The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel



Situated at 138 St James Ave in Boston Massachusetts, the upscale  Copley Square Fairmont Plaza Hotel, first opened to the public 1912, is a historic landmark property in Copley Square that is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Facing a well-manicured park with plenty of fine dining nearby as well as shopping this luxury property is a perfect fit for families visiting the historic city.


The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel public areas

This establishment that has welcomed numerous dignitaries and celebrities hosts many conferences, proms, and gala events throughout the year so one can expect business people and families as fellow guests.


Majestic French Beaux-Arts architecture typifies this imposing building. The vast Peacock Alley with its vaulted ceiling, pillars, mosaics, tiled floors, and arches is impressive, to say the least.
Chandeliers, exotic fresh floral arrangements, crystal lamps, and old-fashioned elevators with wooden trellis finishes give this establishment a luxurious air. The corridor walls are decorated with framed menus and photographs of events held at the hotel through the years. There are cozy, secluded conversation areas, an old fashioned letterbox in the lobby; even computer desks available for guests to use. The conference rooms are equally elegant so is no surprise that this is an attractive venue to host balls and upscale events.

The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel standard room


On our visit, we had the opportunity to stay in both the Deluxe Standard room and the Junior Suite. Per our request at booking, we were assigned quiet rooms not facing the street in the W-shaped building.
Carpeted in plush hues of blue, both rooms were spacious; the Junior Suite larger of course.Decorated with wallpaper in shades of cream and browns it matched with the older feel of the hotel.

We had a comfortable king-sized bed in both rooms, but it was different for our son who slept on a  rollaway in the standard room and was happy to upgrade to an opening sofa in the suite.
Both rooms boasted an adequately sized closet along with a  chest of deep drawers with a granite top with a large-screen TV on top. The safe provided could easily fit a small laptop and our tablets.
Also, the standard room and suite had a  writing desk with two outlets although there were two additional outlets built into the nightstands which we found helpful.
The rooms came with the sound machine, Keurig coffee machine, reading lights and big lamps on the side tables but no overhead light.What added to our comfort was the fact both rooms: came with sitting areas: the standard room had a double sitting bench and small lounge while the Junior suite had a sofa, loungers and sitting the bench.

The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel suite


The bathrooms were decorated in a gray-tone marble and both the rooms, they came with a quality amenity kit.Both sported large mirrors, an integrated wall night light ( a great feature we’d love to see other hotels copy) and a bright overhead light.

The bathroom in the standard room with a sink, commode, and tub/shower combination was very compact making it hard for more than one person to use at any given time.

In comparison, the bathroom in the Junior suite was larger divided into two separate areas making it more suitable for a family with kids to use. The first entry area had the tub and sink while the other one had a shower with a glass enclosure, commode, and bidet.
Both rooms we stayed at on the fifth and sixth floor had good water pressure, but no hand held shower heads which would have been a helpful addition to parents with younger kids.We found hotel robes and slippers in both; which we appreciated.The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel restaurants



The hotel has its restaurant called the Oak Long Restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With its stuffed leather seats, the décor is reminiscent of yesteryear and the drapes resemble Revolution era army uniforms. Its limited but quality menu is run on the ‘Farm to Table’ principle and features a few signature dishes like their lobster roll with pickles, their Eggs Royale, which is Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, and their delicious sweet focaccia with rosemary and honey butter, definitely one of our favorites.

Our son with autism loved the honey and was disappointed to discover that it came from the hotel’s hives located on the roof of the property and wasn’t sold anywhere else.

Spa, Pool, and Gym

There is no pool or spa at this facility, but there is a small gym with great views overlooking the city’s skyline which is available to the guests.

The Family Friendly Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel carly

Unique to this hotel

As you approach this magnificent building, you will see that there are two colossal stone lion statues and one very real and welcoming black Labrador; her name is Catie Copley, and she is the 13-year-old canine ambassador of this hotel!

Catie has a dog house at the entrance as well as her plush dog bed in front of the reception area along with a small crystal bowl for water.

Hotel guests of all ages are encouraged to take her on a walk in the nearby park if they wish.
The hotel store sells plenty of Catie memorabilia such as stuffed animals in her image, magnets and even her biography signed with her very own paw print. As Catie is getting close to retirement age, four-year-old look alike Carly has been brought in to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and eventually take her spot.

Autism Travel Tips

The hotel is located in a high traffic square so make sure you ask for a quiet room facing the inside courtyard on a top floor to minimize noise.

Since our son with autism is very noise sensitive (even the smallest of sounds bothers his sleep), we requested the housekeeping person to unplug the mini bar fridge in the room and empty its contents which were done in a prompt manner.

As it is an old building, we discovered some of the windows opened up completely creating a safety hazard for our son with autism.
If you share similar worries, make sure to ask housekeeping to place a lock that blocks the window from opening, like they did in our case.

The building is shaped like a giant letter W which makes it a bit confusing to navigate and find inside rooms.
If you kid walks around on his/her own, have them photograph the corridor pictures on their cell phone so they can recognize the corridor the room is on in the event they get lost.

Bring your non-slip mat to use in the shower or tub.


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