Ways to Introduce Your Kids to the Magic of Winnie the Pooh

When I think of my childhood favorite characters, I think about Winnie the Pooh. I suppose many of us do! In fact, I raised my own kids, on the A.A. Milne stories too. My son with autism learned about friendship, courage and dealing with emotions from the iconic books, TV cartoons, and movies.   So, this… Read More

Five Activities at Niagara Falls for Families with Autism

Niagara Falls is composed of three waterfalls along the border of Canada and the United States. The Falls are known not just for their natural beauty but also as a source of hydroelectric power. During the summer, Niagara Falls is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world looking for iconic sights. If… Read More

Trekking with the Family through Canada’s Capilano Park

The Capilano Park is one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver, Canada, and for a good reason! When most people think of rainforests, they think palm trees and tropical weather. However, this pacific temperate rainforest is filled with evergreens in a mild climate. Visitors get to see the forest firsthand by visiting the park and walking along… Read More

Colin Brennan -Canadian Singer and Autism Inspiration

 Colin Brennan is a vivacious kid with autism, from Canada, who loves to sing and aspires to become the next Justin Bieber. Colin has participated in several local and international talent shows and hoped to become an inspiration to the Autism Community with his talent. According to his dad, Colin was singing even before communicating in… Read More

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