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The Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel at 121 Hayarkon Street, on the Mediterranean beachfront, is in a prime spot; central to businesses, shops, cafés, museums, restaurants, open-air markets as well as white, sandy beaches.

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The establishment caters to tourists and locals alike; business men and women and families who want to be close to the idyllic waves when not working, or seeking a retreat on weekends and holidays.


Generally speaking, the décor in the Renaissance Tel Aviv uses muted colors with neutral tones from the lobby, through the corridors and in the rooms.
It is quite straightforward and reminiscent of the 70’s  decade the hotel was built in though there is a more lively bar area with a more modern vibe on the ground floor.


Upon our arrival, we were greeted and shown to our executive level room on the 14th floor. Because of our Gold Status through Marriott, we were upgraded to a larger room and got access to the Club Lounge.

The doors to the rooms can open in two ways; with a magnetic card as well as a standard key for those who observe particular electricity usage rituals of the Sabbath.
The standard emergency plan is posted on the back of the door, so it’s good to familiarize oneself with the layout of the hotel and know where to go in case of an emergency. Our room was located close to the exit which made it more convenient in the event of any emergency.

The room was comfortable and came with a king size bed and a rollaway for our son. We found the nightstands comfortable; with lots of space although there was no reading or night-light. There was a radio built into the headboard, and a standard flat-screen television hung on the wall providing the primary channels. If one were staying here on business, the desk and chair would come in useful for catching up on work.
The closet was quite spacious with adequate luggage and hanging space, a closet organizer and drawers. There was no light in the closet, so I had to strain my the eyes to see what is happening inside.
There was a coffee/tea making corner with a kettle and a mini-bar fridge (extra charge)  stocked with bottled water and snacks which would come in handy if one were jet-lagged, awake and hungry when the dining hall was closed.

There was a small safe provided, but it was located low down in the closet, so one had to lay down on the floor to put valuables in it.It couldn’t fit anything larger than a basic camera and some documents, so if a guest needed to keep other things safe, the only others option would be storing valuables in the safe in the front desk of the hotel.Luckily I carry my electronic equipment around so I didn’t need to use it all.

The bathroom was standard sized with a non-slip stone floor which is good for safety, and the marble countertop had ample space for cosmetics.The hotel provided vanity and sewing kits, hand cream, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as shower caps, though, I did have to request replacements for the shower cap as the staff did not do that automatically.
An anti-slip mat was provided for the combined bath/shower, and the hand-held showerhead was very convenient.


For $28, the Buffet Breakfast at the Renaissance Tel Aviv is a recommended experience.
The dining room is an awesome space and has a stunning view of the Mediterranean waterfront.

Review of the Tel Aviv Renaissance Hotel buffetWe started off with our morning coffees; a Macchiato for my husband and a Cappuccino for me.The restaurant offered Espresso, Decaf and regular as choices. Close by, they had a fridge with yogurts, juices (cranberry, apple, orange, and grapefruit), and cold milk for the hot and cold cereals were stored.

At the hot food station, they had pastries called breaks filled with different cheeses, mushroom or potato, blintzes, and waffles.Also, the buffet had a made-to-order omelet station along with mini pizzas, boiled eggs, traditional Israeli tomato Shakshuka, scrambled eggs and roasted vegetables.

Up next was one of my favorites–the white cheeses.There was an excellent selection of sheep, goat and cow milk cheeses from soft white, to the cottage to Israel’s version of Philadelphia and one of the local cheeses made with a method dating back to the 1800’s called Tzfatit; a semi-soft and salty cheese which is similar to Feta. The soft white cheeses also came with olives, garlic, and herbs.

Not to be outdone, there was an impressive spread of the yellow cheeses, and they, in turn, were surrounded by salads, hummus, tahini, different dressings, tuna salads and other sliced fish like herring and mackerel.

The dining room was sizeable and in the middle of the buffet section there was another large table island with a vast selection of cut up vegetables, fresh and roasted from which guests could make their salads with different dressings.
Topping it all was the bakery section with freshly baked artisan bread and pita bread, rolls, and various grain crackers and the dessert area with  Dates, sesame halva, assorted fruits, cakes, baklava, traditional rosewater flavored malai and individual cups of crème brûlée.

The venue also a Continental breakfast option for $15 and a Grab-n-Go breakfast for $25.

The Club Lounge at this property also serves breakfast with several salads, eggs and coffees and light ‘Happy Hour’ menu with several salads, a hot dish, and some pastries along with beer and wine.

Spa, Pool, and Gym

The Renaissance Health Club offers a steam room and massages  (by appointment only.)
The Renaissance Fitness Club has complimentary access to all in-house guests, and the facility provides standard cardiovascular equipment and free weights as well as a jogging trail, whirlpool, sauna, and solarium. Guests should take advantage of the saltwater Gordon Beach swimming pool in the nearby Marina.

Autism Travel Tips

The Renaissance has a smoke-free policy which is beneficial for those with allergies and sensitivities.Review of the Tel Aviv Renaissance Hotel breakfast

The rooms are fitted with double drapes which help to block out the light.

If you have a problem with feather pillows, do make sure that you arrange with the hotel in advance to make sure your room is feather-free. We didn’t find the staff well trained in regards to allergies so ensure that you double check and clarify the accommodations you need.

If you have noise sensitivities, request a higher floor or one that isn’t directly facing the beach as the hotel is located directly over the area where locals play market – a bat and ball game that sounds like a ping pong being hit against a wall. Hearing that especially early in the morning if you are jet lagged is no fun.

As this establishment was built in the 1970’s, like many other Tel Aviv properties one can be restricted to either heat in the winter and A/C in the summer, so if your child is temperature intolerant, it might be an issue as there are often very hot days in the winter.

The balcony is potentially dangerous for younger and special needs children so if it is a concern, do ask the staff to lock the balcony and keep it locked.

Could Use Improvement

  • There is no place to hang wet things in the bathroom, which would be useful to have if one has gone swimming and needed to hang up bathing suits.
  • Even though I had access to WiFi, it was not reliable. There were several evenings when I needed to be online and couldn’t get the connection to work.
  • Because times have changed and travelers have more handheld devices requiring charging nowadays, there is a shortage of electrical sockets, which would not have been an issue, when the hotel was built. In the same vein, being an older building, the infrastructure could do with some improvement, renovations, and remodeling.



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