Theme Parks with Autism –Top Seven “Must Pack” Items

One of the more pressing and recurring questions that many parents to special needs children ask is, “What should I pack when planning a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation?”
So whether you are a first time visitor or have visited before and could use a refresher list, this post is for you.

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are not only useful for cleaning hands after bathroom breaks or before snacking and meals but to clean toys that get dirty or sticky from food spills.And don’t forget you can use them for scrapes and cuts if necessary too.


You will need ponchos for all your family members since it not only rains almost daily in Florida, but most of the water rides  WILL soak you to the bone.
Parents can either pack ponchos or purchase them at the park where they are sold for around $8.Though eight bucks is a bit pricey in my opinion, they can serve as an inexpensive souvenir since they do come with the park logo printed on them.


The Parks are enormous, and there is a lot of walking involved, so the best thing is to invest in a pair of Crocs ™ shoes. to use when the ground is wet around water slides or after the rain.
As they are closed in the front, they protect toes better and don’t fall off like flip flops do, if you use the back band.
If your child doesn’t like wearing Crocs ™ you can opt to bring a pair of fabric sneakers that can dry fast if and when they get wet.

Themeparks with Autism – Top Seven “Must Pack” Items crocs

Cell Phone Chargers

In today’s world, mobile devices rule so you should bring not only your mobile phone but your kid’s too so that you can find each other in the event of them wandering off and getting lost.
Besides, the phone can double as an entertainment device if they have to wait for a ride.

The most important point is to pack and bring a working cord with a wall plug so you will be able to recharge the device, as battery life on a phone is relatively short. Those who don’t want to spend time looking for an available outlet can bring a power bank to juice up your devices when they are out of power.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Some rides and shows can be on the loud side, so if your child is noise sensitive you may either want to bring a set of noise-canceling headphones or ask at guest services if there are any sets available to rent.

GPS Device or Temporary Tattoo

If your child is young or unable to communicate, you need to consider using a tracking GPS device or temporary tattoo to make sure that they can get help if they get lost.

Duct Tape

If your kid is noise sensitive and frightened of the automatic flushing mechanism some of the toilets in the parks have, then you need to bring a small roll of duct tape to cover the sensor while they use the commode (remember to remove it before you leave.)
The tape can also be useful to stick on soles of shoes as an anti-slip mechanism after a downpour when the ground is very slippery.

Do you have any items you pack with you when you visit theme parks?
What are they?

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