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It seems like Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services that many families are using these days. The company offers a variety of adult and kid-friendly options that aims to entertain everyone. So, for those lazy summer evenings when everyone wants to take a break after an activity-filled day; here are the top  Netflix summer series for kids with autism.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism whi

Photo Credit: Netflix

White Fang

First on my list of Netflix options that your kids are sure to love is White Fang. Based on the book by Jack London, Netflix has released an animated cartoon of the book. White Fang is about a hybrid wolf-dog, who must learn to trust humans, after suffering at the hands of an abusive owner who separated him from his mom and tried to use him as a fighting dog.

White Fang would be a good movie for kids over the age of five. The entire family is sure to love this film, as it stays close to the original book that us parents grew up reading.

Autism Tip

The movie does open with a dogfight, which leads to some of the main characters fighting. After that, the film goes into learning love and trust. So, the opening scene may be disturbing to some, but this violence does not continue throughout the movie.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism puss in boots

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Adventures of Puss in Boots

We all are familiar with the milk loving cat Puss from the Shrek series. He is a fighter and lover at the same time. In the Netflix series, we will watch Puss take on adventures in various imaginary realms.  The Adventures of Puss in Boots has been on Netflix for five seasons already and is the sixth and final series now.

The Adventures of Puss in Boots is acceptable for ages 3 and up. Both kids and adults will love the humor, as they watch Puss conquer all of his battles.

Autism Tip

At 23 minutes an episode, The Adventures of Puss in Boots is the perfect length for most kids. I would recommend however that your kid watch the Shrek movies to get acquainted with the character, as well as the previous five seasons.


Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism baby boss

Photo Credit: Netflix

Boss Baby: Back in Business

Boss Baby: Back in Business is a series on Netflix that is a continuation of the movie The Boss Baby. In this computer-generated cartoon series, Boss Baby takes his brother Tim to Baby Corp, to teach him the ways of business.

Boss Baby: Back in Business is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. There are tons of slapstick comedy in this series, as Boss Baby and brother Tim, try to work, and have to deal with the troubles of daily work life.

Autism Tip

The Boss Baby series is short. Each episode is around 24 minutes long. Therefore, the shortness of this series allows for kids to be able to concentrate without losing interest.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism ann with an e

Photo Credit: Netflix

Anne With an E

Netflix has knocked it out of the ballpark with Anne With an E.
A spin-off of the classic Anne of Green Gables is sure to entertain both kids as well as parents, as many of us remember the book. Anne is an orphaned child, who is sent by accident to help on Prince Edwards Island. As Anne regains her curiosity and spunky spirit, we see her personality shine through.

The series Anne With an E is currently rated PG, so I would say this is an excellent series for the older lot- eight and up.

Autism Tip

Although this film is suitable for older kids, they may question the topic orphans and what that entails. I feel this is a perfect opportunity to explain to kids that even though they may be handed a hard life, attitude and perseverance can change their outlook on life.


Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism pj masks

Photo Credit: Netflix

PJ Masks

If you have kids, I am sure you have heard of PJ Masks. PJ Masks is about three six-year-old kids who become superheroes at night and fight evil off. Their names are Amaya, Greg, and Connor.

PJ Masks is geared towards the younger preschoolers and elementary age kids who will love the humor and adventures associated with the pint-sized superheroes.

Autism Tip

PJ Masks is known for incorporating lessons and problem-solving techniques to kids. So, even if your kids get hooked on the show rest assured they will learn some useful skills.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism lost in space

Photo Credit: Netflix

Lost in Space

Take off to the future, with the Robinson family. Based on the 1965 series  Lost in Space, the family is now in 2048 and chosen for a special mission for families to create a new colony for families. The family families mission goes off course, and they have to adapt and fight their way back.

With Lost in Space having a PG rating, I would say kids over the age of 8 would enjoy this series.

Autism Tip

There are space aliens and battles in this series, so I would say if your kids scare easily, you may want to watch with them or hold off until they are a few years older.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism trolls

Photo Credit: Netflix

Trolls: The Beat Goes On

Now we all remember the fuzzy trolls from the 1960’s and 1980’s. Well now in 2018, the Trolls are back in cartoon animation. Time to sit back, reminisce, and enjoy all the fun of Trolls Village.

The Trolls: The Beat Goes On, is age appropriate for all kids. Therefore, they will easily understand the comedy and the adventures that the Trolls find themselves on.

Autism Tip

Meanwhile, my only tip for the Trolls: The Beat Goes On, is to enjoy their funny antics and have fun with the storylines. Each movie on Netflix is only 23 minutes long, which again is appropriate for most ages.


Top Netflix Summer Series tarzan for Kids with Autism

Photo Credit: Netflix

Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan and Jane originate from a 1912 novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The book was called Tarzan of the Apes. Well, the Netflix series, recommended for ages five and up is a cartoon that explains how Tarzan got his jungle ‘superpowers’, and how he uses them to rescue city girl Jane. It also goes into how he saves his home, the jungle from threats.

Autism Tip

Since the series plot premise is about  Tarzan protecting his home, the jungle, it does involve some fighting scenes that may be disturbing to sensitive kids.

Top Netflix Summer Series for Kids with Autism magic bus

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

If you watched the 1994 version of The Magic School Bus, then you will want to share the fun with your kids today. In the Netflix series, Ms. Frizzle hands over the keys of the Magic School Bus over to her younger sister Fiona. Now, Fiona continues the Magic School Bus rides with the kids, while they learn about science and other fun school activities.

Autism Tip

The Magic School Bus Rides Again is excellent for all kids but particularly for science and social study geeks who love memorizing trivia.

Do you have Netflix? If so what are your kid’s favorite series to watch this summer?

























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