Q&A with Alysia Butler – Autism Blogger

“Keeping as much of a routine as possible while still enjoying the free time makes our vacations that much better.” My name is Alysia Butler, and I’m a stay-at-home mom and blogger living in  Massachusetts.I have the honor of being the mom to three incredible boys, ages nine, six and three.  My two youngest kids… Read More

Q&A with Mieko Hester -Perez Autism Mom

” Once we are in the car, we go over everything that could be missing! Like phone chargers and my ATM card. Recently, Joey has become very fond of my credit cards and I’ve gone miles and miles without knowing my ATM card is at home sitting next to his plush toys.”   Who you are… Read More

Q&A with Jane Tipton of Autism in Long Beach

        ” That’s what traveling with our kids is all about, finding out what works for your family . I do my best.” Greetings! I’m Jane, a single mother, parent to four kids.Two of my kids are adults while my teenager and autistic five-year-old live with me.) I am an autism advocate and CEO of Autism in Long… Read More

Q&A with Jean Winegardner Autism Blogger

“I try really hard to find a balance with my kids where I can let them be who they are and truly honor that, but  still make sure that they are behaving in ways that are appropriate for the setting.” I am Jean Winegardner, also known as Stimey. I blog at www.Stimeyland.com (and a couple… Read More

Q&A with Shannon Des Roches Rosa Autism Writer

“For Leo, it’s especially important to use social stories to help him prepare for trips, and know what to expect. We used to print them out, but now we mostly use apps like Pictello as we can make social stories in five minutes, and it lets us record voiceover so Leo can “read” his social… Read More

Q&A with Laurie Robinson Autism Mom

“She likes to start packing her things early before the trip .She always brings her her teddy bear with her on the plane .”   Hi, my name is Laurie, and I’m the mother of three teens, Avery 18 and Alyssa 16 and Ayden 14. Alyssa, my middle Child, was diagnosed with autism and bipolar… Read More

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