Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy


As a travel blogger, I take hundreds of photographs and video clips every month. So the thought of losing them has always been one of my greatest fears. And it did happen. Once.

On a trip to Scandinavia and Russia back in 2008, my camera was stolen with the memory card inside. Two weeks worth of work gone!

Naturally, I started to back my work up. The trouble is that between the small storage on my travel sized Mac and patchy Wi-Fi reception in some hotels exporting the photos to the laptop or cloud isn’t always possible.

Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy

So, when I was asked to review the portable and rugged SanDisk Extreme 1TB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Drive, I was thrilled. After working with it for over two weeks, I can say it is a great option to keep my data safe! In fact, this nifty portable device has become my favorite travel companion.

Why you need a Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive

Whether you are on the road a lot or work from home, chances are you need extra storage for your documents, pictures, and videos. Backing up to a cloud is an option, but there may be times when the wifi signal may be down, and you won’t be able to access the documents you need.

That’s when having an external hard drive is useful.

As I mentioned before, I now use my Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive to back up all my work – photos, videos, and writing. I  also can edit my pictures in raw while I’m still traveling which shortens my load of work when I return home.
However, that’s not the only use for I have found for it. When traveling with my son, I can download some movies to keep him occupied in airports or on flights.

Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy


Arguably when it comes to choosing an external drive space is the most important. The Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive covers most people ’s storage needs when it comes to storing documents, music, pictures, and family videos.

The Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive 3.1 Gen 2 is super easy to use with all devices and is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Also, this external drive comes with a Type-C to Type-C cable, along with a Type-C to Type-A adapter.

Transfer Speed 

Well, as you will find out storage size is great, but it isn’t everything. You need transfer speed too!

The Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive uses USB 3.1 and offers up to 10Gbps transfer speeds. Devices that support Thunderbolt 3 offer the fastest connection medium out there. According to the manual, the drive can read speeds of up to 550 MB per second, which means fast transfers even for big content files. My son was floored when he saw his movies transfer in seconds!

Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy laptop

Portability and Durability

Portability may not be an issue if you use the external hard drive at home, but it is essential if you need to work away from the home or office.

This hard drive is small and super light so much, so it fits in a pocket or even the smallest of handbags. I accidentally spilled my coffee on it the other day, and it was fine. In fact, its water and dust resistant design makes it perfect to take while traveling across any terrain as well as in extreme weather conditions.


If its tiny size and powerful storage capacity weren’t enough of a selling point, this hard drive also provides SecureAccess™ 128-bit AES encryption software to keep the stored files secure. In today’s world plagued with hackers and identity thefts, it comes in handy when you want to store important documents like contracts or papers that include any personal information.

Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy

Bottom line

Initially perfected for photography professionals, the SanDisk is a useful gadget for everyone- from parents storing the family photos to college kids keeping their notes and term papers handy.

Though it retails at Best Buy for 399$, it currently is on sale for $269 which is a considerable discount. So make sure you get yours as soon as possible!

Also, if you order through Best Buy online, you get a gift from Shutterfly – a $25 gift card or an 8×8 Photobook which is perfect for all those cute vacation photos you took over the summer.

Why You Need the Sandisk Extreme 1TB External Hard Drive #BestBuy

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


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