Autisticglobetrotting Disclosure was created as a website to help other families with autism plan and enjoy their vacations. We strive to describe the good, the bad and the unexpected in traveling with autistic loved ones so you can hopefully learn from our successes and… failures.

As you are about to discover traveling with autism can be somewhat challenging but it is never boring. We’ve tried to share as many experiences as we can, based on the following guidelines:

  • We are committed to our readers to provide them with useful and unbiased up to date tips and advice. We do  scan any comments left by our readers  and will not engage or tolerate any name calling or racist remarks .
  •  We will not promote any venue or destination unless we truly believe that it would be a good one for our readers and it has been vetted by us carefully.
  • Like most travel bloggers, we are offered and accept free transportation tickets, hosted hotel stays and comp tickets to events. When that is the case we provide full disclosure of any free services that were provided on the bottom of the post.

Our posts are authentic and based on personal experiences so we would never write posts simply based on internet research.

We only write about a restaurant only  after we dine  there and like it.
We only write hotel reviews after we ‘ve stayed there.
We only write about airlines and cruise lines we’ve personally been on and experienced the service.
Any product review written are products we tested and feel comfortable recommending to our readers.
With that said bear in mind everyone’s perspective is different and you may or may not have the same experience we had .We do not offer any medical  opinions of any sort on how to treat any type of disabilities physical ,mental or developmental .
 Rest assured that we never ever sell, trade or give away any personal information of our readers for any reason.

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