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meMargalit specializes in airline hotel, cruise line and attraction reviews for families with disabilities. She has participated in media trips and FAMs for multiple companies and destinations around the world including Cusco (Peru), Vienna (Austria), Tel Aviv (Israel), Disneyland and New York City.

She is happy to work with all credible advertisers and sponsors relevant to Family Travel and Autism.
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Freelance  posts highlighting Family Travel and Autism

A member of NATJA (North American Traveler Journalists Association) and IWFAWA, Margalit’s posts have appeared in multiple publications including SATH, MiniTime, Celebrity Magazine and Autism Notebook. She is a monthly syndicated contributor to both and the Friendship Circle’s blog that reaches over 60,000 special needs, monthly readers. She is available to work on monthly columns as well as to cover one-time event posts.

Media  Appearances

Looking for a family travel expert for your article? Margalit has been featured in multiple magazines, television, and radio shows and is available for interviews, TV appearances, and speaking engagements to share her tips (especially those focusing on her favorite topics of travel, autism, and blogging.)

Destination and Attraction Reviews 

Do you represent an airline, hotel, tourist attraction or tourism board?
Margalit seeks to partner with brands that show autism awareness and strive to help and accommodate families and travelers with autism.Over the past decade of travels with her special needs son she has covered a wide range of travel topics on her own website as well as others. Using a combination of social media platforms, written content, photography, and videos, she has become a reliable source of valuable travel information to the special needs community. Please contact Margalit if you would like your destination reviewed as part of a media group (FAM) visit or separately.In the case of a negative experience, you will be notified before publication to discuss the situation privately and given an opportunity to make a statement to explain and provide a balanced account of the issues encountered.

Advice on becoming  a more Autism -Friendly brand?

It is estimated that Americans with disabilities spent over $15.6 billion on travel in 2013. Since families with autism are an increasing segment of the traveling community addressing their needs makes financial sense. Whether your client is an airline, cruise line, hotel or tourist attraction, Margalit can help with in-depth analysis on how to make your product more autism-friendly for traveling families.


Margalit is available to help create customized promotional concepts or participate in campaigns for your product by sharing unique personal travel insights and tips on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

This site ( will only feature and recommend products if they are deemed suitable for the site’s readers and demographics. Please be advised that the site is committed to full disclosure of all complementary products.
If you want your product to be reviewed, please read the guidelines before contacting us.

  • To be able to do a proper review, our editors will need a sample product.
    The site will not be responsible for packing or shipping costs accrued.
    Sample products cannot be returned.
  •  Since a proper review takes time, please allow 6-8 weeks from the date received for the review to be posted.Our editors will try out your product and provide an honest, unbiased review for our readers. Autisticglobetrotting .comadheres to FTC regulations regarding sponsorship disclosure and does not sell links from its site. Moreover, any product sponsorship doesn’t imply any kind of endorsement on the part of Margalit or If your product should fall short of our quality expectations, you will be contacted before publication.

Sponsored Posts

This website ( offers a limited amount of sponsored posts depending on the relevance of the product. Posts are typically around 800 words and can be written by our editors based on your press releases or submitted by you. These posts are search engine optimized for specific key words and may include 1-2 links no follow links per Google’s rules.
Banner Ads for the website sidebar or footer are available in sizes:

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Ads will be placed to enhance visibility from all pages.
Payment can be made via PayPal or cheque.
Please be advised that this site does not currently accept free guest posts or exchange of links.


Personalized Vacation Services for parents and family members

Margalit offers a concierge level service to help you with your family vacation.
Services include:

  • Specific destination advice
  • Tips how to accumulate and redeem frequent flyer miles and hotel points fast
  • Consultations via Skype for efficient packing to minimize extra luggage fees and waiting in airport queues
  • Contacting airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tour operators on your behalf to arrange personalized accommodations for your special needs child


                       To talk further, contact Margalit today.


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