Q&A with Jennifer Brook Weinzimmer-Autism Mom

  “We often find we “learn” the most on the weekends, away from therapies and ‘school’ …”   My name is Jennifer Brook Weinzimmer, a single mama and business founder living in Wilmington, North Carolina. My complex, brilliant and beautiful children, are Josh, age six, and Ella, age five. My philosophy for educating them encompasses… Read More

Q&A With Ester Fillon Baker – Autism Mom

“We usually rent beach houses because people have complained in the past about Will’s noises, jumping, etc.We’ve become experts in finding beach houses that happen to be on a secluded beach, and we are often the only ones there.” My name is Esther Fillon-Baker, and I am a marriage, family and child therapist. Our son,… Read More

Q&A with Cathy Beukema McNulty Autism Parent

  “Laurie sleeps in a special bed that keeps her contained.  She would not ever go to bed otherwise. She’d be up jumping and roaming around.  Since you can’t bring a bed like that with you, we have a special tent that we bring along.” My name is Cathy, and I have two amazing daughters… Read More

Q&A with Jennifer Byde Myers of ‘Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism’

 “I don’t think traveling with my family will ever get old. As my children mature and learn new things, it’s great to watch them enjoy road trips differently.”   Who you are: My name is Jennifer Byde Myers. I am a writer, editor, and one of the founders of Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. I… Read More

Q&A with Jennifer Perry Autism Artist

  “We have learned to embrace autodidacticism, a self – directed approach to education. We signed up for cable and bought a pass to the Los Angeles Zoo. As Zachary’s vocabulary became more reliable with more trips to the Zoo, I was encouraged to venture out further. “ My name is Jennifer Perry but my… Read More

Q&A with Jennifer Faust Hartsuff-Autism Parent

  “With the right accommodations, Shawn is game for pretty much anything these days!”   My name is Jennifer Faust and my only child, Shawn, was diagnosed PDD-NOS at the age of two years old. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder, which made him react adversely to bright lights, loud noises, the sight and even the… Read More

Q&A with Jeannette V. Suarez Autism Activist

    “My kid…  sometimes needs some adjustments such as small breaks, plenty of water, and two alternative places to visit the same day, just in case”.   My name is Jeannette V. Suarez; I live in Florida, but I was born in Colombia where I studied art for two years, before graduating from the Business… Read More

Q&A with Jenny Wendling Autism Parent

“I continue to treat our family like a typical American family and try to give them ordinary experiences so that they live well-rounded lives and experience as much as possible.  “   Hi!  My name is Jenny Wendling, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Steve, of twenty years with our four children;… Read More

Q&A with Kim Stagliano Autism Author

       “.. we’re flexible and can change the plan on a dime as needed. And goodness knows with autism plans can change fast! “ Hi, I’m Kim Stagliano, managing editor of the daily magazine online called  Age of Autism.com and the mother to three beautiful daughters on the autism spectrum; seventeen-year-old Mia, fifteen-year-old Gianna,… Read More

Q&A with Lorrie Servati Autism Advocate

” In preparation, I start with a list of everything that we will need as a family and then anything extra that our son with autism might need for the trip. “       My name is Lorrie Servati. I have been blessed with four beautiful children and two precious grandchildren. I work as a… Read More

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