SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Totally Love


If the ladies in your life are Star Wars fans, then you need to be prepared for the May 25th, 2018 release date of Star Wars newest movie SOLO: A Star Wars Story. I recently saw the SOLO merchandise at the movie’s press junket event and fell in love with the following items that I found can make perfect SOLO gifts for mom or the woman in your life. Oh, and if you missed Mother’s Day, now is your time to redeem yourself! These SOLO woman’s gifts are perfect for birthday gifts, or just ‘Because I love you’ gifts.

OLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Totally Love


The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Necklace

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon & Dice Layered Necklace that is available for purchase at Hot Topic is sure to impress any gal. We all know if it sparkles or shines,  women especially moms are going to love it. One reason that this necklace is perfect is that with the sparkle and shine effect it still int too flashy. I thought getting two chain necklaces makes a great fashion statement.  The first chain contains the Millennium Falcon, and the second chain includes the two Han Solo dice. The chain is 16 inches long and will enhance any dress or button-down blouse.

SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love tar wars necklaces

The Millennium Falcon Backpacks

Every woman loves a great backpack. Moms can use them traveling, or as an easy to carry a diaper bag. The Williams Millennium Falcon Backpack will be comfortable and stylish for all ladies who are Star Wars fans. What I loved about this backpack when I saw it, was that it offers one big compartment, a unique design, and the best part is that it is lightweight. There is also a smaller front pocket, as well as a spot on the side to hold water bottles. There’s a Chewie version too.This bag is so ‘cool’   your pre-teen and teen daughter might end up ‘borrowing ‘ it indefinitely!

SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love backpacks denim

Star Wars Leggings 

Leggings are not only comfortable, but they are also a staple in many women’s wardrobes. The Women’s Star Wars Leggings By Terez, are soft and feel amazing.  Now add in the fact that they are Star Wars Leggings, and you add a whole new dimension of geekiness for their wearer. As a travel blogger  I wear leggings when traveling all the time. They are so lightweight that I can pack multiple pairs in my luggage, meaning I can take more clothes and accessories.
SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love terez leggings

Fanny Pack from Footlocker

If you haven’t kept up with the latest fashion news fanny packs are back this season in a huge way. Even famous designers sell them this year. This  Scoundrels Star Wars fanny pack by New Era will be sold at Footlocker both Both online and in the stores. What surprised me, was how much room this fanny pack has. It boasts multiple compartments for storage and is both durable and lightweight. I am sure to get one for my travel needs since I can maximize my carry-on space and keep my documents and handheld electronics handy.

SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love fanny pack

Star Wars Bag by Kipling

Star Wars never really go out of style, so the metallic  Star Wars bags by Kipling U.S.A will become a closet staple for any lady. Kipling U.S.A. is known for its well built fashionable bags and these are no different. The beauty of these bags is they are lightweight, and the color goes with any style. Moreover, the fabric is so durable that you can actually wash the bags in the washer should they get stained or dirty.

SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love kipling bag

Final Thoughts

At the press junket, I saw a surprising amount of cool merchandise for all the members of the family. Normally I refrain from getting movie merchandise items as they tend to look dated once the movie leaves the theaters. In this case, many Star Wars items become collectibles, and since this intergalactic franchise is timeless, you will enjoy them for years to come.

SOLO Gifts for Mom that She Will Really Love overall lookDisclaimer: Special thanks to Walt Disney  Pictures for hosting us on the press junket event for SOLO A Star Wars Story . Our opinions are own and cannot be influenced in any way.

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