10 Best US National Parks for Kids with Autism

  Supporting our National Parks in the United States is very important. As families with autism travel around the U.S they will find that there’s a wide range of National Parks to suit all interests. For those planning their family vacation, we are featuring the ten best US National Parks for kids with autism.  … Read More

Exploring Yellowstone National Park with Family

  During his presidency, Teddy Roosevelt pushed for protecting America’s pure, beautiful wilderness, a goal towards which previous presidents such as Grant had already made progress. Today the United States has fifty-eight national parks across the country. Of all these national parks, Yellowstone is perhaps one of the most famous and visited. Any family traveling… Read More

Top Ten Unforgettable Animal Encounters

When we first started traveling, we discovered one of the best ways to make any travel destination more memorable for our kids was to partake in its local wildlife or sea life excursions. Ten years later, appreciating the sensory and educational value of such tours, we’re still on the lookout for new experiences. So, we… Read More

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