Q&A with Debra Hosseini of the Art of Autism

“We come to an agreement about fun things we will do that are on his preferred list and other things that may not be a favorite activity, but we want him to participate in.” Hello, My name is Debra Hosseini, and I am the parent of three children as well as the author of The… Read More

Q&A with Kelly Green of Autism Hwy

“Allowing my son to stim is key! He likes a key chain or something similar to dangle. Without it, he will surprise you with the dangling flexibility of his wrists.” Hi everyone, my name is Kelly Green, and I am the mother of two wonderful sons one who is twenty-three and the other thirteen. My younger son,… Read More

Q&A with Pam Blackburn Special Needs Mom

“Building on his experiences, we hope to make the world a more comfortable place for him to be, while still allowing him to withdraw and slip into his “own world” (his words) when he feels the need.” Mother’s Day always reminds me how blessed I am! I’m Pam Blackburn, proud mother of five children ranging… Read More

Q&A with Elizabeth Gorski Autism Blogger

“It probably also seems silly to treat a trip to the hospital like a mini vacation, but it works, especially for my boys. Trips to the hospital can be scary, regardless of why you are going. Treating the trips as something “fun” and a bonding experience for parent and child helps to ease the anxiety… Read More

Q&A with Kristy Warkentin – Autism Parent

“Our philosophy regarding Peter’s education is that his emotional/social needs must first be met, and then his educational successes will follow – and it works well.” Kristy Warkentin     Hi there, My name is Kristy Warkentin and my son’s name is Peter. He is very bright, has a terrific sense of humor, and loves… Read More

Q&A with Araceli Verduzco Meza – Autism Mother

“Sometimes he gets overstimulated, but we rather chance that than keep him isolated from the world. “   Hi, My name is Araceli Meza, and I have four gorgeous children between ages six and fifteen; two boys and two girls that keep me busy. My youngest son was diagnosed with autism at age four. My philosophy in… Read More

Q&A with Mara Fritts of Autism Womens Network

” But the most important thing is to have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup of the backup plan! “ Hello, My name is Mara Fritts, and I am currently on the Board of Directors for the Autism Women’s Network. I have Aspergers and ADHD, and I am married to a fellow Aspie.We are the proud… Read More

Q&A with Irma Canfield-Autism Parent

“As soon as we walk out the door, observing his expression of the day will usually tell me what to  be prepared for, when and if something  happens.” Hello, I’m Irma Canfield, married, with three sons: Roland, Rick, Steven. My youngest son Steven has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome & severe autism. His diagnosis started me… Read More

Q&A with Zoe Sandell-Autism Parent

  “When Brodie was diagnosed with Autism at 22 months old I made a promise to myself that it would not stop us from taking him places and giving him and the rest of the family all the experiences life has to offer.”   Hi, My name is Zoe, I am mum to two teens… Read More

Q&A with Jenny Herman of Homeschooling Convention

“Even though traveling with spectrum children can be a challenge, it is still worth trying. Be patient with yourself. If you can manage five minutes at a location, that’s ok. Next time it may be ten, and eventually a whole afternoon. As your children grow comfortable, their tolerance will expand.” Many times moms of spectrum… Read More

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