had to take my son with autism with me to attend to her; spending days on end in the hospital and doctors’ offices.

That’s when the AT&T’s  GoPhone prepaid Unite mobile hotspot truly became like my ‘mommy’s little helper’. My son was kept engaged playing games or movies on his tablet while I was able to continue working and keep connected to my important social media activities.Review of AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR

What is it?

The AT&T  Unite for GoPhone by Netgear is the size of a deck of cards and is a good option to obtain data when going places where you can’t connect to free service.The mobile hotspot boasts 4G LTE data speed and allows you to tether up to ten devices, so you don’t have to choose whose or which device uses it first.

The GoPhone mobile hotspot turns on quite fast and works by connecting itself to the nearest cellular tower thereby permitting you to stream on-the-go. Reportedly it battery can last up to ten hours! It is useful while traveling as well as in everyday life for paying bills, keeping kids entertained, respond to e-mails or even to Skype with loved ones. I’ve used it in the States, but colleagues have told me that the Unite Pro version works abroad as well; its speed depending on the country you are in.

How to use it?

Set-up was a breeze and the touch screen made it easy to navigate between all the settings. This qualifies as user-friendly; even my 90-year-old mom learned to use it! All one needs to remember is to activate the device and data card from a laptop or phone that they are connected to WiFi before starting to use it.

Where to find it and pricing options?

The AT&T  GoPhone prepaid Unite hotspot is priced at $79.99 at AT&T stores but can also be purchased at other retailers like  BestBuy, Walmart, and Amazon.There are several different plan options, so you need to assess which one suits your needs best.AT&T offers a weekly 15$ for 250MB  and three monthly plans 2GB at 25$ and 5GB for 50$ and 8GB for 75$.
Be advised these plans don’t rollover, so the data plan expires at 7 or 30 days exactly.

What I Liked about it

The security!
As a blogger, I liked the fact that I was able to access my social media accounts without worrying about entering my password, and everything was secure as opposed to using an open network.

The flexibility!
Being able to buy data as needed without being bound to a monthly or yearly contract and not being tied to the house is so convenient. I can go for weeks away from home; at times using the device for hours on daily basis.

The efficiency!
The fact that there is a reminder message on how much-purchased data is left so I know whether I needed to purchase more and when.The company even has a data usage calculator to help customers determine what plan they require.
I was impressed with the guest setting that enabled me to help out another mom while we were waiting for own mom to get out of surgery.

So, what could be improved?

What I’d like to see most is a lower price. I’m sure that more customers would jump in at a lower price or a larger gigabyte option for the same price. The 5G a month was tight for us since my son with autism loves to stream movies, and I needed to be on social media on a continuous basis. I would like to see AT&T bring 10 and 15G affordable options so more customers would find the plan that suits them best.Overall, the unit performed better than I expected and soon became an integral part of my device arsenal in my purse along with the phone, tablet, and laptop.

Disclaimer: AT&T supplied a product and a 5Gig data plan for review purposes, but no other form of compensation was received. Opinions in the post reflect my personal and honest opinions.



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